A screening of
A Sea Change
a film by Barbara Ettinger

Saturday, October 24th, 5 pm
The International Day of Climate Action

Part of the 350.org worldwide event

With an Appearance by Barbara Ettinger and Sven Huseby

introduced by
Moisha Blechman

Sea Change

On October 24th, a world-wide day of action is planned to influence the meetings in Copenhagen on global warming.  The International Day of
Climate Action will cover almost every country on earth on the most
widespread day of environmental action in the planet's history.  Big rallies
in big cities, creative actions across the globe, and hundreds upon hundreds
of community events will raise awareness of the need for urgent action.

Here in Ancram, we are presenting a screening of an important new film
about the effect of carbon dioxide emissions on the world's oceans.  This
screening of  A  Sea Change features an appearance by  the film's creators, Barbara Ettinger and Sven Huseby.  The film will be introduced by
Moisha Blechman.

To view the trailer of A Sea Change, click here

Excess carbon dioxide is dissolving in our oceans, changing seawater chemistry. The increasing acidity of the water makes it difficult for tiny creatures at the bottom of the food web - such as the pteropods in the film - to form their shells.  The effects could work their way up to the fish that one billion people
depend upon for their source of protein.
A Sea Change is the first documentary about ocean acidification, directed by Barbara Ettinger and co-produced by Sven Huseby of Niijii Films.  Emphasizing new scientific information, the feature-length film is a beautiful paen to the ocean world and an intimate story of a Norwegian-American
family whose heritage is bound to the sea.

"There are massive unrecognized changes of geologic scale taking place in the ocean.
Ocean chemistry is being altered on a scale not seen for millions of years.
And we don't know what the consequences will be."

- Dr. Edward L. Miles, Virginia & Prentice Bloedel Professor
of Marine & Public Affairs, University of Washington

Sven Rows

Saturday, October 24th at 5 pm

Donations gratefully accepted.
All donations to benefit the Ancram Opera House.

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