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The latest developments and news on DART Mass Spectrometry

We will be at Pittcon next week, and hope you stop by if you are in Chicago.  Be one of the first to see our new SVP controller and nitrogen capable DART cartridge. 

Mention this email and we will put you in the running for an Apple iPOD touch, which incidentally is part of our exciting new product.

Please have a look and let us know if you have any questions or comments.  Thanks.


Brian Musselman
COO, IonSense

DART at PittCon

DART ET SourceWe will be in Chicago next week at Booth 3921 so please stop over and say high.

Also there are a number of DART presentations being given, and they are listed here.

  • A New Method for Improving Formula ID of Unknowns in Food Analysis Using DART       Donald Kuehl - Cerno Bioscience
  • Quantification of Small Molecules in Biological Fluid with a Novel System, Direct Analysis in Real Time Tandem Mass Spectrometry (DART/MS/MS), without Sample Preparation and HPLC Separation       Yeping Zhao - Roche Palo Alto, LLC 
  • Automated Compensation for Interferences in DART       Donald Kuehl - Cerno Bioscience
  • Moving the Bullseye: Current Status of the Direct Analysis in Real-Time Ion Source       Robert Cody - JEOL USA, Inc.
  • Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Dibenzoyl Peroxide       Alvaro Peña-Quevedo - CCSD UPR - Mayagüez
  • Rapid Determination of Impurities utilizing Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) Mass Spectrometry with Activated Surfaces       Brian Musselman - IonSense, Inc.
  • Screening of Cocaine and its Metabolites in Human Urine Samples by Direct Analysis in Real Time Source Coupled to Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry After On-Line Preconcentration Utilizing Microextraction by Packed Sorbent       Mohamed Abdel-Rehim - AstraZeneca 
  • Lignite Coal Degradation Products Analyzed by LC-MS       Gregg Schieffer - Iowa State University  
  • Characterization and Identification of Tetramethylene Diperoxide Dicarbamide by Mass Spectrometry       Alvaro Peña-Quevedo  - UPR-Mayaguez

Sneak Peak at DART Developments

Next week will be announcing 2 new developments for DART technology.  The first is a real first for the industry - control the DART with and iPod.  Yes, listen to tunes and collect data at the same time.

The second is the ability to use nitrogen in the DART source.  We'll have more on this important development shortly.

Please let us know if you would like any additional information.

About IonSense
IonSense, Inc. is developing technology for the analysis of materials by direct analysis in real time or DART mass spectrometry. DART MS provides rapid qualitative and quantitative sample analysis of bioanalytical, medicinal, forensic, and chemical synthesis products by ambient mass spectrometry.

DART Sources are available for most commercial LC/MS systems.  Look here to see if your system is DART-ready.

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