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December 2009
Snow in the Desert  Are You Ready   

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Home for the Holidays
In closing this year, rather than the latest and greatest in roofing, your home, or the weather we decided to take a break, a deep breath and spread some inspiration!
Many of us look forward to the time just after the holidays when the chaos calms and we can refresh.  
Some of us may already be reflecting on years past and wonder when the calmness came, or didn't!  Ah, those memories. . . past years resolutions made with conviction, projects to do on the new year's list, and 'idealistic' images of 'this is the year I will . . . (fill in the blank)!  Well here we go again.
A few thoughts to ponder before the new year. . . .
1. Make only 1 or 2 BIG goals or resolutions and smaller ones that help you achieve the big ones. 
2. Don't expect more than is realistic, which is not always what 'you' want. (This is a hard one.)
3. When making any goal include allowances for errors, delays, misunderstandings, and unforseen or uncontrollable events.
4. Plan for the new year with your goal in mind. Then plan monthly for each month, weekly for each week and daily for each day. . . all the while incorporating your goal throughout the year.
5. Be flexible and adjust expectations at every step of the way. 
6. Remember a goal is not set in stone; it is a moving target. It  can, and should  be adjusted. If you get close to one or both of your big goals, you've really accomplished something!
Give yourself a pat on the back and recognize you are human and it's all part of 'this long space trip' we're in!

Rain drops

RAIN    RAIN     RAIN     RAIN     RAIN    RAIN     RAIN   
 The last rain of December 8th resulted in anywhere from under .25" to 1.25" (Carefree) of rain in a 24 hour period. And those pesky leaks showed up again. NOAA is more firm on it's prediction that Jan-Mar will yield higher than normal percipitation.
Buyer Beware: We know budgets are tight, and every penny counts.  Don't be penny wise and dollar foolish.  Make sure you are careful when hiring your contractor.  Check that they are licensed and insured (don't be afraid to ask), get references (and call them), and check both the BBB and the ROC. Most importantly, go with your gut.
Watch for the January E-Den on what to do when the rain comes and you want a repair when you really need a new roof.
Girls with Xmas Tree
 Bella, Sophie and Sama
Wish you all a Happy Holiday.
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No pets were harmed in the creation of this photo shopped image.
Why Choose Lyons Roofing? 
Because we are the only roofing company in the state to be a BBB Ethics Award Winner and Preferred Vendor of both Rosie On The House and The ToFixIt! networks.
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What do snowmen eat for breakfast?
 Frosted Flakes!
In This Month's Den
Home for the Holidays
Rain Rain Rain
A Doggie Holiday Wish
Did you know. . .
Weather in Review
Don't Take Our Word. . .

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Fun, Silly Facts and Trivia
It's The Holidaze!
In 1907, Oklahoma became the last US state to declare Christmas an official holiday!
 In 1836, Alabama became the first state to clebrate.
The word Hanukkah means 're-dedication' in Hebrew.
An average of 3 Billion holiday cards are sent each year!
* Germany was the first to traditionalize the Christmas Tree.
The Hebrew letters on the dreidel stand for 'A great miracle happened here'.
* In 1939, a Montgomery Ward employee wrote the story 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' as a marketing gimmick! 
Quote of the Month
"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love! "
~Hamilton Wright Mabie~
 żNew Riddle?
 Q.  What do snowmen eat for breakfast?
Can you find  this month's answer somewhere in this newsletter!  
Last Month's Riddle  
What did the turkey say to the man who tried to shoot it?
Liberty, Equality and Bad Aim for All!
Weather in Review 
November 2009 
Valley Precipitation was .01
(Normal .73") 
(25th Driest)
Average High 80.2 (Normal 75)
(3rd Warmest)  
Average Low 54.7 
(Normal 50.4)
(5th Warmest)  

Don't Take Our Word. . .

"Exceeded all expectations. Thank you!" November '09
 ~Mervin from Gilbert
"You can't improve because you have 'the best' of everything. So happy to find an honest, caring company." November'09
~TJ from Mesa
"The clean-up was teriffic and best of all everyone was here when they said they would be."
 ~John & Donna from Tempe
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


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