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News and Information, December 2009
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December, 2009
WebClient Newsletter for December 2009
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Happy Holidays! This is the December installment of the Websydian WebClient i+ platform newsletter. Please also visit us at webclientiplus.com
Highlights of this edition include:
  • New tips published for deploying Tomcat applications with Apache/SSL, and changing your Plex panel backgrounds to a festive holiday javascript snow fall.
  • WebClient test drive made available
  • Version 1.4.18 released
  • CA World planned for May 2010, with extensive virtual conference. WebClient will be on display.
WebClient Test Drive
Test Drive 
If you know someone interested in test driving WebClient, please visit this web link for instructions.
The WebClient test drive is provided as a downloadable, self-contained VMWare image. This image has all the software you need, just supply your own CA Plex license.
Fun in the snow
Check out this fun post on changing your CA Plex / WebClient panel backgrounds to a snow storm.
CA World 2009
As in years past, ADC Austin will be participating in CA World 2009. WebClient i+ will be on display.
At this year's CA event, CA Plex and CA 2E topics will be presented in a virtual environment. The virtual conference will be available the entire month of May 2010. 
For more information, please visit the CA World website. The virtual event information will be posted in coming months.
Getting Ready for WebClient 2.0 
WebClient 2.0 is under development, and will contain compatibility with Plex 6.1 and Websydian 6.1 as well as some exciting new features.
If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for this product, please contact us at support@adcaustintech.com for information.
Issue: 2009.12.1
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WebClient Tips of the Month
Secure WebClient Deployments using Apache/Tomcat/SSL 
Learn how to deploy your WebClient applications in a secure and high performance manner using a combination of Apache, Tomcat, and SSL.
Let it Snow 
Check out this fun post on how to change your CA Plex panel backgrounds to a snowstorm using WebClient javascript templating 
WebClient 1.4.18
Patch Released

Log on the the webclientiplus portal to download the newest patch release under "Developer Info". The auto date picker functionality makes this a "must have" release.
Support Link
On the developer portal you can download the latest release, find information and communicate with the WebClient i+ Team.
The portal is located at http://webclientiplus.com. Here you will also find the support ticket system.
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