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NJPCA February 2009 Newsletter
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February is for Celebrating Coaching and Coaches
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Help Wanted
We Have C.J. to Celebrate About!
NJPCA Comes Through for Coach Month!
A.I.M. ™ ICF Credential Mentoring Program

An exclusive opportunity for ACC/PC/MCC portfolio candidates! As of July 1, 2008, all portfolio applicants must submit proof of 10 hours of mentoring with a PCC or MCC credentialed coach. Seven of these hours can be in a group format and 3 must be in an individual mentoring format.

Starting March 2009 join coaches Janine Schindler, MCC and Katherine Poehnert, PCC for the A.I.M.™ Program that meets all ICFcriteria and supports you in achieving this  professional goal, plus much more!  

Conducted via teleconference.  Templates for application forms, session by session guidebook, and session recordings all included!

Evening option:
Tuesdays 7-8:30pm EST
March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 (7-8pm)
Daytime option:
Fridays, 12-1:30pm EST
March 13, 20, 27
April 3, 17 (12-1pm)

Cost: $1,300
(for 13 hours of service)
A-la-carte menu offered  

Registration: Contact Kathy (732) 531-7184 or kpoehnert@msn.com
Upcoming Events

NJPCA In-Person Meetings

Wednesday, February 25
6 - 9 PM
Main Topic: "How It's Done, 101" Based on The Definitive Primer on Coaching Practice Development
At Crowne Plaza in Clark, NJ

NJPCA Virtual Meetings

Tuesday, March 10
Noon - 1 PM
Phone # 605-475-6350
pin # 611749
Topic: "Success Is No Accident"

And Don't Forget Our
Coach Month Call to Action!

Identify someone who has made a positive difference in your development as a coach--coach or client.  Acknowledge that person and share your gratitude.  Send an email with your testimonial to
celebratecoaching@potentialwithin.net on what these people have meant to you and how they continue to inspire or teach you to be better at what you do.  In March, we intend to include some of these in the newsletter. 
Note from the President
Lynn Schaber
Dear Kindred Spirits,

I think it is fair to say that we are at a unique time in history. Thank you for choosing to lead the way for yourself and others into a new and greater vision of ourselves (paraphrased from Neale Donald Walsch's book, Happier Than God). As a coach we know that it is important to continue our own personal work of self development and growth. When we do, we bring a richness of experience to our clients that supports them on their own journey.

This is not an esoteric concept. As coaches, we are having a real and significant impact on our clients and their lives. Think about a shift that you witnessed a client making recently, celebrate a success achieved, or identify a new insight that you or a client had while coaching. All of these cumulative actions create a positive energy that is distilled into the world and will help support the evolution of our world from a physical and spiritual perspective.

Give thanks that we are coaches and thank you for pursuing this profession. Finally, I would like to extend a special thank you to all our new board members and volunteers who are working hard to make 2009 a special year for the NJPCA.


February is for Celebrating Coaching and Coaches
Show Yourself the Love,
By Becoming or Staying a Premier Member

Think about celebrating yourself and your commitment to coaching by choosing Premier membership in NJPCA. When you renew your ICF membership, your NJPCA membership renews automatically when you select NJPCA as your affiliate chapter. All ICF memberships are up for renewal on March 31st.  As an incentive to continue your Premier membership, we are offering a $10.00 discount coupon redeemable when attending any NJPCA event up to four months after renewal. To renew, click here: Become A Premier Member.  

As a Premier Member your practice is listed in the Find a Coach directory on our website. This is a great benefit that provides exposure for you. This Web page describes your coaching services, specialties, credentials, experience, a photograph, and your e-mail and Web site links!  Don't underestimate this. Premier member Sandy Schussel celebrated having a new client last year who found him through his NJPCA premier page. Sandy says it paid for his Premier membership fee many times over. This valuable web presence is available for an annual fee of only $75.  In addition, we waive the $5.00 registration fee for our monthly teleclasses for Premier members. 
Another way to Celebrate Yourself as a Coach--Advertise with NJPCA!
NJPCA is now offering advertising opportunities for members and others in our newsletters and on our Web site, www.njcoaches.orgClick on this link to go right to the information you need to get yourself out there: www.njcoaches.org/Advertising.html.

You could reach more than 500 colleagues and related business professionals if you choose to advertise in the newsletter and potentially more than 100,000 visitors to the Web site. Reduced rates are available for members and with multiple placements. But, we're not limiting ourselves to advertising for coaches; we are planning to attract advertising from people who provide services that we need, as well. If you know someone who has something to offer to the coaching community, send them to our site.

Help Wanted
Treasurer for the NJPCA Board
This person would be responsible for working with the Virtual Bookkeeper to oversee the financial affairs of the organization. Financial knowledge is desirable though not required. If you can balance a checkbook, we can train you on the rest.
For more information contact Lynn Schaber 732-822-3274 or Richard Canter 908-306-0775
We Have C.J. to Celebrate About!
Well, it's official.  C.J. Kern has stepped forward as President-Elect. Way to celebrate your commitment to coaching and the NJPCA, C.J.!

