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We will be at Pittcon next week and hope you'll stop by if you are in Orlando.  Be one of the first to see our new 3+D Scanner for the DART®-SVP Source.

We are also offering a limited number of DART sources at a new low price.  More info is below.

Please have a look and let us know if you have any questions or comments.  Thanks.


Brian Musselman
President and CEO
IonSense, Inc.
DART at PittCon

We will be at Pittcon in Orlando next week at Booth 3020 so please stop over and say hi.

Also there are a number of DART presentations being given, and here is a selection.

  • Determination of Amphetamine and Its Major Metabolites in Human Plasma and Human Blood Samples Utilizing MEPS and DART-TOF
    • Mohamed Abdel-Rehm - AstraZeneca
  • Quick: What Is It? Application of the DART Ion Source to Safety and Security
    • Robert (Chip) Cody - JEOL USA, Inc.
  • Integration of Direct Analysis in Real Time with a Low Cost Mass Selective Detector (MSD) for Utilization in Food, Forensics, and Pharmaceutical Analysis
    • Elizabeth Crawford, Jordan Krechmer, Brian Musselman, Michael Festa -  IonSense, Inc.,  Ron Shomo, John Manos, David Manura - Scientific Instrument Services
  • Rapid Thermal Profiling by Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry for Automated Detection of Ingredients,Degradation Products and Other Trace Contaminants in Pharmaceutical Tablets
    • Brian Musselman, Elizabeth Crawford, Joseph Tice, Jordan Krechmer - IonSense, Inc.,  Peter Leopold - BioAnalyte
  • Analysis of Controlled Substances by Use of DART Ionization
    • Erin Shonsey,  Andrea Headrick  - ADFS
NEW >> DART 3+D Scanner

We introduced our new 3+D Scanner today.  It is interfaced to the DART-SVP open-air ionization source and enables rapid mass spectrometry analysis of chemicals on surfaces such as:
  • food
  • packaging materials
  • fabrics
  • consumer products
  • electrical components
  • wafers 
Automated surface analysis of can be accomplished without placing the sample under high vacuum as in traditional surface analysis. The Apple®iPod-based controller directs the analysis of the entire surface for uniformity or allows you to choose specific locations thus, enabling rapid characterization of contaminants with no sample preparation. 

Please contact us if you would like additional information.
DART "Recovery and Reinvestment Act"

DART100 w SVP We know that the economy is rough so we are doing something about it!

This past year we introduced the DART®-SVP. Since that time a number of our existing customers have chosen to upgrade and we are left with a number of systems. We have now refurbished these DART 100 sources and are now offering them for sale with our new SVP controller. All systems come with a 12 month warranty. These units are available for a limited time at a significant discount from our original source so please call or email an inquiry for details.

Please let us know if you would like any additional information.

About IonSense
IonSense, Inc. is developing technology for the analysis of materials by direct analysis in real time or DART mass spectrometry. DART MS provides rapid qualitative and quantitative sample analysis of bioanalytical, medicinal, forensic, and chemical synthesis products by ambient mass spectrometry.

DART Sources are available for most commercial LC/MS systems.  Look here to see if your system is DART-ready.

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