Fall, 2011 - Vol 3, Issue 3
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The Vitamin Review
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The Recipe Corner

 A Better Breakfast Shake


cups frozen mixed berries

to 1 cup almond milk (Original Unsweetened Almond Breeze)

1 tbsp ground flax seed/oat bran or 1 tsp of omega 3 fish oil

1 drop of Vitamin D liquid (equalling 1000 IU)

 1 tablespoon almond butter (optional)

1 serving of AOR Advanced Whey protein powder or Sun Warrior vegan protein powder

Put all ingredients in a food processor or blender and pulse until smooth, adding more liquid if necessary.

Quick Links
 Digital Infrared Thermography Clinic


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Doctors Naturae is proud to offer our 3rd Annual Digital Infrared Thermography Imaging Clinic


HealthSCAN provides Digital Infrared Thermographic Imaging, or more commonly known as Thermography, which is a non-invasive test that uses a infrared camera to measure and pinpoint abnormal thermal changes within the body, which can indicate early stage breast cancer and numerous physiological problems. The camera gauges body tissue heat energy that is reflected on a high-speed computer for imaging. Generally, problem areas show high temperatures due to increased blood flow and increased metabolic activity.


The scan is harmless, non-invasive, no radiation, economical, FDA approved technology, and requires only a minimal amount of your time. HealthSCAN has helped many patients get to the cause of their condition so that proper treatment can be rendered.


Date: Saturday November 5, 2011

Time: 9 am - 4 am

 Location: Doctors Naturae

   To Book An Appointment: 905.336.9621 or

Doctors Naturae - October Seminar Series

Doctors Naturae is proud to offer a monthly, complimentary seminar series.  These sessions feature valued Doctors Naturae staff and experts in the field of health and wellness.


October 2nd- 5:30-6:30 pm 

An Introduction to Detoxification with Jackie Warner, RNC and Account Executive at Douglas Labs  


If you experiencing symptoms of fatigue, depression, weight gain or brain fog.....perhaps you need to detox.  With today's toxin burden overload, we often need to gently assist the body's own innate detoxifying mechanisms.  Join Jackie Warner, RNC and Account Executive at Douglas Labs  to  learn what  toxins are, how can we recognize the symptoms of toxicity, purge them from our bodies and feel a renewed sense of health and energy.


October 9th, 2011 - 5:30-6:30 pm   

Intravenous Therapy for the Treatment of Cancer with Agnieszka Matacz, Naturopathic Doctor 


Learn about the benefits of intravenous therapy in the treatment of cancer and chronic disease. Join Agnieszka Matacz as she explores the most up to date alternative, cancer treatment including Vitamin C, Mistletoe and Hydrogen Peroxide.



October 16th, 2011 - 5:30-6:30 pm   

The Hormone - Weight Loss Connection with Andrea Kuzmiski, Naturopathic Doctor


Are you having difficulty losing weight?  Are you experiencing fatigue, having trouble sleeping or difficulty managing stress?  Join, Andrea Kuzmiski as she explores the connection between hormones and weight loss.  Obtain valuable information about natural weight loss, stress coping mechanisms and better sleep techniques. 


Please RSVP, as space is limited

905.336.9621 or




Expand your personal toolbox with this powerful, innovative process!



Experience the power of POINTS OF YOU™


This 2 hour session provides you with a new perspective on an idea or thought or issue you're trying to resolve. It opens up another part of your brain and lets you look at things differently.


People who experience POINTS OF YOU™

  • Improve their ability to successfully lead their lives from a different view point
  • Transform daily activities into powerful encounters
  • Gain clarity regarding desired results & personal awareness  

POINTS OF YOU™ Encounter


Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time: 6pm - 8pm

Location: Wharton Medical Clinic - 2079 Lakeshore Road, Burlington, ON L7R 1E2 

Investment:  $100.00 + HST

 RSVP: Doctors Naturae at 905.336.9621 or


The Vitamin Review - B Vitamins


The 11 members of the vitamin B complex are critical nutrients for mood, memory, energy, and weight loss. In the proper amounts, the B vitamins can help to decrease anxiety, lift depression, ease PMS, and boost your energy. 


Many individuals do not get enough B vitamins daily, and deficiencies in folic acid, B12, and B6 are especially common. Ensuring that your diet contains plenty of B-rich foods -- dark-green vegetables, protein from animal sources, and whole grains is important to obtain these vital nutrients. 


To obtain the most benefit from the B vitamins, they should be taken as a B-complex and with food, as higher levels of B vitamins may cause stomach upset.  Consult with your naturopathic doctor or nutritionist become taking a B vitamin complex.  

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