Here's a bit about C.J. so we can all get to know him and celebrate him, for who he is and the work he will be doing to help NJPCA live its best life.  C.J. described how he came to coaching in 1997 when he started working in management at IBM.  Lou Gerstner who was the CEO at the time made the statement that if you want to be a successful leader in IBM you need to be a coach.  C.J.  embraced that idea and incorporated coaching into his management style.  After a while he found coaching to be the most satisfying part of his job and also realized he was good at it.  So, C.J. followed his heart and left IBM to become a full-time coach.  He's had his own coaching practice since 2006. What C.J. loves the most about coaching is being part of the process that empowers people to pursue what they want in life.
C.J. decided to step forward to become our President-Elect because he saw there was a need and felt this was something he could do, as he likes being part of the process of moving things he believes in forward.  C. J. says, "If I could help the NJPCA reach its goals then not only would I be helping the organization but also helping to grow the profession of coaching, which in the end will help all of us."
C.J.'s vision for the NJPCA is the same as the NJPCA's vision, which is to be a leading-edge professional coaching community; living excellence, innovation, integrity, leadership and joy to maximize the impact of coaching.  To move this forward, C.J. brings his experiences in leadership positions in both the corporate environment as well as in volunteer organizations.  He believes that the two most important leadership skills he's developed over the years is the ability to listen to what people need first before acting and second is to champion their ideas once he understands what they need.  C.J. also mentioned that he believes one of the biggest strengths of coaches is helping others become the best they can be.   He added, "As an organization, our biggest strength is each other.  Together we can grow our skills as coaches and the profession of coaching far better than we can alone."

C.J. hopes to motivate our members to be more involved by modeling and taking an active role himself--another reason why he stepped up to the President-Elect role; Saying that, "If I wasn't willing to step up and fill a need when I knew I was capable of doing so, why should I expect anyone else to do it?"  Additionally, C.J. believes we need to be clearer in our communications in order to create a better awareness of what is happening inside the NJPCA and the value we offer to our members and the outside community. C.J. would like to see our members be more active in the process, from attending meetings, reaching out to share ideas with the NJPCA community or raising their hands to volunteer to help out on a committee.  He says. "We can only be as strong as our membership is active." Are we ready to take action? Let's get going....

When asked what he thinks NJPCA can do to maintain coaching as a vitally important part of life during these tough economic times, C.J. replied, "I think coaching is needed more now than ever.  People are struggling and worried and as coaches we come with a unique perspective that can help people understand what is going on within their lives and businesses and take the action needed to move forward and not become paralyzed by fear.  By participating in the NJPCA we will become better coaches and in turn become resources that are sought after." Sounds like C.J. is celebrating us!

NJPCA Comes Through for Coach Month!
As many of you are already aware, ICF (International Coach Federation) designates the first week in February as Coach Week, as a means of highlighting the essence, work and benefits of all types of coaching. This provides an excellent opportunity for all of us coaches to showcase our talents within the field of coaching among our colleagues, to potential clients in the business world and consulting fields, and to the population at large.

Some time ago it was decided by the Board of NJPCA to expand Coach Week to Coach Month, to allow our members greater time to offer interesting new ways to publicize coaching as a profession and to increase networking occasions within our ranks. Given that the state of New Jersey is long and narrow, it can be challenging for some of our members to attend in-person meetings far from their homes, so innovative methods for coaches to connect are being explored in hopes of serving the members' needs more fully. Not surprisingly, NJPCA coaches are stepping up, to design cutting-edge ways to do so. In addition to the usual programs being offered to members (see website for details) here are just a few of the exciting programs being offered by NJPCA members to celebrate Coach Month.

Louise Crooks is a Life and Small Business Coach based in Atlantic Highlands, NJ, who has found a great way to share coaching expertise with many others, without using up a gallon of gas! Louise has been offering a call-in radio program through www.blogtalkradio.com, on which she interviews well respected coaches from all over the country to talk about the issues impinging on the field today - all you have to do is call in to hear these experts! Louise recently interviewed Michelle Schubnel of Coach and Grow Rich, Marcia Wieder, America's Dream Coach, and has scheduled Garry Schleiffer of Choice magazine and C.J.Hayden in the coming weeks. Log onto Louise's website, www.keystoclarity.com, to find out how to hear these informative interviews.

On February 5, 2009, Ron Paxton hosted the IT Coaches SIG (Special Interest Group) on telebridge, with his guest, Maria Elena Duron, on the topic "S.M.A.R.T. Connections". Her one-hour presentation was filled with practical, easily implemented techniques for improving networking; Maria describes herself as an identity coach and personal branding consultant, so she's well-versed in this area (website: www.buzz2bucks.com). Ron encourages us to visit www.itcoaches.org to learn about other additional programs.  

Janet Neal, of the Professional Women's Center in Montclair, is offering numerous occasions throughout the month of February, designed to address the needs of coaches and non-coaches alike, some in-person, some webinars, etc. Check out her website, www.thepwcinc.com, for a complete list of programs.

These listed are only a sampling of the ways that the coaches of NJPCA are celebrating the profession of coaching, this month and beyond. Be sure to visit our website, www.njcoaches.org, for other exciting programs.

Thanks to Janice Brown for contributing this article on coach month. She can be reached at jbrown@waterfallcoaching.com.

Portions of this newsletter written by Beth Tansey Peller, NJPCA Director of Internal Communications. You can contact Beth at beth@bewellwithbeth.com.