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Welcome back  to yet another edition of our bi-monthly CHESS MEGA-Zine.  We hope this message finds you well and inspires you to join us in our  efforts to motivate minds and bridge communities through the game of chess.

We are gearing up for our Fifth Annual 2008 Chess Test Tutors Grand Match Gala, an exciting chess tournament which brings together the best players of our many school programs for a night of family fun and healthy competition.  All year long, our student's look forward to testing their mettle against the best of the best from the 10 unified school districts we serve.

With family and friends looking on, more than 100 student's compete for individual and team trophies.  It is the dream of every Chess Tutors student to earn the right to represent their school and win the
Grand Match Gala

We fervently believe, "Teamwork makes the dream work."  Furthermore, you are receiving this
-Zinebecause we consider
you apart of our team.

In that regard, your contribution and support make our efforts more achievable as we strive to bring the many benefits of a chess education to one million children, one school at a time. 

Thank you for your support and consideration!

Cool People Who Play Chess
L.A. Lakers # 17 Sir Andrew Bynum

Smiling Sir Andrew
Andrew Bynum uses his Celebrity to
Reject illiteracy and Promote

Chess Test Tutors is proud to announce that we
have teamed up with fellow chess player and
Los Angeles Laker Center Andrew Bynum.  In the following exclusive interview conducted by Chess
Tutors own K. Ali Ellington, Mr. Bynum shared
some of his thoughts on chess and explained its significance in his life.

How did you get into chess?

"When I was in the 4th grade, I joined an after-school chess program to help me improve in math."

What was it about chess that held your interest?

"Chess is the ultimate strategy game!   I love strategy games!"

How has chess influenced your life?

"Chess serves as a fun pastime because it really  challenges my mind.  It exercises my mind and increases my ability to think several moves ahead, in everything I do."
Andrew_big_DUNK_small version
  A glimpse of what it feels like to be put in Check by

Has chess in any way made you a better basketball player?

"Definitely!  Playing chess sharpens my game by enhancing my attention to detail.  For instance, when I study the playback tape of someone like Tim Duncan, I'm more able to zero-in on everything he's doing so that I can improve my own game as well as defend against Tim.  Also, chess gives me the most tangible example of cause and effect.  Every move on the chess board has a consequence.  Well, so does every move in life.  So, I guess you can say, chess has prepared me for life.

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Our Fifth Annual Chess Test Tutors Grand Match Gala will be held at the home of our 2006-2007 Chess Test Tutors GMG Defending Champions "Linwood E. Howe Elementary," 4100 Irving Place, Culver City, CA., on June 13th at 6PM.

To secure your child's position and receive a T-shirt (@ no additional charge) you must RSVP no later than June 3, 2008 and register no later than June 5, 2008Limited spaces available.

Must first RSVP by emailing us at: GMG@chesstutors.org or contact our office @
(310) 242-6718. 

Please include your child's name, grade, school name, phone number, cell number, email address and T-shirt size. 

Once we receive your RSVP, you can register.  There are three ways to register:

1.) Online through our PayPal account (See last page on this Mega-zine to register NOW!) -OR -

2.) Submit your registration and payment by mail -OR-

3.) Submit your registration and $25 payment in a envelop marked GMG Chess Test Tutors to an administrator in your school office.

Due to the high volume of calls we typically receive each year regarding the GMG, we request that all parents email rather than phone us any questions you may have.  Submit your questions at GMG@chesstutors.org. Otherwise call  number above.  Thank you!
What are Educators saying...
"Chess Tutors have given several at-risk students a reason to come to school.  The program provides not only a fun activity to attend after school, but instructors that make them feel truly gifted."                                                        
Lou Mardesic, Assistant Principal

"As a teacher, I have observed many instructors work with children. Some were excellent while others were not so well qualified.  However, Chess Tutors  has set a new standard for excellence.  They are knowledgeable, organized and dynamic presenters. "
                                                                                                                                  Kathy Sullivan, Teacher

"In an era where most of the jobs our students will obtain have not even been created, Chess Test Tutors has provided a foundation for critical thinking with an eye on problem solving. Our only hope is that we will be able to provide our students with the next five phases of the Chess Test Tutors program."                                                       
Lupe Grajeda, Principal

Give us feed back about our program by clicking chesstutors.org/feedback.html.   We welcome your thoughts and suggestions and we look forward to hearing from you soon.  Thank you!!
Operation Possibilities
GMG Photos

Chess Tutors Needs Your Help!

We are seeking tax deductible contributions to further expand our Non-Profit In-class and After School Academic Chess Tutorial program to communities that need it most.

Why now?
We have reached a new plateau in our Mission.
 The demands on our services have begun to  outpace the resources necessary to meet them.  Presently, we require an expanded and dedicated supporting cast of individuals like you.  With your contribution we can reach an ever growing number of at risk youth. 
The Call of the Hour!

