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July 2012
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There is big difference between knowing

the path and

walking the path.


We have the tendency to say I know,

I know (Ego base)

and stay there,

versus knowing

that is in the experience of walking it (living it).  

That is when we become aware and conscious of our

life purpose.

Learning then the lessons that life, moment-by-moment, presents to us

and by not settling

with I know.


Walking it, big difference!


By Elizabeth Valenzuela-Meyer 


Brown Thrasher, State bird of Georgia
Brown Trasher, State Bird of Georgia

People who wear Brown are often conventional and orderly. The negative meaning of brown can be a repressed personality or lazy person.


Brown is the color of the earth.

Put some brown in your life when you want:  


1.  A solid wholesome feeling


2.  To blend with the background


3.  A connection with natural earth and the stability this brings.


Brown Gemstone properties act as a grounding force and promote stability and clear thinking.

Aging well is your choice no matter how old we are. What is successful aging? It's not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts! "Successful aging has many facets but perhaps none is as vital as having a purpose of life".

To be continued next month with the preface of the book by Mary O'brien, M.D.


The primary common type is someone who has problems with their hands and feet in the cold. This condition is considered part of the arthritis family of diseases. It occurs when the blood vessels in your hands and feet get smaller due to a circulatory disorder. During an attack, blood vessels narrow causing the blood flow to the fingers and sometimes ears, nose and lips to be severely reduced. Cold temperature or emotional stress, such as excitement or nervousness, are the usual causes of attacks. Although blood vessels naturally become narrower under these circumstances, Raynaud's is an abnormally exaggerated response.

Secondary type people have some other underlying medical condition that is thought to also cause Raynaud's, such as scleroderma, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren's syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome.


How to treat the primary common type? Stimulate the affected area. Move and wiggle your extremities to improve the blood flow. Place hands or toes in warm water. Keep the air conditioning to mild temperature. Wear warm clothes when it is cold outside.


Holistic and Chinese Medicine for Raynaud's disease treatment to build up the Qi/Energy: Cook warming food or raw warming effect for the organ's Qi/ Life energy of the spleen/pancreas/stomach. The season for these organs is Late Summer, great time or ideal time coming up to enhance, harmonized, strengthen the WE QI- Qi Energy (Immunity) through HEALTHY EATING (in general for EVERYBODY as well).


The dietary treatment for this Qi deficiency involves foods that are either WARMING or at least NEUTRAL in thermal nature. Foods with cooling properties weaken the digestion. Likewise, foods that are cold in temperature extinguish the "DIGESTIVE FIRE", IN FACT, JUST THE PROCESS OF WARMING UP COLD FOOD ABSORBS A FAIR AMOUNT OF THE BODY'S DIGESTIVE ENERGY.


Foods that correct deficiency, including most complex carbohydrates and certain animal products, are also recommended. Such foods are basically sweet or pungent; well cooked rice is one of the best gradually acting spleen-pancreas-stomach tonics; oats, spelt, sweet rice and pounded sweet rice (Mochi)-quinoa, also are excellent. 


Other beneficial foods:

  1. Carbohydrate-rich vegetables: winter squash, carrot, rutabaga, parsnip, turnip, garbanzo bean (can make humus), black beans, peas, sweet potato, yam, pumpkin.
  2. Pungent vegetables and spices: onion, leek, ginger, cinnamon, fennel, garlic, nutmeg.
  3. Small amounts of certain sweeteners and cooked fruits: rice syrup, barley malt, molasses, cherry and dates.
  4. If the deficiency is severe, a small amount of animal product prepared in a soup or congee may be helpful: mackerel, tuna, halibut, anchovy, beef, chicken, turkey or lamb.
  5. Butter is the ONLY recommended dairy product.


FOOD MUST BE CHEWED WELL and taken in easily digestive form. Small frequent meals are necessary at the beginning of the healing process and all foods should be at least moderately well cooked. A weak spleen-pancreas indicates neglect or ignorance of the earth element at the level of food. Properly preparing food with nurturing care imparts healing essence.


Foods that restrict deficient QI or FIRE:

Excessive raw vegetables, fruits (especially citrus), sprouts and cereal grasses, cooling foods such as tomato, spinach, chard, tofu, millet, amaranth, seaweeds, wild blue-green micro-algae, and salt. Too many sweet foods, liquids, and dairy products and vinegar. Large meals and rich foods are to be AVOIDED. Nuts, seeds and oils are eaten in small amounts.

 Did you know that baking soda is a cheap, good, non-toxic and natural product and does a lot more than keep odors out of your refrigerator. This product can clean and refresh your whole house.


Safely clean your countertops, bathtub, and other surfaces made of ceramic tile, chrome, steel, and enamel. Simply spoon some dry baking soda onto a clean damp sponge, then use it like a scouring powder, it will remove dirt and stain without scratching or leaving residue.

CATS AND DOGS: Diabetes, treating the spleen, pancreas and stomach

Cat & dog on a walkDiabetes is known as thirsting and wasting disease. In Western terms, diabetes is a disease of the pancreas where a shortage of insulin forces sugar to remain in the bloodstream and not enter the cells. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, diabetes is a deficiency disease of the QI (life energy) and the fluids of all the compartments of the body. This makes the individual susceptible to syndromes of dryness and heat, involving the liver, lung, kidney and spleen pancreas. Great thirst to put out the internal fire, along with a lack of absorption leads to fluids being copiously excreted, aside from hereditary factors.


Treatment of the spleen and pancreas: The goal is to invigorate, warm and regulate the qi. Although animals don't always tell us why they are not eating, we may assume there is nausea, discomfort, a full feeling or low energy. Invigorating the qi will help these problems.

  • Herbal treatment alfalfa: contains 8 digestive enzymes along with trace minerals. It tonifies the spleen/pancreas and stomach.
  • Dosage for powder:
    • Small cats/dogs: teaspoon, daily
    • Medium dogs: teaspoon daily
    • Large dogs; of teaspoon daily.

Also comes in liquid form by HERB FARM: 20-25 drops in one ounce of water one dropper full daily. Phone HERB FARM at 800-348-4372 or order from a health food store near you.


Chinese herb: Shen qi da bu wan abasitonic to strengthen the spleen, it contains the Qi tonic of astragalus (builds blood) and codonopsis (spleen). It helps in fatigue, appetite or sluggish digestion.

Contact Jeffrey Chen in Chinatown UPS Deliver tell him I sent you. Phone: 212-925-7105


Nutritional Supplements: papaya enzymes, to help digestion. Use to the human dosage.


Ginger powder: 1/8 to 1/3 teaspoon per meal to warm the stomach and invigorate the QI. Nutritional yeast flakes, high in B vitamins. Their rich taste encourages eating. 

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