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March 2010
Greetings from Aubin Pictures!
March Issue
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March 2010 Screenings
Mar/05/10 6:00pm (Fri)
New York, NY

Mar/06/10 1:00pm (Sat)
Baraboo, WI

Mar/09/10 10:00am (Tue)
Washington, DC
**Sadie, Safiyah and Catherine will be in attendance**

Mar/12/10 4:00pm (Fri)
Dodgeville, WI

Mar/12/10 7:00pm (Fri)
Goshen, IN

Mar/13/10 10:00am (Sat)
Williamstown, MA

Mar/13/10 1:00pm (Sat)
Jacksonville, FL

Mar/18/10 2:00pm and 6:00pm (Thu)
Cleveland, OH

Mar/30/10 10:00am (Tue)
San Francisco, CA
Did You Know?

Bullfrog Films is our educational community-based distributor, contact Stephanie Miller for info.
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Dear Friends of WOYP,

In this issue:

* Ed Begley Jr. and Esai Morales join What's On Your Plate? in Los Angeles

* The Neighborhood School in NYC hosts screening this Friday!

* Chipotle partnership

* Our blog inspires questions and conversations

And more...
Thanks for watching!

What's On Your Plate? had its television premiere on Discovery's Planet Green on Saturday, February 6th, and re-aired throughout the following week. Thank you to everyone who tuned in!

We also had a wonderful afternoon TV broadcast premiere party co-hosted by Clemente Soto Velez, The Sylvia Center and Discovery's Planet Green on February 6th. The Sylvia Center helped teach our kids how to make simple fun fresh foods that both satisfy and nourish. One of our greatest champions, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer attended the screening and expressed his support for the film and his commitment to helping make the greatest impact possible, especially with politicians.

Sadie Safiyah Tenzin and MBP Scott Stringer

What's On Your Plate? Visits Two Coasts!

We'll be at El Museo del Barrio on March 20th at 4pm. Please come if you're in New York. The screening will feature our Spanish subtitled version. Please see our screening map for more information on this event.

The Hammer Museum is hosting our L.A. premiere on April 1st at 7pm! This event will be free and open to the public. We're very pleased to announce that along with Sadie and Catherine, actors/activists Ed Begley, Jr. and Esai Morales will be at the screening for a Q&A afterwards. If you're on the west coast, please join us for what promises to be a great evening. And if you aren't, please forward to your friends in the area. Please see the official Hammer screening page for more information.
The Neighborhood School Hosts WOYP This Friday!

One of the schools featured in the film, The Neighborhood School, will be hosting a special screening of What's On Your Plate? on Friday March 5th at 6pm. Doors open at 5pm. Yummy food for sale. $3.

We'll be signing folks up for the second year of the Angel Family/Neighborhood School CSA and the Angels will be at the screening to field questions.

Please join us! The Neighborhood School is located on 3rd Street between Avenue A and 1st Avenue. Please see our website for a map.

Chipotle Partnership Underway

We're thrilled that Chipotle is partnering with us to spread the message that kids can ask these questions and take a stand for themselves, their families and the planet.

Chipotle will host private screenings of the film in elementary schools, local libraries and after-school programs throughout the year. Additionally, in the spring, the film will be used to promote seed planting with the opening of local farmers markets, CSA's and community gardens in various regions. See their press release here. (.pdf)

Past Screening Highlight

The Indian Mountain School in rural Connecticut hosted What's On Your Plate? recently. We wanted to share with you their summary and some photos from the event.

Upper School

We showed the film to both the upper school and the lower school. Sadie and Cat were happy when the younger kids (including a few of Sadie's cousins) told us their gardening stories. All year long, they are learning about the environment. The theme: Project Earth.

Indian Mountain School
The Blog is Taking Questions!

We recently fielded a great question from Valerie in Miami, FL. She asked us how we can know our carbon footprint of the food we eat. Nate and Mary worked to come up with  potential answers and evaluated tools on the internet.


It seems that there is less out there to measure and evaluate our impact as consumers. If anyone has ideas, please hit us up in the comments section of our site! We're looking for lively discussion about how far our food travels.

March Forth!!!

It'll be Spring soon...
We're getting ready for planting!

Catherine, Tanya, Mary, Nate, and Cassie

dr. tiller

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 Raj Patel    Kim Perry    Michael Pollan    Robert Saken, M.D.
 Anna Deavere Smith    Bryant Terry    Alice Waters    Aaron Woolf