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April 2010 - Vol 4, Issue 3
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Braden Kelley at a Dan Pink Event
I don't know about you, but I'm coming out of hibernation and starting to travel. Part of that has to do with the fact that I've handed in my initial manuscript. Hooray!

A lot of hard work went into the book and I would love to keep adding to it, but any future content must go on the web site. The book is scheduled for a Fall 2010 release. There will be room to highlight several company case studies on the book web site. Please let me know if you or your company would to contribute.

I will be traveling to Mexico City and Boston in May and New York City in June if anyone would like to meet up.

If your organization would like to be associated with the topic of innovation, please contact me about sponsoring the Blogging Innovation community.
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Innovation Equality -- by Tom Peters
Innovation Equality by Tom PetersNobody disagrees with the fact that there are few things and maybe no things these days that are more important than innovation. I just want to add one small twist to that and it's what I call my Innovation Equality Act. And what I mean by that is, when we think of research and development, we almost always think of new product development. Well, here is my iron law, my request, my command, my rule:

"Innovation and R&D budgets of significance are equally important in every single piece of the organization."
Top Tweets from @innovate on Twitter
Top Tweets from @Innovate on TwitterTweet #1 - March's Top 10 Innovation and Marketing Articles - 
Tweet #2
 - Creating Innovation in the PARC -
Tweet #3 - 11 Ways to Implement a Culture of Innovation -
Tweet #4 - Innovation Perspectives - March Wrapup -
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Video Interviews with Judy Estrin, John Hagel III, Mickey McManus and Mary McDowell
John Hagel InterviewIn March I did several video interviews you might enjoy:

Judy Estrin - "Closing the Innovation Gap"
John Hagel III - "The Power of Pull"
Mickey McManus - MAYA Design
Mary McDowell - Nokia
Innovation Perspectives - Where's Your Innovation Friction?
Where's Your Innovation Friction?
When it comes to creating an innovation culture, often people make it far too complicated. If you're part of the senior leadership team and you're serious about innovation then your job is simple - reduce friction.

If you're serious about innovation and you're not a senior leader...
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Save the Date - May 5-6, New York - The Innovation Architect: Creating Breakthrough Companies

This two-day IESE Business School program is for innovation professionals who are struggling to unlock growth within their own companies. Designing the required "architecture" to make innovation successful is tough.  It requires more than a good idea. To make innovation work requires aligning people, culture, and resources within an innovation strategy.
As an added value for my loyal readers, I have negotiated a $250 discount. Just register using the discount code - Continuous Innovation group - in the comments box.
Offer Expires: April 30, 2010 (Discounts offered by IESE and are solely at their discretion to grant)
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