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August 2009
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Dear Friends of WOYP,

Our website is growing! Please visit and play our new webgames and check in with Your Voice. Let us know what you like and what we could improve since we're still working on it. Read on for news about Sadie and Safiyah meeting President Bill Clinton at the Healthy School Recognition Ceremony this month. We also have updates about the federal Child Nutrition Reauthorization bill.
Our Website is becoming more interactive!

We have a new interactive feature on our website! It's a fun webgame designed to inform and entertain kids about food.

Play Now

This webgame will encourage kids to make healthier and better choices at home and school.
Your Voice

We recently launched a new section called "Your Voice." Please share your thoughts on the film and our outreach. You can submit questions, comments, and even recipes to share!

We've also started receiving great photos in our scrapbook. If you already have pictures of veggies, fruits, and markets, please join our Flickr contacts and add them to our scrapbooks!

Jersey Tomatoes

For those of you unfamiliar with Flickr, please let us know if you want guidance on joining and adding photos. We'd love to help you participate in our photo sharing project!
Sadie and Safiyah Met Bill Clinton!

On August 6th, Sadie and Safiyah got the opportunity to meet Bill Clinton when he spoke at the 2009 Recognition Ceremony for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. The event honored schools across the country who have made progress in creating healthy school environments.

Sadie Safiyah and Bill Clinton

Sadie and Safiyah shared their experiences with a panel entitled "Avoiding Food Fights and Wellness Wars: Meaningful Student Engagement to Promote Health." The panel focused on successful student involvement in school wellness activities.

Healthy Food for Kids Action and Updates

Last Wednesday, August 12th, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn held a press conference to state their concerns for the importance of healthy food choices for children in our public schools. We appreciate such vocal support for the cause. Thank you to all who were there to support it!

We're looking forward to meeting new friends and partners when we bring our potluck dishes to Slow Food's Labor Day "Eat-In" in our respective neighborhoods on September 7th. To find an Eat In near your home, click here.

Mom and Baby Cow

Our partner, The National Farm to School Network, has been busy creating change for healthy food in our schools nationally, while the
NYC Alliance for Child Nutrition Reauthorization strategizes local action in New York City.

Solar One and What's On Your Plate?
Solar One
Our friends at Solar One have been helping us build a curriculum for What's On Your Plate?, to implement in schools across the country.
We are excited about our collaboration. On September 25th, we will be joining Solar One for a special screening of What's On Your Plate? as part of their Solar Powered Film Series, a public outdoor event at Stuyvesant Cove Park overlooking the East River south of E. 23rd Street. Mark your calendars, and we'll see you at dusk!

Join Our Network of Friends

Our Network of Friends is a handy way to find other organizations and people who can help us work together for healthy food.
With a growing network of over thirty organizations, we're connecting with each other in exciting ways. Keep up the great work! Together, we can make big, healthy changes.

We will have more exciting news to report in our next update. Stay tuned!

Wishing you a super September,
Catherine, Tanya, Mary, and Nate

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