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April 2010
Greetings from Aubin Pictures!
April Issue
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April 2010 Screenings
Apr/14/10 6:30pm (Wed)
Madison, WI

Apr/14/10 7:00pm (Wed)
La Jolla, CA

Apr/15/10 4:00pm (Thu)
Downers Grove, IL

Apr/16/10 6:00pm (Fri)
Novato, CA

Apr/17/10 1:00pm (Sat)
Portland, OR

Apr/17/10 7:30pm (Sat)
Jacksonville, FL

Apr/18/10 1:00pm (Sun)
Milwaukee, WI

Apr/18/10 1:00pm (Sun)
Portland, OR

Apr/19/10 6:00pm (Mon)
Denver, CO

Apr/20/10 5:00pm (Tue)
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Apr/21/10 7:00pm (Wed)
Capitola, CA

Apr/22/10 12:00pm (Thu)
Bryn Mawr, PA

Apr/22/10 7:00pm (Thu)
Dallas, TX

Apr/22/10 7:00pm (Thu)
Plano, TX

Let's Retake Our Plates! Austin
Apr/22/10 7:45pm (Thu)
Austin, TX

Apr/23/10 10:00am (Fri)
Chequamegon Bay, WI

Apr/23/10 7:00pm (Fri)
Roseville, CA

Apr/24/10 9:00am (Sat)
Nashville, TN

Apr/25/10 11:45am (Sun)
San Rafael, CA

Apr/25/10 2:00pm (Sun)
Birmingham, AL

Apr/29/10 5:00pm (Thu)
Detroit, MI

Apr/29/10 6:00pm (Thu)
Dedham, MA

Apr/29/10 7:00pm (Thu)
Houston, TX
Did You Know?

Bullfrog Films is our educational community-based distributor, contact Stephanie Miller for info.
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Dear Friends of WOYP,

In this issue:

* Los Angeles and What's On Your Plate?

* Whole Foods Screenings for Earth Day

* Olivia the Onion is Here!

* San Francisco was a Blast!

* Meet Our Bloggers!

And more...

WOYP? Loves LA

On April 1st, What's On Your Plate? was very excited to have our LA Premiere at UCLA's Hammer Museum.


Ed Begley, Jr. joined us and introduced the film and stayed for our Q&A with Bryant Terry, Esai Morales, and Catherine & Sadie. We'll be posting some video highlights soon, but in the meantime, please check for the Hammer Museum's website to post their video of the panel.


Thank you to everyone for coming and to those who helped create such a wonderful evening with us.

Whole Foods brings WOYP? nationwide for Earth Month

Let's Retake Our Plates! is a Film Series organized by Whole Foods for Earth Month.

Whole Foods

We are included in their series in 21 locations across the nation. Please check out their websitefor locations near you. Also, see our sidebar for all screenings including the Let's Retake Our Plates! series.

Get your own Olivia the Onion

We've made our very own stuffed toy, Olivia the Onion! She's based on the animated character in the film and we think she's perfect for you.
She signs off all of our email updates! Check her out below.


Head to our shop to pick up one for all your pals- don't forget the matching button pack!
The Bay Area makes us happy!

Our trip to the Bay Area was a blast! We met so many great girls at the Julia Morgan School in Oakland. They asked Sadie lots of excellent, complex and insightful questions: including one about high fructose corn syrup ads. The students demonstrated confidence, intelligence and curiosity and promised to follow up on their thoughts about the film. Soon, we will have an edited Q&A to post for this event too! Keep an eye on our YouTube channel.

Julia Morgan School

We also went to Lafayette and surprised Oliver Taylor who has been organizing and fundraising to bring WOYP? to his local library. Congrats to Oliver for receiving the Disney Friend of Change award to help him fund the project! You can fan him on Facebook at "Oliver for the Urban Farmers"

Sadie and Oliver

Keith Zwolfer and the San Francisco Film Society also hosted a screening for several different schools at the Bridge Theater in San Francisco where Sadie participated in a lively question and answer session. We'll be posting some video highlights from that event as well. Stay tuned!
Meet The Bloggers

Over at our blog, we're rolling out our Meet The Bloggers feature, where you get to meet each one of our stellar internet scourers and reporters. We hope that you enjoy reading more about our wonderful WOYP? team.

Tenzin and Nate

If you have a question about a current or vexing food issue, please email us! We'll get on the case!

April Sun Showers!!!

The flowers are blooming and we've started adding compost to our window gardens!
Catherine, Tanya, Mary, Nate, and Cassie

dr. tiller

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 Anna Deavere Smith    Bryant Terry    Alice Waters    Aaron Woolf