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December 2011, Issue 47
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Training Week - Mar 20 to 23
F9, The Financial Reporter
Year End Considerations
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Dear ,

Hard to believe it's December already.  Where did the year go?
As you prepare for the holidays, keep in mind a few of our key points for the end of the year.  Read on for more . . .
We hope that our newsletter will spark some ideas on how you can Get More from Your Sage MAS 90 / 200 Investment.  As always, we value your feedback on our monthly newsletters.  Click here to let us know how we're doing. 
All of us at Munjal White wish you and your family a safe and warm holiday season.
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Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home

       Mother Teresa 


Training Week - Mar 20 to 23



Our last training week was a great success.  We've scheduled our next training week for March 20 to 23.  Keep this date in mind if you're interested in learning how you can get more from your Sage MAS 90 / 200 Investment

  • Introduction to Crystal Reports
  • Crystal Reports, Beyond the Basics
  • F9, The Financial Reporter
  • Visual Integrator - the basics of importing


If you're interested in attending any of these classes or have a suggestion for another class, click here to let us know.

F9, The Financial Reporter


Promotional pricing for F9, The Financial Reporter, for Sage MAS 90 / 200 is still available until December 31.  New or additional licenses or upgrades from F9 v4.5 to F9 v5 are discounted 10% if purchased before December 31.  Perhaps a gift for your controller?


To learn more about the F9 product, see their website at  Weekly informational webinars are available through the F9 website.  You can even download a full working version of the software to test out for 30 days before committing to the purchase.


If you have any questions or would like to get pricing, please click here to let us know.



Year End Considerations


Whether your fiscal year ends on December 31st or not, here are a few considerations before the ball drops on New Year's Eve

  • Be sure to enter the full date when entering transactions in January.  Be sure to enter 12/31/2011 and not just 12/31.  MAS will default the year to be the current year and unless you enter the full date, you might end up with transactions dated 12/31/2012
  • Ensure that you have closed off last fiscal year before starting the next year.  If you've closed off January 2011, then you'll have no chance to post back to January 2011 by mistake when you intended to post to January 2012
  • The next fiscal year is automatically created for you in the General Ledger module.  When you post the first transaction from any module, the next year is automatically created.  If your business operates on a 4 week cycle, rather than a normal month cycle, you'll want to create the year manually before posting any transactions for the next year
  • Make a backup of your data -- before running year end, you might want to consider making a copy of your company so that you can run reports before data might get purged
  • Be sure to check the options screen for each module to ensure that you won't be purging data that you didn't intend to

These are just a few things to consider.  Please connect with us through our support website at if you need assistance planning your year end.



We look forward to your feedback and your ideas for future issues of our newsletter.  If you would like to contribute an article or suggest an article or support tip to a future newsletter, we'd love to have your contribution.  Please let us know how we can help you Get the Most from Your Sage MAS 90 / 200 Investment.




    Shabnam and Robert