Summer greetings from Aubin Pictures!
Welcome to the JUNE Update for

"What's On Your Plate?"

 - a provocative documentary about kids and food politics.

We would like to welcome and thank the following advisors who have joined our Advisory Council:

DAN BARBER (chef/owner: Blue Hill Restaurant)
ANNA LAPPÉ (author and founder: Small Planet Institute)
ANNA DEAVERE SMITH (playwright and performer)
BRYANT TERRY (eco-chef and author)

As we continue filming with Safiyah and Sadie, we are developing an extensive outreach campaign, including a media toolkit for raising vital issues related to kids and the food they eat. We begin editing on July 7 with Marty Levenstein.

On Tuesday, July 29 from 6:30-8:30, we are planning a cocktail fundraiser. Please send us any names of folks who might contribute to the project and should be invited.

We are also happy to send a packet with the trailer DVD to any potential funders.

Thank you to our wonderful individual donors who have contributed since the last update! You are GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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for more information -

Happy Summer to you all!
Catherine, Tanya, Nick, and Nell