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5 Closing Questions You Must Be Asking

by Mike Brooks 
I get a lot of article requests each week, and the majority of them are for different questioning techniques to use during the qualification stage. I'm glad to see these requests because it means people understand the importance spending time with qualified buyers.
Last week, however, I got a request for questions that could be used during the close or presentation stage. So today's feature article will cover five of my favorites.  These questions vary from taking a prospect's pulse to see if they are with you, to finding out if a benefit you just listed would work for them, all the way to a trial close.
All of these questions are crucial to ask during the close, and after you read them I encourage you to put these into your closing scripts and outlines.  They will give you the feedback you'll need  to close the sale. To get the most benefit from them, begin using them today:
#1 After giving any part of your presentation, ask, "Are you with me so far?"  You can vary this with, "How does that sound?"  or, "Do you see what I mean?" and, "Does that make sense?"
Always listen carefully to not only what they say, but to how they say it.  And always allow a few seconds after they respond to give them time to add something else.
 Anytime you give a benefit, ask, "How would you use that?" or, "Could you use that?"  or, "Would that work for you?" or, "Would that be of benefit in your situation?"
Again, LISTEN to what and how they respond...
#3 Another good question to ask throughout your presentation is, "Do you have any questions so far?"
This is one of the best questions to ask, and it's also one of the least used.  You'd be amazed by the kinds of questions you'll get, and each one reveals what your prospect is thinking.  You must use this question often!
#4 Trial closes are always good - "Does this seem to be the kind of solution you are looking for?" or, "How is this sounding so far?" or, with a smile in your voice, "Am I getting close to having a new client yet?"

Even though that sounds cheesy, you'd be amazed by how it will often break the ice and get your prospect to lower his/her guard!
#5 When you're done with your presentation, always ask, "What haven't I covered yet that is important to you?"
Boy is this a great way to end your presentation!  If they tell you they don't have any questions, then you get to ask for the order!  If they do have questions, you answer them and then ask for the order!
The bottom line is that asking questions -- and then shutting up and listening -- is still one of the most important things you can do either during the qualification stage or during the close.  Use the question above during your next presentation and watch your closes get stronger and your income get bigger!
Real Secrets CoverMike Brooks, is the author of the hit bestseller, The Real Secrets of the Top 20%: How to Double Your Income Over the Phone. With over 20 years of inside sales closing experience, Mike has been billed nationwide as Mr. Inside Sales. Once a bottom 80% producer, Mike learned and perfected the skills of Top 20% producers and became the number one sales rep out of 5 Southern California branch offices. Mike combines proven, current tactics and skills with personal experience to provide a motivational and practical presentation. 
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