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Greetings from Aubin Pictures!
November Issue

Welcome to the November Update for

"What's On Your Plate?"

 - a provocative documentary about kids and food politics

We have more excellent news to share and celebrate this month!

Director Catherine Gund recently traveled with Advisory Council Member Judith Helfand to Madison, Wisconsin, where we screened rough scenes from the film for enthusiastic audiences. Students at Sherman Middle School shared great questions about their own food environment and gave us lots of hope for the our film's potential. The kids' thoughts and ideas were so inspiring.

Scenes were also shown at a Universtiy of Wisconsin's Tales from Planet Earth planning event. Audience members generously filled out questionnaires and we all had a valuable feedback session.
As the film nears completion, we are paying careful attention to the input of all who are viewing different rough cuts.

Speaking of which, Nancy Kennedy, our brilliant and tireless editor, is finalizing a rough cut as we write, and this week we've started sending versions of the film to our Advisory Council for their notes.

Also, Heather Greene has joined the team this month as an Associate Producer. Heather has already become a vital member of our group. Heather introduced us to Adam Crystal, a tremendous musical talent who has begun working on original compositions for the film. We are moving right along!

Next week, Aubin Pictures will participate in Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer's conference, "The Politics of Food: A Conference on New York's Next Policy Challenge." You can find out more info about the conference by clicking

To top it all off, BOTH Sadie and Safiyah now have braces! Big changes and progress all around.

We are so thankful to all of you for your encouragement and support.

You can visit our website for more information and to watch the three minute trailer -

      Wishing you a happy and healthy fall! 
Cat, Tanya, Nell, and Heather

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