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July 2010 - Vol 4, Issue 6
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Don't Make it Harder Than it is
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Seven Successful Open Innovation Practices
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Braden Kelley at a Dan Pink Event
Whatever your business does, you have to think like a rock star, and play music people want to listen to...and pay for.

Have you thought carefully about what your customers want to 'listen to' and 'pay for'?

Blogging Innovation is rocking 275,000+ visits and 1.5 million pages a month now.

The launch of "Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire" is less than
90 days away and I am taking on new clients and lining up public appearances in advance of the launch.

In October I will be speaking on innovation and social media at the UBA Trends Day in Brussels, and leading a session at the Optimizing Innovation conference in New York City.

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Don't Make it Harder Than it is
Take ThreeSometimes I think that people out there talking about innovation try and make crafting a good innovation process sound harder than it is and the work of making innovation happen sound easier than it really is. Whether this is self-serving behavior to try and drive people to buy their books or consulting services, I'm not sure, but let's give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it's not.
Top Tweets from @innovate on Twitter
Top Tweets from @Innovate on TwitterTweet #1 - June's Top 10 Innovation and Marketing Articles -
Tweet #2
 - Seven Words to Transform Your Sales -
Tweet #3 - Leadership and Emotional Control -
Tweet #4 - Innovation Perspectives - June Wrapup -
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Get Blogging Innovation on Your iPhone
Innovate iPhone App ScreenshotYou can now get Blogging Innovation on your iPhone in an easy to use iPhone application put together by Blogging Innovation contributor Geoff Zoeckler. Download the app from the App Store and take us with you wherever you go. Okay, maybe not everywhere, that would be weird.
Seven Successful Open Innovation Practices
Seven Successful Open Innovation Practices
Last year I (Caspar van Rijnbach) had the opportunity to visit or speak to 24 organizations around the globe, for my research on open innovation practices. These companies included Philips, Kodak, Nokia, Telefonica, Siemens, Xerox and Dupont, but also highly innovative Brazilian firms such as Natura (cosmetics) Embraco (world leader in refrigeration) and Petrobras (one of the largest energy companies in the world) that have been implementing very successful innovation practices. When doing such research one always looks for good practices common between the companies, but also for the practices that make them stand out or be very successful through open innovation.
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2nd Annual Open Innovation Summit will take place August 11-13, 2010 in Chicago, IL.

The first event was last December in Orlando, FL and it was a great one. I'm sure the second edition will be just as useful for those who choose to attend.

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