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August 2012
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The Meaning of Sunflowers


Sunflower means: 

Promises power, warmth,

nourishment -  

the attributes of

the sun itself.


In the Inca culture

of the Andes,

the sunflower

was revered.

The flower's image was hammered

into gold and

placed in the temple.

Inspirational Insight


As long as 

we are willing  

to be open,

there will

always be

the possibility

for transformation

to live a life

to its fullest. 





Golden Conure
Colden Conure
The Golden color is pure, it signifies "I am". It does not look, it has already found. It is the soul experienced from all that had happened in the past. It is the forgiveness and understanding from the most deepest past experiences. It increases the power of love based in trust.


The negative gold announces being lonely, vanity its privileged believing because existing, it's more important than others.


Gold is related to ancient wisdom, it is beneficial for psychological and depression feelings. Gold is beneficial for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Rheumatism, Hyper-Thyroid, it also activates the treatment for scars and its tissues healing process.

By Mary Brain, M.D


Preface: It's inevitable. Everyone will age; in fact we all get a little older each day. Unfortunately, aging is a process that's neither appreciated nor revered in today's youth-oriented society. Though aging does mean a few wrinkles and stiffer joints, it also brings benefits, including wisdom, insight and time to pursue one's favorite passions. As we get older, we often spend our time pursuing " aging cures"- eyelifts, wrinkle-reductions surgery and hair dyes-all in an effort to prevent or reverse the aging process. But staying as young as possible in spirit, appearance and physical health often means simply living well. That may mean slowing down the frenetic pace of our lives, looking for ways to make lemonade out of life's lemons, or taking unhealthy habits like exercise that improve the quality of our lives. When you look at aging as an opportunity to expand your horizons, it all begins to sound a lot more pleasant. It's a time unmarred by the worries of youth-time for enjoying retirement, travel, family, and personal relationships. And contrary to stereotype, it's both a time to savor life and engage in interesting new activities. Everyone ages, but some people seem to age more happily and healthily than others. The "secrets" that follow are collection of the wit and wisdom of people who have age successfully. Some of the "secrets" are profound and others are simply based on good old common sense. Many of these healthy habits have been recognized for centuries while others are the result of resent scientific research. Most of them require daily practice. Fortunately, the payoff in health, well-being, and just plain fun make their daily practice worth it. Ideally, this book should be used as checklist of good habits to recommend to your patients. It really doesn't matter if you are 19 or 90, the "secrets" in this book will help your patients look and feel better now and in the years to come.


Next month chapter 1, to be continued.


The importance of food combining; too much elaborate food encourages nearly everyone - even people who normally live moderately - to overindulge. The consequence is digestive fermentation, contaminated blood, and a confused mind. Common digestion, intestinal gas, and abdominal pain and swelling. If such eating practices continue over time, degenerative conditions can ensue


Three food combining plans are offered here and resumed.


Plan A: is only for those with normal digestion and without serious health conditions:


Food combining for better Digestion:

  • Fundamental Rule Simpler meals digest better.
  • Rule 1:  Place highest-protein foods at the beginning of the meal. The highest-protein foods have priority because they require copious stomach acids, whereas the starches and other foods, by comparison, use very little.
  • Rule 2 The salty foods should be eaten before foods of other flavors. A small amount of soup can be eaten first if it contains salty, high-protein and enzyme-rich products like miso or soy sauce, which activate and encourage digestion. Otherwise, soup dilutes the initial digestive juices needed for protein breakdown and should be saved for the end of meal.
  • Rule 3:   Proteins, fats and starches combine best with greens and non-starchy vegetables. Green vegetables are the food best eaten at the same time as proteins or starches.
  • Rule 4:   Fruit and sweetened foods should be eaten alone, or in small amounts at the end of meal, because of their relatively simple carbohydrate structure. 
Oranges provide cooling thermal nature, sweet-and-sour flavor, general tonic for weak digestion and poor appetite; regenerate body fluids; help cool and moisten those who are dry and overheated from disease processes, physical activity, or hot weather.


Oranges have been valuable for inflammatory, highly acidic diseases such as arthritis; they also help lower high fever; their vitamin C/bioflavonoid content benefits those with weak gums and teeth. The peel has qi-stimulating and mucus-resolving properties similar to grapefruit peel. The inner white lining, placed directly on the eyelids, helps to dissolve eye cysts.


Tangerines make a good substitute for commercial oranges since they have many of the same properties but are sprayed less with chemicals.


Other super sources of vitamin E and great antioxidants that stay in the liver for proper distribution include:

  • Sun Flower seeds
  • Turnip greens
  • Red peppers
  • Mangoes
  • Almonds
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Avocados
THE EYES - Cats & Dogs
Solo Bello suffered from eye condition
Solo Bello with eye condition

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the eyes and vision are associated with the wood element of the liver and gall bladder. Three of the yang meridians (functioning) used in Acupuncture and AMMA therapy begin around the eye. These are the gall bladder, urinary bladder and stomach meridians.


Though it may sound strange, sometimes the functions of digestion and fluid elimination can affect the eyes, imbalances of the eye. Since the eye is so closely associated with the liver, it stands to reason that they both share the same sensitivities. Problems will develop if there is not enough moisture to nourish the eye, or if there is too much internal heat rising up from the liver. Both condition can cause dry, red, itchy, and inflamed eyes. In addition, the eyes are very sensitive to the wind and will respond by tearing or drying up. The western treatment for most eye problems is antibiotics or cortisone. However, in TCM, it is important to distinguish whether your animal is exhibiting eye problems from deficiency of fluids or an excess of heat, as the treatment for each is different.


Molly on the beach

Also, the emotion associated with the wood element is anger. Think of the phrase, "She's so angry, she is seeing red." Continual stress and anger can, in fact, cause eye redness and inflammation in dogs who are continually barking for attention or guarding their territory. Cats who would rather be the only cat in the household but who have to compete with other feline housemates, may become susceptible to eye problems.


Herbal remedy by "Herb-Farm" Euphrasia (Eyebright): this western herb provides nutrition to the eye itself and can be used internally.


Chinese Herb " Ming Mu Di Huang Wan":

  • Cat/Dogs small - 1 to 2 pills, twice daily
  • Medium Dogs - 4 pills, twice daily
  • Large Dogs - 6 pills, twice daily
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