Elizabeth's Holistic Notes for You and Your Pet
January 2012
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Migraine Headaches
Cats with Leukemia
Dogs - Skin Conditions
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True Balance Today
May you be conscious
to acknowledge 
to better all of us
and our pets 
by creating the happiness they deserve
as well as us.

Remember they are similar to a toddler, 
they can not defend themselves or express 
in heart their discomforts.

We must create the unity in our hearts 
to assist them
as we do to ourselves 
when we are feeling sick.

Being in consciousness
at all times 
as the true balance
of a way of life 
is hard work to do
in a daily practice.  
We choose to have
pets in our lives, 
therefore we need to
acknowledge them
as part of our own.



Elizabeth Valenzuela-Meyer

Blue Jay by Elizabeth Valenzuela - 2011
I welcome you with a majestic bird "The Blue Jay." Blue, means Healing, it means the Tranquility of your spirit, contemplation, serene critic thoughts. The blue values Integrity, Honor and Sincerity. Blue means Honesty. Blue is very creative; poetry, philosophy, and writing are its professions. It has more meanings but most of all to celebrate the year 2012, a year of rebirth "consciousness within". Blue means Through your head (Mind) and the heart the blue expresses its voice of love.
Migraine Headaches

Avoid the following Foods:

Vasodilators: Red wine,cheeses, liver, cured meats, and chocolate. 


Foods that contain tyramine, octapamine, MSG and sodium nitrate: Figs, yeast products, nuts, ice cream, eggs, syrup, most commercially baked goods, white sugar and most canned, preserved food.


The following foods have a history of never causing migraines:  

Melons, brown rice, raw seed, pure fruit juices, cooked fruits, bran muffins, homemade vegetable soup, mixed vegetable juices, all cooked vegetables, good to eat: sweet potatoes and other tubers, asparagus, carrots, brussels sprouts and tomatoes (if not arthritic).


Magic relief for those who suffer from headaches: place one heaping teaspoon of dry basil into a 8 oz of hot water for 10 minutes, then strain the liquid. When it gets cold add 2 tablespoons of a "Witch Hazel Tincture" for a little time put it together in the refrigerator (you can find this Tincture in the Pharmacy or Supermarket). Apply the solution moistening a thin cloth (cheese cloth or gauze, make sure it is 100% cotton) on the forehead and the temples and you have a relief that you can not believe.

Also Feverfew / Lavender compound by Herb Farm Therapeutic Manual. It is good for all kinds of headaches, taking frequently can diminish the frequency of migraines attacks or diminish their severity. Phone # (800) 348-4372 - www.herb-pharm.com.
Cats with Leukemia
Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Infectious Virus (FIV)

Romeo and CaliBoth can devastate a cat's immune system. The individual animal must be susceptible or vulnerable in order to get sick. Vitamins: Vitaminc, C 500mg. Twice daily "w/Bioflanoids with Quercitin. Helps the absorption of the vitamin C. They are especially useful in respiratory problems including allergic asthma and bronchitis. High doses as as high as possible with diarrhea being the limited factor. Vitamin E 50IU w/5 or 10mcg selenium- Vitamin A 2,000 mg daily. This one is especially good for the respiratory Mucosa, helping with sinusitis and lung problems. Since is a fat-solulable, over-dosage can be a problem if there is an unhealthy liver. Vitamin A along with omega 3 rich oils can be found in cod liver oil which is a good alternative to synthetic vitamin A. KELP POWDER and more.
In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) I would treat the five elements in order to rebalance the body (five major organs energy).
References taken from the Book " Four Paws five directions" by Cheryl Schawartz, DVM a guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs.
Dogs - Skin Conditions
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, most of the skin problems will involve the liver blood and lungs fluids since it is triggered by poor diet or environment.
Use Shampoos made from oatmeal colloids that sooths dry skin and do not take more of the moisture away. Dogs with skin problems should be bath at three- to four-week intervals in the warm season, and at two-month intervals in colder weather. Herbs and supplements taken internally will ultimately help your animal externally. All skin treatments include components for calming the spirit. Once itching sets in, the animal becomes extremely exasperated. Chamomile + Chickweed+ Geranium This western Herb combination is used to relieve the liver wind, smooth the circulation and moisten the yin of the body.
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