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We would like to let you know that we will be exhibiting at the CPSA meeting in Pennsylvania next week where we have a poster describing the use of direct desorption of drug candidates from plasma for bioanalytical analysis.  The CPSA meeting is open to all on Wednesday evening, so please stop by if you are in the area.

Also we are giving you a sneak peak at the latest results of rapid screening for melamine contamination in food.  Please have a look and let us know what you think.  Thanks.


Brian Musselman
COO, IonSense
IonSense at CPSA

DART ET Source
At the CPSA exhibit Wednesday evening we will be showing the new DART-ET source so come by to check it out.

We also are presenting a poster titled, "Sampling from Surfaces with High Throughput DART Analysis as an alternative to traditional LC/MS/MS for Bioanalytical Assays."  Here we show how rapid, simple quantitative analysis of compounds in plasma can be achieved with CV's of less than 15%.  These results compare favorably with the standard approach of LC/MS/MS.  If you would like more information on this, please let us know.

Really Rapid Determination of Melamine in Your Chocolate Milk

Rapid Screening for Food Contaminants

We would like to share some of our preliminary results with you on the rapid screening of dairy products for melamine contamination.  We want to first assure you that these are all spiked samples and your Yoohoo is probably just fine.  Detection of contaminants with no sample prep, no derivatization, no extraction, no kidding!

Melamine in Chocolate Milk

Using 2 MRM transitions for melamine (127>85, 68), we are able to get reasonable quantitation down to 1 PPM. Using automated sampling the measurements can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.  We will be doing more work to refine the method, so if you want to know more, send me a note.

About IonSense
IonSense, Inc. is developing technology for the analysis of materials by direct analysis in real time or DART mass spectrometry. DART MS provides rapid qualitative and quantitative sample analysis of bioanalytical, medicinal, forensic, and chemical synthesis products by ambient mass spectrometry.

DART Sources are available for most commercial LC/MS systems.  Look here to see if your system is DART-ready.

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