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News and Information, April 2009
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April, 2009
WebClient Newsletter for April 2009

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This is the April installment in series of monthly newsletters to keep you informed on updates to the Websydian WebClient i+ platform. Please also visit us at webclientiplus.com

We have had many highlights to bring out in this publication: a benchmarking document, new tips and techniques, System i network article, and events.
The WebClient i+ Team
System i Network Article 
Read about how the State of Illinois Capital Development Board, the $3 billion USD construction-management arm for state government, is successfully using CA Plex and Websydian/WebClient to develop their mission-critical external construction management portal.

To view the full article, please click this link
This article will be published in the April print edition of System i Network magazine, the leading IBM i print publication.
WebClient Benchmarking 
Many web developers are concerned about performance of their web application in a production enviroment. There is no easy answer to this, as hardware and software specifications can vary dramatically from application to application. To answer some of the questions, please check out this blog article. This benchmarking document can be used as a blueprint to set up your own benchmarking / performance testing environment.
Upcoming Events 
WebClient will be on display at several upcoming events:

Please contact us for more information.

Issue: 2009.4.1
WebClient Tip of the Month
Internationalization of WebClient Applications
Internationalization / Unicode blog article
WebClient 1.4.1r4 Patch Released
Log on the the webclientiplus portal to download the newest patch release under "Developer Info"
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On the developer portal you can download the latest release, find information and communicate with the WebClient i+ Team.
The portal is located at http://webclientiplus.com. Here you will also find the support ticket system.
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The blog contains technical tips and information relating to working with WebClient. 
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