September 2010

What's Your Job?
this month's article

What is your job?

Most of the time, this question is easily answered.

But this is not what I mean. I don't want to know if you are a  teacher, a doctor, a writer or even an artist.

What I really mean is ... what is your job, the one you are so good at, the one that comes so easily to you, the one that is so much "you" that you may take it completely for granted, the one that makes your and other people's days better?  

I sat face to face with that question, a few weeks ago and it took peeling many layers for me to get to THE answer.

The peeling of the layers was interesting as it got me to hear many voices that I did not know existed, voices that I thought I had shed long ago.

Voices like yes but this does not make any money. Or even this sounds too simple.

In order to get to THE answer, I had to allow myself to spend a little time in the "in between" layers.

So, I hung out with I am a good listener, followed closely by I come up with great ideas and a few other respectable qualities.

And every time, something felt just a bit off, just a bit contrived as though I was trying to sound grown up or something...

Finally, it came to me. When all the layers were gone, I got to sit face to face with it. With my answer.

And the truth is, it wasn't very grown up.

And no, it does not make money. Not directly anyway.

And yes, I am really good at it, it comes easily to me AND it makes my and other people's days better when - and that is a big WHEN - I give it respect.

My job is to experience joy and to splatter it all over other people.

"Splatter" is feeling important, here, as opposed to my first try at "share it with other people," which while sounding like great advertising copy ... well, didn't work near as well for me.

So, yep, that's my job. And when I remember this, when I give it the respect it deserves, I feel so darn good. I feel fully alive and fully in the right place.

In the last few weeks (which have not been the easiest), having that piece of information has made a big difference for me. It has made a difference in the way I get up and the way I go to sleep. It has made a difference in the way I greet my dog, the way I prepare a meal, take a phone call or listen to my kids. The way I run a bath, even.

My job is to experience joy and to splatter it all over other people.

What is YOUR job?  

The one that lives under all the layers?

I would love to know, because chances are, if I do my job right and you do yours right, we are all going to be a really, really happy bunch.

And mostly, I would love for YOU to know because once you do, you will know how magnificent you are, you will know how much we all need for you to do your job, even if it does not make money (not directly, anyway), if it seems too simple or even is not very grown up.

C'est normal

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