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April 20, 2011 


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Day-Long Seminar
- Ap. 28 in Boxborough 


Spring Continuing Education Conference

- May 5 in Lowell


Technology Demonstration:   

 TUR, Lean and Six Sigma at Ophir Optics

- May 9 & 25 in N.Andover



Demonstration of Professional Wet Cleaning Technology

May 19 in North Andover

Greener Materials Research Symposium

- May 23 in Lowell


5th Intn.l Symposium on Nanotechnology, Occupational and Environmental Health

- August 9-11 in Boston


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REACH May Have Consequences for You

Now 40 chemicals on the EU Candidate List

Policy decisions under REACH, the European Union's chemicals regulation, may have consequences for Massachusetts facilities that sell products in Europe. The EU's Candidate List of substances that may be subject to authorization requirements, including several phthalates; several hexavalent chromium compounds; hexabromocyclododecane (HBCDD); and others. Six substances are on the EU List to require authorization.  Learn more at the REACH Seminar on April 28...
Chemical Engineering Student Wins National Poster Competition
Boudrin and Zarif
Dr. Boudin and Farhana presenting on their research at TURI on April 6.
Honored at the American Chemical Society   University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML) chemical engineering doctoral student Zarif Farhana Mohd Aris won a national competition with her poster entitled "Surface Active Polymers Derived From Naturally Occuring Polysaccharides".   Her work with Dr. Ram Nagarajan and Dr. Ryan Bouldin is being funded by the TURI Academic Research Grant Program. Contact Pam Eliason for more information.
Cr+6 Compounds Designated as Higher Hazard Substances

TURA Administrative Council Votes

Based on recommendations from the Science Advisory Board (SAB) and TURI, the Administrative Council voted on Apr. 12 to separate hexavalent chromium (Cr+6) compounds out from the chromium compounds category, and to designate Cr+6 compounds as Higher Hazard Substances (HHS).  This fall, draft regulations will be issued and there will be a public comment period prior to promulgating regulations.
Community Conference a Great Success
Dr. Ted Schettler, a medical doctor with the Science and Environmental Health Network and noted author on toxics,  gave the keynote presentation at the recent TURI Community Networking Conference in Newton. He spoke about toxic chemicals, their potential impacts on human health throughout the lifespan, and recent science linking toxics to obesity.Presentation materials can be read online.
Ted Schettler
Dr. Ted Schettler


Topics addressed throughout the day were based in practical experience, as we heard stories of transitioning lawns and athletic turf away from pesticide and herbicide dependent to organic practices. Toxics in small businesses such as nail salons, auto body shops, dry cleaners and floor finishing services were considered in several sessions in presentations by business owners, community leaders, municipal staff and Joy Onasch, Community Program Manager at TURI. 

Another topic was cleaning and disinfection in homes, schools, municipal buildings and hospitals, a challenge that has many green solutions.  Presenters included Lynn Rose,
discussion  at conf 4/14/11
Practical discussions
an expert in green cleaning and disinfection, and TURI Green Cleaning Lab staff (Jason Marshall, Heidi Wilcox, and UML students Katie Tenaglia and Tim Weil), who talked about projects in disinfection testing research,  professional cleaning services and Do-it-Yourself approaches to green cleaning.  The day allowed facilitated discussion on practical topics, which was elevated by the presence of seasoned TUR Planners in the audience.
Massachusetts a Model in Assessing Safer Alternatives
Alternatives Assessment for Federal and State Agencies
Pam Eliason of TURI, Dr. Joel Tickner and Dr. Ken Geiser of the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production at UML organized a two-day gathering of staff from 14 federal and 7 state agencies.  Hosted by the US EPA, the event took place on March 31 and April 1 in Arlington, Virginia.  Agency leaders including Wendy Cleland-Hamnett, Director of the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics at EPA and
Steve Owens
Steve Owens, Assistant Admin., Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, US EPA
David Michaels, Assistant Secretary of Labor at OSHA noted that the time is ripe for chemicals policies that are solutions-oriented and consider occupational as well as public concerns.  Participants then worked together to identify ways to promote the use of alternatives assessment to achieve the ultimate goal of safer chemicals and products, and informed substitution for chemicals of concern.  TUR Planners were cited as professionals with expertise in identifying safer options that are technically and economically feasible.  Hosted by the US EPA, the event took place on March 31 and April 1 in Arlington, Virginia
More Recent Presentations by TURI Staff 
  • Janet Clark presented on "TURA, its Innovations, Results and Future" for Dr. Halina Brown's (Clark University) Environmental Policy graduate seminar on April 12.  Dr. Brown has served on the TURA Science Advisory Board, a difficult and much appreciated contribution to the TURA program.
  • Heidi Wilcox spoke at MassDEP on April 6 about the TURI Green Cleaning Laboratory services.
  • Pam Eliason presented to state and federal agencies on March 31 in Washington, DC.  Her presentation was entitled, "Focusing on Technical and Economic Feasibility in Alternatives Assessment: The Massachusetts Model".
  • Rachel Massey presented to Tufts University on March 30 on "Current Policy Activities Under TURA, with a Focus on Higher Hazard Substances".
  • Joy Onasch appeared on the Holliston Cable TV for Representative Dykema's Capital Connection Program to talk about TURI and the TURI Community Program
  • Mark Myles presented to the Graduate School of Business at Clark University in Worcester on Feb. 26, speaking on "Design for the Environment".  
Speakers are available if you need support for your events or classes.
TURI offers services & programs to reduce the use of toxic chemicals, energy and water while enhancing the competitiveness of local businesses.  See our website for green alternatives, data on toxics use, case studies, clean technology and energy demonstrations, as well as the latest about the TURI budget.

Our offices are in Wannalancit, an office building on the University of Massachusetts Lowell campus.  Come visit!