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Welcome to the new home of the global innovation community. Founded by two of the world's leading innovation experts - Rowan Gibson (co-author, Innovation to the Core) and Braden Kelley (author, Stoking your Innovation Bonfire) - Innovation Excellence will build upon an international group of more than 7,400 members from over 170 countries. It will bring you an arsenal of resources from today's innovation thought leaders and practitioners that will help you achieve innovation excellence in your own organization.



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This was an exciting week with one of our co-founders being profiled in the Seattle Times newspaper. Next week IIR will host the free webinar 'Mobilizing Your Innovation Army' again for the community.

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Featured Question of the Week 

Featured Question of the Week How can we make innovation a core value that is deeply ingrained in the corporate culture?   


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Featured Video of the Week 

Charlene Li and Gary Hamel Video The introduction into the workplace of social media tools and other technologies that make communication easier, broader, and faster, tend to underscore a lesson that most managers used to take many years to learn: that we lead not by controlling but by inspiring.


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10 Lessons of Innovation - Idris Mootee This is one of Idris Mootee's most popular keynotes that he gives. What you see is an abridged version. The keynote is about 90 minutes.


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