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What's On Your Plate? Newsflash!

Dear Friends of WOYP,

We're working on the date for our US premiere, and we will announce that in our next update.

But we wanted to send this exciting newsflash:

Alice Waters has joined our Advisory Council!

We are thrilled and humbled that she watched the film and gave it a beautiful endorsement. Here's what she said:

"It was an amazing experience to hear kids talking about these issues. This movie can have a real impact on the way we think about what we're eating."

Also, we wanted to share a couple of recent articles from The New York Times.
The food movement is definitely galvanizing the public:

Obamas to Plant Garden at White House

Is a Food Revolution Now is Season?

Now's the time to sign up with your local CSA...
(for New Yorkers click here)

Happy Spring!

More soon,
Catherine, Tanya, Nell and Heather

Alice Waters