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Founded by two of the world's leading innovation experts - Rowan Gibson (co-author, Innovation to the Core) and Braden Kelley (author, Stoking your Innovation Bonfire) - Innovation Excellence builds upon a global group of more than 9,100 members from over 170 countries. It brings you an arsenal of resources from today's innovation thought leaders and practitioners that will help you achieve innovation excellence in your own organization.


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In 2012 we will be looking to create new content partnerships and new author relationships to increase the quality and quantity of articles that we bring to the global innovation community.

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Featured Question of the Week 

Featured Question of the Week How can we spread the responsibility for innovation beyond traditional departments?     


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Featured Video of the Week 

Michael Porter on CNBC

Michael Porter who authored Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors, "the" textbook on what gives companies competitive advantages. Porter discussed competitiveness of the US business industry on CNBC earlier this year.


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Ten Great Articles from the Week


Featured Presentation of the Week


The Future of Gaming The Future Of Gaming report presents key trends emerging within the gaming space that brands, non-profits and communities can leverage to build engagement and motivate their target audience towards achieving a desired goal or outcome.


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