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Spring 2011 Order Forms

Cattle in the rangeland 

It's that time of year again and we're taking orders for halves and wholes of our dry aged grassfed beef in addition to taking orders for our whole pasture raised chicken.  As usual, we have our local pickup options but we also have delivery options to Nevada City, Truckee, Sacramento, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and Pasadena again.  If you are in a different area in California and you think you can put together a sizable order and would like to talk about delivery to your area let me know and we'll see what we can work out.


If you're unfamiliar with our meats then you're in for a treat.  We work tirelessly to make sure all of our products are of exceptional quality and this really shines with our grassfed meats.  All of our cattle are born and raised start to finish on our property and they only eat grass and minimal quantities of hay (also grown on our property) for their entire lives.  We time the harvest so that the animals finish on our wild rangeland spring grasses when they grass is the most abundant and most nutritious which is in middle to late spring.  For that 4 to 6 week window our cattle enjoy some of the finest grass in the country as the rangelands explode with new rich tender green growth.  Properly finishing livestock on grass means the rancher has to first follow the seasons of the grass cycles and it entails orchestrating movements and timing so that you end up with mature beeves that have fully grown into their frame and muscling and then finishing them on your best grass of the year.  This burst of spring growth produces ample amounts of external fat cover necessary for proper aging and most importantly it builds in the internal marbling that will keep the meat moist and flavorful through cooking.  Once we butcher the beef we hang the whole carcass for a minimum of 21 days, usually 28 days if the butcher has the room.  This old fashioned dry aging process allows us to further maximize tenderness and produce the mildest most mouthwatering beef.  Usually only restaurants that charge $50 a plate or more can afford to serve beef that has dry aged for this long.  It really is an amazing eating experience.  All of this is done in a fashion that enhances the environment rather than degrading it and you can be assured we hold the animal's well-being with the utmost regard during their time under our care.  Our cattle are certified by Animal Welfare Approved which upholds some of the most stringent animal-welfare protocols in the world.  When you buy a half or a whole you can have all of that gourmet quality right at your fingertips in your chest freezer and get it at the most affordable price possible.  A family of 2-4 people usually won't have any problem going through a half of beef in a year and for families of 4 or more you may want to consider a whole animal.



Broilers at waterOur chickens are equally delectable and as much effort goes into raising them to the highest standards as with our other livestock.  We get them as day old chicks and immediately they go into a warm brooder house where we bring them fresh water, organic chicken feed, and fresh grass clippings multiple times a day.  Once they're a few weeks of age they're big enough to go without the heat lamps and we move them out to fresh pasture.  They frolic and play under our citrus and stonefruit orchards in the tall grasses scurrying after bugs and gobbling up tender blades of grass.  We continue to keep the organic chicken feed available to them.  Every night they bed down in their A-frame houses which get moved once a day so they always spend the night on fresh ground.  The level of quality we put into raising them is definitely evident with the finished product.  The most common thing we hear about our chicken is that it tastes "clean." Chicken is such a versatile meat you don't want to be left out without being well stocked on these.  You can pick them up here fresh the day of harvest or frozen at one of many other pickup options.




Please mail order forms and deposit checks to the farm address below.


Chris Kerston
Chaffin Family Orchards
606 Coal Canyon Rd.
Oroville, Ca 95965
530-370-6432 Cell
530-533-1676 Ranch Office


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