Holistic Notes for You and Your Pet
April 2012
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"The essential unit

of life radiates in kindness and compassion."





I would like

to honor "Jack",

the white cat in February's newsletter,

our star in

Drinking Water awareness.  


He passed away

at the age of

16 years old,  

he is now in peace

in his elevated spirit.  


My condolences

to the owner

with all my love

to a wonderful four-legged

sentient being

who served his purpose in this life with bravery and

a strong personality until the end

as a member

of the Huschle Family.  




Bronzed cowbird
Bronzed Cowbird

The color Black is the color for people who maintain control by not giving information to others. The black color indicates that something remains dormant or burried inside. The color black is connected with philosophical concepts and ideals. Those who wear black could be saying something is missing in their lives. The negative black believes that all is finished, that there is nothing to hope for; afraid of what is coming. But the center of black is the discipline, and signifies liberty.


The use of wearing black jewelery announces "I have a high potential." The black color of clothing signifies "I am young, I am prepared and in total control of the situation." Utilizing black in a positive way stimulates auto-discipline. To break the effect of black, introduce other colors. A black feather represents respect for the old.


Black beans are good source to tonify your Kidney energy. Foods of color black bring up the magic of consciousness that is inside of a person.


Did you know that the secret for the sweetest, juiciest tomatoes ever is to add powdered milk to their water. Milk is a great source of calcium, which nourishes the plant and can help prevent blossom end rot - the pain of a tomato grower's existence.


Dig out weeds with a screwdriver, far less expensive. The smallest flat blade is perfect for pruning weeds out of cracks in driveways and between paving stones. Or give weeds a sip of soda, flat soda! Try pouring straight Coca-Cola on the weeds in your sidewalks. This sticky soda can knock 'em dead.   


According to both Eastern and Western diagnostic measures, asthma involves disharmony in one or more organ systems:

  1. the digestive center (spleen-pancreas, stomach and intestines),
  2. the kidney-adrenals and liver/gall bladder, and or
  3. the heart and lungs.

Most often, all these systems malfunction with one of them most imbalanced. Upon rising, drink a glass of water with the juice of half a fresh lemon added. Supplement with C (2-3,000 mg), B complex (50-100 mg each), B12/folic acid (1,000 mcg), multiminerals.

DIET Menu Options


  • Hot whole grain cereal (Quaker Oats, Cream of Rye, Oat bran etc.)
  • Whole grain cereal with rice milk or awasake (nutri grain, Shredded Wheat, puff Rice, health food stores brands, etc.)
  • Nutri Grain Waffles*
  • Home made whole grain muffins*
  • Whole grain pancakes*
  • Fresh fruit salad or cantaloupe (not coffee or tea - bad combination)
  • Stir-fried tofu with 1 slice of whole grain toast
  • 2 eggs with whole grain toast
  • salad with sprouts (any kind), dressing: lemon, garlic with oil grated carrot, lettuce, radish, cucumber, endive, escarole, chickory, watercrest, avocado, etc. Rice maybe added to the salad.

* with natural, unsweetened jelly (sorrell Ridge, Woodstock, Polaner or Smucker's brands) or natural maple syrup.



Salad with sprouts and unlimited steamed vegetables.


Choice of protein:

  • steamed beans (any type), no soy - limited to one (1) serving per week
  • fresh fish
  • chicken or turkey
  • beef (limit to twice a week)


Choice of complex carbohydrates:

  • whole grain (brown rice, kasha, millet, barley, oat, rye)
  • whole grain toast, whole wheat pita or whole grain English muffin
  • pasta (whole wheat, De Bole's artichoke, spinach, quinoa etc.) with vegetables (no cheese)
  • white potato, sweet potato or yam boiled or baked
  • home made soup with any ingredients listed above



Salad with sprouts and unlimited steamed vegetables.

Same as lunch, be creative!



Two snacks to be consumed daily:

  •  fresh vegetable juice or fruit juice (diluted)
  • 3 oz. nuts or seed (no peanuts or walnuts)
  • 2 rice cakes with 1 Tbsp. natural raw butter (cashew, pecan or almond) or jelly.
  • 1 cup plain air popcorn (no salt or butter)
  • 1 fruit
  • fresh raw vegetable

(From New York College Holistic health school)

CATS: Allergies and Complex Lung Problems

Lung imbalances can come form an underlying digestive or spleen qi problem. Cats who develop chronic allergic bronchitis or asthma are often large, sluggish and overweight. They have allergies to pollen, causing teary eyes and sneezing, and allergies to foods. They have pasty stools, and moist rattling breathing. They may also have occasional bouts with bladder problems with frequent urination.


Acupressure points or massage can be used and helps.  

Clci the cat getting a massage


Dietary Recommendations:

  • Protein: Choose from animal protein sources such as chicken, salmon, tuna, lamb, venison and beef. Too much red meat or turkey will cause excess mucous production for animals.
  • Vegetables: Best vegetables are kale, carrots, cabbage and squash. These should be slightly cooked.
  • Nutritional Supplements: Vitamin C as sodium ascorbate 125 mg. to a 1,000 mg twice daily, with diarrhea being the limiting factor. Vitamin E stays in lower levels - can raise blood pressure. Cats 50 IU, daily. Vitamin B Multiple; from human dose for cats. Cod Liver oil, as source of Vitamin A teaspoon.
  • Herbal Treatment: Er Chen Wan to regulate phlegm (consult with me about it). Western herbal Milkweed, Asclepias; make a strong tea by boiling teaspoon of the powdered root in1 quart water for 20 minutes. DO NOT give to pregnant animals.
DOGS: Red, dry, inflamed ears

Redness and dryness around the ear, inside the canal or on the ear flap can be caused by a lack of fluid, by causing heat or "False heat" in the body. This heat comes from a deficient condition (kidney-liver and spleen-pancreas).

  • Herbs Shou wu pian: This herb nourishes the blood of the kidney and liver it has a slightly cooling nature.
    • Small dogs: 1 tablet, twice daily
    • Medium dogs: 2 tablets, twice daily
    • Large dogs: 3 tablets, twice daily
  • Nutritional Supplements: Vitamin E
    • Small Dogs: 50 IU daily
    • Medium Dogs: 100 or 200 IU daily
    • Large Dogs: 400 IU daily
  • Topical creams: aloe vera gel or olive oil. Chamomile or black tea compresses are soothing and healing.

 Ref. " Four paws five directions by Cheryl Schwartz, DVM.


Jasper getting a massage      

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