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September 2012
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"Purpose of life"

by Elizabeth Valenzuela-Meyer

Written Sept. 25, 2009


It is all that we are,

it's in all we experienced,  

it's in all what

bring us sorrow or joy, it's in living your life

to the fullest

moment by moment.

It is being in the process of impermanence

in the daily human life without expectations.

It is being

with acceptance with us and others deep within.  

It is being in love celebrating us and understanding

who we are.

It's being in peace  

when obstacles are presented in front of us,

it's being in trust

with ourselves,

it's being aware

in the moment of our thoughts, emotions, and how we are going to direct them either in LOVE or in FEAR.

It's the knowing

that we are.

It's exactly where we are supposed to be

at the moment without the ego driving us,

and preventing us

to live an authentic self/life.

It's being conscious

and aware in what

our hearts feel and allowing It with its energy and flame to be the navigator in our purpose of life.

It's having the

courage and strength

to strive toward our firing spirit,  

feeling the freedom

of the life we have chosen.  

It's to be ready to transform by reinventing our lives

in love.

It's taking care of

our health and body since the love and flame of the heart within is part of "I AM".  


The purpose of life is the awareness and the knowing that in the challenge of living life moment by moment we find happiness and peace within ourselves.  




Varied Bunting
Varied Bunting

Purple is the true ray, the sovereign, the spiritual master. It is also the protector and the spirit of compassion. The purple signifies Aristocracy of the spirit. It puts effort to achieve perfection. The purple is the visionary, works with the most elevated levels of the thinking, seeing and listening without applying the physical senses. It utilizes the psychic perception every moment at all times. Violet is the great protector. By placing flowers purple in color near you, when working with tired eyesight it will alleviate them. Humility is the key aspect of purple, it can sacrifice for the good of everybody without feeling a victim or a martyr.


The negative aspect of purple; could be belligerent and a traitor.


Key positive words for purple are magistral, altruist, noble, humane, artistic, without limits, mystical. The key negative words: cruel, spiritual arrogant, vain, depraved, snob, dictatorial.


Purple corresponds top the following organs: Superior part of the head, the crown, the brain, the body hair as well as the pineal gland. Foods of similar color that will help to confront life conflicts are: red onion, radish, figs, eggplant.

By Mary Brain, M.D


Chapter 1: Aging well is your choice


As a man thinketh, so is be,

and as a man chosseth, so is be.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson.


None of us can choose how long we will live. Even the healthiest lifestyle can't guarantee a long life. We can, however, choose how well we will live. That's a bold and powerful concept because it requires us to accept responsibility for the quality of our lives. This does not imply that sufficient doses of positive thinking will prevent bad things from happening. Bad things happen to good people all the time. Illness, loss, tragedy, and stress are part of the human condition. What we can control and help our patients to control is our attitude or response to life's upsets and disappointments


American culture does not treat the aging process kindly. In fact, growing old is viewed by many as life's biggest disappointment. Negative myths and stereotypes about older individuals abound. Words used to describe old people of ten include "slow", "sad", "bitter", "mean", "stodgy", "sour", "boring", "dull", and "depressing". Small wonder so many people are terrified of growing old.




Many people see growing older as a time of chronic illness and disability. But this belief is one of the biggest myths about old age. Even in advanced old age, an overwhelming majority of seniors have little functional disabilities, and only about 5% live in nursing homes.


To be continued...

DID YOU KNOW? - Watering Plants

You can feed your plants, indoor and outdoor container plants, after boiling eggs or steaming vegetables, by using that water (cool), then use this nutrient-rich cocktail to water your plants.  




Excess dietary sugars, including refined carbohydrates as well as simple sugars (sweeteners), are associated with diabetes, hypoglycemia, mood and behavior changes, obesity and its related problems. The following foods are detrimental to one's health and have been specially associated with elevated blood sugar, blood lipids and diabetes.


These foods must be completely avoided.

  • Sugar: all forms - raw, turbinado, honey, maple syrup, fructose, dextrose, latodextrin, corn sweeteners, corn syrup, high fructose syrup, etc.
    Read label: the ending "ose" designated a type of sugar.
  • All artificial sweeteners: NutraSweet (Equal, Aspartame) Sweet'n low, etc.
  • Refined carbohydrates: pizza, bagels, rolls, cakes, cookies, candy, etc.
  • All dry fruits, all canned fruit, all fruit juices - sweet fruits: honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, kiwi, mango, pineapple - corn and beets (high sugar content)
  • Dairy foods: butter, margarine, cream, ice cream, cheese, all milk products (high fat)
  • Alcohol: beer, wine, liquor (high sugar content)
  • Fried foods - saturated fats: butter, margarine, palm oil, coconut oil, all hydrogenated oils, all oils and fats from animal sources.
  • Shellfish: lobster, shrimp, crab, clams, oysters.
  • Salt: celery, tamari, soy sauce, marinated foods, salad dressing, pickle foods, MSG, etc.

