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June 2010
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June Issue
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June 2010 Screenings
Jun/06/10 4:00pm (Sun)
Brooklyn, NY

Jun/03/10 6:30pm (Thu)
Foster City, CA

Película Documental "Qué hay en tu plato?"
Today 7:30pm (Tue)
New York, NY

Today 7:30pm (Tue)
New York, NY

Jun/27/10 7:00pm (Sun)
Reading, PA
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Bullfrog Films is our educational community-based distributor, contact Stephanie Miller for info.
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In this issue:

* HuffPo interviews Sadie and Safiyah!

* CSA Season 2 kicks off

* Hollywood Reporter interviews Director Catherine Gund

* Baum Forum in the Bronx

* Let's get Social

And more...

What's On Your Plate? In The News!
Paula Crossfield recently interviewed Sadie and Safiyah for an article that was published both in Civil Eats and on The Huffington Post. The article is wonderful and has a nice mention of the Angel Family. Check out the article here!
Angel Family CSA 2010 Season

We've started our second season of the Angel Family Farm CSA at The Neighborhood School. The first shares went out on June 15th. For this year, they've added eggs and fruit shares to pickups! Get your protein and pectin from the Angels!

The Angels

Angel Sign
Women in Film share WOYP? experience in Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Catherine about the Women in Film Finishing Fund outreach grant that we received last summer. Please see the full article here.

Bronx Baum Youth Forum 2010

On June 12, 2010 What's On Your Plate? came to the Baum Youth Forum, Highway to Health in the Bronx. It was a beautiful day and we were happy to see everyone there. Despite some technical difficulties, we had a great discussion with the kids in the audience about community gardens, local food and improving school lunches. Thank you to all who attended! 
Sadie and Safiyah Q&A on YouTube

Sadie and Safiyah Q and A

When What's On Your Plate? kicked off the Environmental Film Festival in March in Washington, DC, Sadie and Safiyah had a great Q&A with over 1,000 students after the screening. The questions and the answers are outstanding. Go kids go! Please check it out here!
What's On Your Plate? Wants To Get Social With You

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We also keep a YouTube channel and Flickr photostream. Let us know if you want to contribute your pictures to these collections!
June is here! CSA shares are coming!!!


The flowers are blooming and we've started adding compost to our window gardens!
Catherine, Tanya, Mary, Nate, and Cassie

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