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Founded by three of the world's leading innovation experts - Rowan Gibson (co-author, Innovation to the Core), Julie Anixter (innovation speaker and author) and Braden Kelley (author, Stoking your Innovation Bonfire) - Innovation Excellence builds upon a global group of more than 13,650 members from over 170 countries. It brings you an arsenal of resources from today's innovation thought leaders and practitioners that will help you achieve innovation excellence in your own organization.


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September was our busiest month ever, and October is on pace to be even stronger still. Please keep social sharing our authors' great articles and also telling your colleagues and friends to come to the site and contribute. 


 Your efforts bring to light the fantastic developments in the world of innovation, and are a great springboard for creative thinking!

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Featured Presentation of the Week 

From dematerialisation to rematerialisation. From scanning the world around us, to printing physical models created on computer. An evolution of matter and who it impacts our society, communication and businesses.   


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Featured Video of the Week 

This is a university video-project made by "Game Design" - students from Munich. Done in a single-shot fashion...well almost single shot. The film covers different eras of the video-game history.



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