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May 2012
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Happy Mother's Day Poem by Elizabeth Valenzuela-Meyer


"The Old Tree within"


In my walking of the day, I look up.

The sky is blue, clouds moving out, a fresh breeze caressing my cheeks after a rain.

I observe the beautiful colors of green.


I think of Mom,

tears in my eyes...

Thank you Mom

for all your mistakes they made me who I am now. I said.


I am in gratitude for

the rest of my life,

because of you I am walking into my

higher self,

feeling complete, in peace with all that it is.


Thank you Mom,you are living in me,

the spirit inside me,

as part of me.


When I see an old tree, standing tall and strong, I see myself.

The roots of a tree are the roots of my soul, spirit of love,

spirited me.

I see the strength and wholeness in me.

It mirrors the


the presence

and grandness

as part of me.

It brings back awareness, connectedness,

trust inside of me;

it knows when

we are sitting on the

throne of love.

It knows the courage and spirituality that

lies inside me.  

The vines around its trunk remind me of

the negative ego-mind attaching to it so strong, not letting go.

However, the strength of its roots is the spirited soul,

creating its balance, finding the truth

inside myself.  

The bumps,

veins of the old tree

on its surface

represent the age,

life experiences, wisdom and all the memories good or bad as part of me.

The old tree and

its roots are

the connectedness between Heaven

and Earth  

identifying with me, manifesting gratitude for the magical teachings,

life wonders

as part of me.

I feel the tree;

I see how it

represents life gifts inside of all of us.


When I see

the old tree within, standing tall,

still strong and

graceful in front of me,

I see the truth,

I see myself

I see you Mom,

inside of me.


April 27, 2010

Mom crossed into her spirited light 12-18-09.


European Green Woodpecker

The color Green refers to harmony and stability. It is in the middle of the path of Red and Purple, is the bridge, entrance of the specter, same as the heart in the body. "To cross the bridge of the Green, it is necessary to learn the lesson of LOVE."


The Green is idealist, conscious of society. Doctors and nurses and practitioners of service for others are in the Green Ray! The Green is clarity and understanding, helping others to do things the best they can.


Green is prosperity especially in business. The positive Green is generous and likes to share what it has and loves the outdoors. The Green foods are use to DETOXIFY and to enhance physical vigor. The organs that are connected with green are: the heart, shoulders, chest and the inferior part of the lungs.


avocadoAvocado contains from 127 to 142% of calories, water, protein, fats a 30%, Carbohydrates, fiber, Vitamin; A, C, and E also Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, B Complex, Thiamine, Niacin, and Riboflavin, Iron, Phosphor and minerals. It contains NATURAL sugar in very low proportion, and of water 60% to 80%. The avocado has a nutritive value similar to a portion of red meat. Its pulp has an abundance (Fountain) of incomparable energy. Proteins and minerals.


Useful Applications:

  • Its most important application is one that is given for ailments of coronary affections when consumed with Ahusana.
  • It is also used for coagulation in problems of extreme malnutrition, lots of weight loss without a cause.
  • Excellent for digestion because of the fiber it contains.
  • The chlorophyll it contains helps to restore the red blood cells. Stimulates the production of the red blood cells.
  • It is a phosphorus boost that helps fortify the brain. Useful for people that have jobs of a lot of mental demand.
  • Cures affections of the skin.
  • The pulp is good for the solution of flatulence (gases), rheumatic, kidney problems, sedative (calms the nerves).
  • The decoction of the pit is used to help control menstrual discomforts, dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea.

The fats of the avocado do not elevate the cholesterol in the blood.


Foods to combine with avocado:

  • all sweet fruits (except the Patilla)
  • acidic fruits except Pineapple
  • semi-acid and foods that are salty and sweet.

It is not compatible with lactose (milk products) or eggs. (NOT to be eaten at the same time).