Our Annual Chess Test Tutors Grand Match Gala is fast approaching!  Beyond the enormous administrative costs of the tournament, we are also seeking donations towards or contributions of the following bulk supplies: 
  • T-shirts  
  • Pizza
  • Various Healthy Snacks
  • Juice, Water
  • Banners
  • Trophies, Medals
  • Chess Clocks
  • A new Giant chess set
  • Chess Props
  • Stop watches
  • Flyers 
Please email your interest in providing any of
the above items to
GMG@chesstutors.org or simply make  a financial contribution by clicking below.

Financial contributions can be made through our PayPal system by clicking here.

Additionally, to contribute to the overall mission of
Chess Test Tutors, whether $1 $100 or $5000;
you may simply click here or mail your donation to:
6080 Center Drive 6th Floor, Los Angeles CA. 90045.

Weekly, monthly, or annual donations are encouraged
and greatly appreciated.

Your tax deductible contribution will insure that our program reaches an ever growing populace of kids who need it most. 
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Chess Test Tutors
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      "TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK"                                                                                                 

Just for fun!
GMG Photos
There are many castles in the world, but who is strong enough to move one?

Any chess player!
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Cool People
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Andrew Bynum on laker bench
Lakers Center #17
Andrew Bynum
Find out how chess has impacted Andrew's life

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Cool People Who Play Chess
GMG 2008!
What Are Educators Saying...
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Our heros play a friendly game of chess in Iraq on a Mega Chess Set.
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giant chess set

A Note to Sir Andrew
Sir_Andrew_BynumSir Andrew,

Thank you for teaming up with Chess Test Tutors to promote education through chess.  Your insights on the game will be an inspiration to children for many years to come.

Our children are delighted to know that you plan to visit one of our Chess Tutors schools to meet some of our highly motivated students. This news has generated a huge wave of excitement throughout our many schools as all of our students hope that there school might be selected. 

In appreciation of your support, Chess Tutors happily bestows upon you "Sir Andrew Bynum" the ceremonial title of Grand Vizier of this years Sixth Annual Chess Test Tutors Grand Match Gala.

You will be the first of many chess playing role models to be so dubbed.  Your example sets a high bar for all future Grand Viziers.  We can only hope that they measure up to your enthusiasm and commitment to our cause.

Thanks again for the part you have chosen to play in our efforts to promote education, heighten cognition and ignite the fun in learning.

We look forward to many years of working together in an effort to bring the educational benefits of chess to one million at-risk children one school at a time.

Your Friends,
Chess Test Tutors
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Discount 15%
This voucher entitles the bearer 15% off the second child into our five week Academic Enrichment Chess Test Tutors After School Program.  Only with the submission of this coupon at the time of enrollment will this offer be valid.

Our Chess Test Tutors methodology relies heavily on the Psychological Learning Theory, which utilizes concepts that are of the utmost importance to the field of education: Memory, pattern recognition, decision-making and reinforcement.  All of these concepts are reinforced during our competitive chess sessions, enhancing cognitive skills.
Offer Expires: July 2008                                                                                                 www.chesstutors.org
The Grand Match Gala and all of its attendant proceedings may be photographed, video taped, filmed and/or otherwise audio visually recorded.  By signing and entering your child in our program, you both acknowledge and permit the recording of your child's image and voice for Chess (Test) Tutors' archival and promotional purposes.

First RSVP
by e-mailing the
Registration Information to GMG@chesstutors.org

All registration payments are treated as tax-deductible donations and will be used to cover the cost of the event.
To register your child on-line click here - then scroll down to the donate button and make a donation of $25 using our PayPal donation account . -OR-

Print and fill out this registration form. 
Place the form along with  cash or check for $25 in a envelope marked GMG Chess Test Tutors.  Give this envelope to the personnel  in your school office.  Someone from Chess Tutors  will contact you, via phone or e-mail, to confirm your registration.

Registration at the door
$30 plus $10 for T-shirt.
To register for our GMG you must first RSVP by e-mailing us at GMG@chesstutors.org or call
310 242-6718 (Look below to find Registration Information needed to RSVP). Also find below how to register!

The Grand Match Gala
is an annual opportunity for students from our various schools to test and measure their developing skills in full fledged tournament play.  It is a great Family Fun Night where healthy competition fosters camaraderie and good sportsmanship.  Selected trophy winners and competitive chess enthusiast alike from our top 20 schools go head to head in this exciting "Battle of the Minds" Round Robin competition.

Location:  Linwood Howe Elementary
Registration:     5 - 5:40pm
Refreshments: 5:40 - 6pm
GMG Event:      6pm - 8:30pm
Registration:     $25

Registration Info needed for RSVP!!

Name_____________ Grade____   School___________

Email __________________ Phone_________________


T-Shirt Size (Circle): Youth Med, Large or Adult Med, Large


First, second and third place trophies will be awarded to the winning schools.  Special individual achievements awards will also be given out.  Free T-shirts will be given to all participants who RSVP by June 3 and register before 9am on June 5, 2008.   Family and Friends are welcome.  Admission is $5 at the door.  Entertainment, pizza and refreshments provided for all.

To Find out how to Become a Sponsor Click Here:
All Pawn - King Sponsors will receive a hand carved gift and be acknowledge in our next issue of
Chess Mega-zine!
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