The following foods are recommended to enhance detoxification, reduce one's exposure to chemicals and additives in foods and balance blood sugar:

  • Organic, local grown, fresh vegetables: steamed, stir-fried, raw. No raw spinach, zucchini, broccoli (eat these steamed) Bo corn, beets, celery, cauliflower or brussels sprouts; limit sweet potato & yams to once every two weeks (red-skinned potatoes okay)
  • Organic, local grown, seasonal, fresh fruits: limit to1/2 pieces of fresh fruit per day.
  • Organic poultry (not skin) and fresh fish.
  • Organic beef: limit to two 4 oz. servings per week (no pork, veal, lamb)
  • Whole grains: brown rice, wheat, bulgur (toubuli), rye, oats, barley, etc.
  • Whole grain bread, pasta (artichoke): limit grain consumption to one serving of while grains (any form) or two slices of whole grain bread per day.
  • Beans, peas, and lentils: limit to one serving per week.
  • Nuts and seeds: almonds, cashews, pumpkin, sunflower (no peanuts or walnuts)
  • Beverages: distilled or spring water, lemon and water, vegetable juice, law salt seltzer, coffee and coffee substitutes (Roma, Pero, Kafix, etc.); limit to one cup per day.
  • Salad dressings: vegetable oil and vinegar, lemon, garlic with veg. oil
  • Oils: olive, sunflower, safflower, these are high in unsaturated fats-
  • Supplement is specially effective unbalancing blood sugar: *Goldenseal: 2 capsules, hour after each meal.

eggplant Cooling thermal nature; sweet flavor, reduces swelling; clear stagnate blood by dissolving congealed blood and accumulations such as tumors resulting from stagnate blood; specially treats congealed blood affecting the uterus; also has hemostatic action (reduces bleeding).


Used for bleeding hemorrhoids, blood in the urine, and bleeding in general; a rich source of bioflavonoids, which renew arteries and prevent stroke and other hemorrhages. Treats dysentery, diarrhea accompanied by heat signssuch as yellow tongue coating, canker sores (apply charred eggplant powder-roast or use eggplant tooth powder). Influences the liver and uterus and is particularly helpful for resolving repressed emotions and their harmful effects on these organs.


Caution: Eggplant should be eaten sparingly by pregnant woman. In Japan, women are advised not to eat eggplant during pregnancy because it can cause miscarriage.

DID YOU KNOW? - Property Value

Plant a tree to enhance property value. Greenery in front of your house not only beautifies it for your enjoyment, it increases your property's value. And while flowers may increase curb appeal and attract a buyer when you're ready to sell, hardier shrubs and trees are more likely to raise the selling price.    



On our animal friends, the fur is usually a good guidance. When you stroke the fur in one direction, along the grain so to speak, the hair lies down and the animal is comfortable. If you run your hand the other way to make the hair stand up, against the grain, there is more resistance and many animals don't like how it FEELS. 

Benefits of Massage include:

  • Increases blood and lymph circulation
  • Brings strength to weakened muscle
  • Disperses pain in tense muscles
  • Builds trust and bonding
  • Aids behavioral problems
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Rrestores proper mobility and flexibility
  • Creates balance.

Massaging them every day will provide healthier living and emotional stability. Muscles run in layers, or what anatomists call fascial planes. They also run in certain directions. Think of a carpet with high pile. Run your hand in one direction and you will see the pile lie down. Go in the opposite direction and the pile stands up. Well, the muscles are similar, only on a somewhat more subtle level.


Another technique useful stroke is like a rubbing motion, called "friction". Use the tips of your fingers and apply pressure in a forward and backward motion, usually beginning slowly, about 1 per second, and gradually increasing to 2 per second. I usually recommend that this be done between the shoulder blades and over the rump area or along midline of the chest between the front legs extending down toward the abdomen.

Pi and Siggie
Pi and Siggie

This sternal massage along with the rub between the shoulders blades is useful for treating breathing problems and quell coughing especially for cats who have asthma or allergic bronchitis.


Another technique I find helpful, especially with tight and stiff back muscles, is the "rock" n roll". Stand behind your animal and place the flat of your hands on the upper side of the rib cage, if the animal is tense in the shoulders, or around the sides of the belly, if the animal is tense in the low back area. Ideally, your animal should be in a relaxed position, lying on her sternum and belly. Gently rock the animal from side to side. Then very gently roll her/his body in an upward direction, first from left to right. Then rock again from side to side. This alternating, very gentle rocking and rotating is helpful in relieving muscle tension. You can also gently extend the animal's spine by standing behind her/him and grasping the area in front of the thighs under belly, while she or he is standing. Gently lift the hind legs off the floor while pulling up from the abdomen.


The last massage technique I mentioned is from the T-Touch program.  Cheryl Schwartz,DVM,


For those who are familiar with AMMA Therapy, the technique with the fingers is great among their legs, chest , back, behind legs, by stimulating the Meridians base in Ancient Chinese Medicine to strengthen muscle moving circulation and oxygenation, fluids, creating the well being as well as less emotional stress in them and preventing common ailments.


Check my January newsletter where I am treating "Tully Weekes."


The question for all of us is how much time are you willing to give and share authentically the love that we said we have for them, when is about their well being; same as we do for us, to feel good inside and out. How much are we willing to commit to that responsibility or choice to make our most beautiful sentient beings that give us such unconditional love, loyalty and we forget that they do communicate without verbalizing all their needs? Why do we have them in our lives? What is the purpose of having them? How about if you commit a little bit at a time to put the intention coming from a place of love and massage them every day if you can until it becomes part of every day life. By doing it we are creating harmony and happiness in his or her Karma experience (life) and less stress for them as well.

Copyright 2012 Elizabeth Valenzuela-Meyer.  All Rights Reserved.