Gout is a disorder of Protein metabolism that leads to abnormally high levels of uric acid in the blood, which produces acute and chronic arthritis. The arthritic attacks are produced by the deposition of uric acid crystals into the joints and over the span of years, the progressive accumulation of these crystals and recurrent inflammation leads to chronic degenerative arthritis. Although any joint can be affected, the great toe (90%), instep, ankle, heel, knee and wrist are most commonly involved. The deposited crystals, called tophi, develop in the soft tissue (ligaments, tendons and bursa) around the joints and can also occur in the kidneys, hands and feet, aorta, heart muscle and heart valves, and possibly in the nervous system or eyes.


The high levels of uric acid in the blood can be due to its overproduction, its reduced urinary excretion, or a combination of both. Most cases of gout are due to excessive uric acid production of unknown cause. Some drugs, dietary levels of purines (a from of protein) and ALCOHOL can be responsible for increase of uric acid levels in the blood.


Foods to be avoided:

  • High purine food: Red meat, organ meats, seafood, lentils, beans, peas. Limit to two (2) servings per week maximum.
  • Alcohol: beer, wine, liquor
  • Nightshade vegetables: eggplant, pepper, tomatoes, white potatoes, paprika, tobacco (smoking cigarettes).
  • Citrus fruits and juices (lemon with water is O.K)
  • Sugar: all forms - raw, turbinado, honey, maple syrup, fructose, dextrose, maltodextrin, corn sweeteners, corn syrup, high fructose syrup, etc. Read Labels: anything ending in *ose * designates a type of sugar.
  • Refined carbohydrates: pizza, bagels, rolls, cakes, cookies, candy, etc.
  • Dairy foods: margarine, cream, ice cream, cheese, milk and milk product-butter can be used sparingly
  • Fried foods (stir-frying is O.K)

Helpful supplements:

  • Vitamin C: increases uric acid excretion, 2-3,000 mg/day
  • Folic acid: reduces uric acid production, 10-75 mg/day
  • Follow March newsletter for the Rheumatism and Arthritis diet.

One of the biggest health problems of the twentieth century is stress. Stress is an emotional imbalance. Stress can manifest as anger, frustration or anxiety. These emotions overwork the liver which, when it has been insulated, tends to heat up or stagnate. Stagnation can create tumors. Heat uses up fluids in the body and affects the blood production and circulation. Because the liver stores the blood, the blood stores may become depleted if the liver is overly taxed. (Same for humans and more).

Bailey, Piper, BIlly
From left: Bailey, Piper, Billy

How can an animal become stressed? Simply by living with humans for one thing. Since an animal provides companionship, relaxation, recreation and love, the h

uman's stress level always affects the animal. Dogs and Cats handle their human's stress in different ways:

  • Cats are like emotional sponges. Those of you living with cats know that, whenever you are upset, your feline friend will try to curl up in your lap to make you feel better by absorbing your distress.
  • Dogs will try to brake up an argument or distract us from our unhappy feelings by asking us to pet them or inviting us to play.
Solo bello getting a treat
Solo bello getting a treat

Other forms of stress may arise in multiple animal households where personalities clash, shared litter boxes become dirty, or access to the outdoors to eliminate is denied. Your work schedule may keep your dog inside for long hours, crossing her legs so as not to have an accident in the house. Lack of adequate exercise can frustrate the athletic or hyperactive animal, and sheer boredom can make the sofa cushions start to look very tempting to the normally well-behaved animal.


"Bach Flower-Rescue Remedy for Pets"- one drop for cats and small dogs and 2 drops for large dogs or read instruction. Found in Health food stores.


By Cheryl Schwartz, DVM


Invite an earthworm to dinner. Want to attract earthworms? Besides adding grass clippings and dried leaves to your garden, hide fruit and vegetable peels under hay or straw. Many gardening experts say worm eggs stay viable for a long time. So even if your plot is barren from neglect, the eggs will hatch if they have food.


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