Greetings from Aubin Pictures!

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Welcome to the September "Back-To-School" Update for

"What's On Your Plate?"

- a provocative documentary about kids and food politics.

Check out our first press, an excellent on-line article in City Limits:

We filmed our final scene yesterday with many participants from the adventure coming together for a homemade meal. Sadie, Safiyah, Nhumi, and Caleb together with eco-chef and inspiration Bryant Terry prepared some of the local and seasonal foods. Other dishes were donated from excellent restaurants and caterers around the city, including: La Esquina, The City Bakery, Blue Hill, Rickshaw Dumpling, Ciao for Now, Casa, Great Performances, The Cleaver Company, Little Giant, and Chipotle. Our gratitude to all who shared love through food!

Our wonderful editor, Nancy Kennedy is boiling all the footage down into a hearty stew.

You can visit our website for more information and to see the three minute trailer -

Welcome back to school!
Catherine, Tanya and Nell

ADVISORY COUNCIL: Kate Adamick, Dan Barber, Chef Ann Cooper, Judith Helfand, John S. Johnson, Van Jones, Jonathan Kevles, Anna Lappé, Katrina T. Monzón, Michael Pollan, Robert Saken, M.D., Anna Deavere Smith, Bryant Terry, Aaron Woolf

Photo by Susan Frieman.
Care of Joan Dye Gussow