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August 2011, Issue 43
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Retirement Schedule
v4.5 Release - Features
Support Tip - Non-Sequential Records in a Report
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Save the date - we have training courses on the schedule in September!
We hope that our newsletter will spark some ideas on how you can Get More from Your Sage MAS 90 / 200 Investment.  As always, we value your feedback on our monthly newsletters.  Click here to let us know how we're doing. 


Quote to Ponder
If you can find someone to do half your work, hire two.
- Author Unknown


Retirement Schedule
Are you running Sage MAS 90 / 200 v4.1 or below?  If so, is there a reason you haven't upgraded?  While we were at Sage Summit last month, Sage announced that v4.1 of Sage MAS 90 / 200 will be retired as of Sep 30, 2011.  Earlier versions have already been retired.

What does this mean to you?  If you are currently running Sage MAS 90 / 200 v4.1 or below, your software is no longer be supported by Sage.  This means that if you have any data corruption or software errors, we will not be able to assist.
If you'd like to discuss your upgrade plans with us, click on this link to start the dialog.


 Back To School Pencils

Crystal Reports is the most popular report writer in the world.  Join us for our Crystal Reports training class!  We will show you how to create simple or sophisticated reports, turn your data into interactive, actionable reports that outline what is happening in your business.  Register for the following Crystal Reports classes:


Introduction to Crystal Reports for Sage MAS 90 / 200 - Create Customized Reports from Scratch (or modify existing reports, including Standard MAS reports)

We'll teach you how to create presentation quality reports that will save you time every month.  You'll be surprised at how quickly you can create your own reports based upon your company's unique reporting requirements. By the end of the 2 day course, you will be able to: 

Navigate in Crystal Reports and understand the basics of file layouts and data sources

Create and print a simple report

Modify an existing report

Design reports to meet your specific needs

Sort, group and total result sets

Export reports and forms to other applications (Excel or PDF format)

Date:  Wed and Thur, Sep 28 & 29        Duration:  2 days

Fee - $850 plus HST.  This fee includes your reference materials


Crystal Reports - Beyond the Basics

Here's your opportunity to improve your ability to create customized reports that meet your unique business needs.  This course is a quick refresher of the topics covered in the Introduction to Crystal Reports class and also introduction of new topics - sub-reports, parameters, linking tables, just to name a few.

Date:  Fri, Sep 30         Duration:  1 day        

Fee - $425 plus HST. This fee includes your reference materials. 


F9 is an easy-to-use financial reporting tool that dynamically links your MAS 90 / 200 general ledger data to Excel. F9 leverages the value of Excel through a dynamic link to your most current MAS data - with no exports or manual entries required!  F9 will simplify your financial statement creation, enhance your decision making and provide a high return on your investment!


Register for the following F9 class:


F9 - Take Your Financial Reporting to the Next Level

This hands-on class will give you with the skills to create your financial statements in Excel, using F9 to link the spreadsheet to your MAS 90 / 200 data.  Learn one or two new formulas and everything else is standard Excel functionality.  Save hours of time every month in generating financials!

Date:  Tue, Sep 27     Duration:  day

Fee - $200 plus HST. This fee includes your reference materials.


Click here to send us an email to register for one for one of our classes.


v4.5 Release - Features

Sage is on track to release v4.5 of Sage MAS 90 / 200 in the 4th quarter of 2011.  This release contains 36 usability enhancements and extended solutions.  One of the key enhancements is the ability to add National Accounts.  This feature allows you to sell to one customer, but invoice another customer.  This functionality is often required when a head office will pay for corporate stores or a buying group will pay for its members.  Sales analysis is still done by the 'shipping customer' but the receivable management is done by the 'billing customer.'  National Accounts or Bill-to-Master was one of the most popular Extended Solutions.


The Sales Order and Purchase Order module enhancements include a) Lot/Serial number distribution from the Sales Order entry, b) a purchase order being automatically created from a sales order, c) pricing levels by customer and product line and d) item pricing by total quantity - just to name a few.


Sage recently released a new SQL version of MAS 200.  v4.5 will enable clients to transition from the Providex database to a SQL database for your MAS data.  The power of SQL can by yours - stability, scalability and lightening-fast Crystal Reports, even on a large MAS dataset.


Support Tip - Non-sequential Records in a Report

While at Sage Summit last month, we came across this really cool function.  You can select multiple, non-sequential records (sales orders, items, customers, etc.) when searching or reporting.  For example, you want to run a Back Order Report for 3 product lines, but the product
lines are not in sequence.  You can select the filter criteria to list only these products.
How to do it:
1.  Access the report or search screen (in this case, the Back Order Report)
2.  Using the example above, under "Selections" you would set the Operand to "Equal" (=) in the
     "Product Line" field
3.  In the "Value" field, enter:  0100, 0500, ABCD
4.  Run the report to display only the back order for sales containing these product lines
Back Order Report

Get the 3 Pack and Enhance Your Business!


3 Pack


Many of our clients have requested information on our Crystal Reports 3 Pack.  For $350 (plus HST) we will email you the 3 Pack of Reports and assist you via telephone to add the Pack to your MAS Custom Reports menu system.  They are easy to load and will enhance your business immediately!  Click on the report title below to see a sample PDF of the report:  

  • Invoice Summary Report - allows you to run the report by a range of dates, providing you with key information on customer PO's, sales staff total sales and information for posting to assist with GL reconciliation.
  • Sales by Province, Ranked by Net Invoice -  run the report sorted by either 'ship to' or 'bill to' province.  Lists top 25 customers by province.  Report can be run by invoice date range, for any time period.  The information about your top customers is at your fingertips!
  • Sales Analysis by Item - quickly compare this year and last year sales (or any two periods that you want) for items.  The report is sorted by product line and shows totals for each item.

Click here to let us know that you want to purchase this quarter's 3 Pack of Reports.


We look forward to your feedback and your ideas for future issues of our newsletter.  If you would like to contribute an article or suggest an article or support tip to a future newsletter, we'd love to have your contribution.  Please let us know how we can help you Get the Most from Your Sage MAS 90 / 200 Investment.




    Shabnam and Robert