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  March 2011  
What's New with DART? 
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We are excited to let you know about our new product using transmisison DART.  It gives great quantitative results.  We'll be showing it at Pittcon next week in Atlanta so stop over to Booth #2735 to say hello.  We'll be in the JEOL Booth.

Also we've updated our web site for easier navigation so take a look.  And as usual, there are some new exciting publications from your DART colleagues.

Please have a look and contact me if you have any questions or comments. Thanks.


Brian Musselman
President and CEO
IonSense, Inc.
Great Quantitation with the New XZ Transmission DART Module  

We've made some significant improvements in the ability to rapidly analyze lots of samples and to quantify key ingredients or contaminants.  Here is some of out initial data with the new XZ Transmission Module for the DART SVP.   The Press Release has some more info. 

We get
much better results by placing the samples onto a metal screen and flowing the DART beam directly throught the sample and into the mass spec.  Here we looked at 96 caffeine samples with 13C internal standard doing MS on an ion trap.  The entire set of samples was analyzed in 16 minutes or 10 seconds per sample.

We have also done this on the JEOL AccuTOF and acheived even better precision.  Together with the accurate mass, quant and ID can be done in seconds.

If you'd like more info on this, just send me a note.

Transmission DART  
This figure shows the reproducibility of the quantitation using the new XZ Transmission DART Module. 

The data was collected on an LCQ Deca using SIM mode. The sample analyzed was a caffeine solution with caffeine C13 labeled internal standard. The caffeine concentration was 10 ug/mL and the C13 internal standard was 20 ug/mL. The solution was a methanol/H2O (1:1 v/v) based solution that was manually pipetted (5 uL/sample) onto the metal mesh and allowed to dry prior to DART-MS.

Recent DART Publications

Here are a couple recent publications that you may find interesting.

Click on the link to see the abstracts    



Fast identification of phthalic acid esters in poly(vinyl chloride) samples by Direct Analysis In Real Time (DART) tandem mass spectrometry

Ákos Kukia, Lajos Nagya, Miklós Zsugaa and Sándor Kéki, Department of Applied Chemistry, University of Debrecen, H-4010 Debrecen, Hungar

Rapid identification and absence of drug tests for AG-013736 in 1 mg Axitinib tablets by ion mobility spectrometry and DART mass spectrometry

Michael D. Likar , Guilong Chenga, Nidhi Mahajan, and Zhongli Zhanga, Analytical Development, Pfizer Inc, Eastern Point Road, Groton, CT 06340, USA

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IonSense, Inc. provides open-air mass spectrometry solutions to the fields of food safety, forensics, drug development, and chemical analysis. They manufacture and develop direct analysis in real time (DART®) technology licensed from JEOL USA, Inc. and atmospheric solids analysis probe (ASAP™) licensed from M&M Consulting.

DART and ASAP Sources are available for most commercial LC/MS systems.  Look here to see if your system is DART-ready.  And  check here to see if your system is ASAP-ready.