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March 2010
Welcome to the March 2010 edition of the Harbor House of Louisville E-Newsletter, HARBOR HIGHLIGHTS.  Look for quarterly editions of this newsletter!
Save the Date! 2010 Ken-Ducky Derby
duckThis year's Ken-Ducky Derby will be September 25, 2010, at Waterfront Park, so be sure and save that date!!  We've got an amazing set of sponsors lining up,
 great musical talent forming, as well as top-notch prizes for our winners! 

Just ask last year's Grand Prize winner how much he likes his NEW CAR!!! You can see a list of 2009's winners on our website, and here .  Find us on Facebook, too!

Bulk Mail Service from Harbor House --Did You Know?
bulk mail

Since 1996, Harbor House has automated our bulk mailing service and increased production significantly for mail customers. Our customers get exceptional service, competitive pricing, and quick  turn around time, in addition to supporting our goal to offer Harbor House participants the opportunity to earn a paycheck on-site. Our automated mail service is essential in continuing the training and development for participants of Harbor House. By performing these mailing functions, participants continue to improve their vocational skills, ultimately allowing them to be contributors in our community.

In 2009, Harbor House completed approximately 1,010,500 mail pieces for many local and national customers.  We are continuously looking for businesses who would like to partner with Harbor House to fulfill their mailing requirements. For more information on mail services, please contact Celena Olliges at colliges@hhlou.org or 502-719-0072 x28. Join our Facebook Fan Page!

Participant Spotlight: Michael L.

Our participant spotlight is on a very humble and gentle person named Michael L.  Michael has a special gift that he shares twice a month with guests at Harbor House tours.  He has a beautiful voice that brings silence to the room as he sings a song that he feels strong about and shares it right on key every time.  During our last tour on February 2nd, he truly impressed one of our guests, Mr. Tony Ratterman.  Tony said that he was moved by Michael's song choice, "You have a friend".  This song had great significance to Tony.   


Tony runs Ratterman Funeral Home at 4832 Cane Run Rd in Southwest Louisville.  After returning back to work after the tour he had an idea.  In fact Tony called back that same afternoon and spoke to our CEO, Maria Smith, and asked if there was any way that we could ask Michael if he would like to sing the following Sunday, February 7th at the Invocation of a New Chapel being opened up at his funeral home.  Erin Zuber was able to take Michael to the invocation and let him perform his special song to a group of guests.  Michaels strong and clear voice spoke to the attendees and they were able to share in the experience that Tony had felt a few days before.


Harbor House of Louisville is so proud of our special "American Idol" and so many of our other participants.  We hope you will make time to come in and experience first hand Michael's performance and "Experience Harbor House". See dates on the side of this newsletter.


Supported Employment: A Success Story 

At Harbor House, we strive to give our participants the chance to be an integrated part of the Louisville community. Harbor House does this through a variety of ways, most notably through Supported Employment and the dedication of our Supported Employment staff, particularly Kaye Dalton, to provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to gain employment out in the greater Louisville community. Kaye places individuals at different businesses throughout Louisville, such as Bearno's Pizza, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Mark's Feed Store.

Adam is a notable example of how Harbor House has successfully placed an individual into a business in the community.Adam is a part of the Community Relations Program (CRP), which aims to integrate higher functioning individuals into the workplace. Before Adam came to Harbor House, he attended Carl Perkins School, a school that gives individuals with disabilities skills to aid them in the workplace. He received a certificate in stocking and building maintenance and soon thereafter, he came to Harbor House and met Kaye in Supported Employment.

Adam's first job placement was at Bearno's By The Bridge in Downtown Louisville. After a short period of time, Adam did not feel fulfilled and asked Kaye to help him find another job. At the same time, Kaye learned that there was to be a new Sav-A-Lot store opening near Adam's home. Upon meeting with the manager, Adam was hired on the spot in September of 2005. He was the store's first hired employee and had his picture taken with the Mayor at the Grand Opening.

Adam is still happily employed at Sav-A-Lot. His picture with the Mayor hangs in the front of the store, and Adam makes sure to point it out to any interested customers whenever he is at work. He lives with his father and has one older brother and one younger brother. He is a member of his church and loves to sing in the choir. Adam is one example of how Harbor House strives to tailor the program to each individual's particular needs.


L.T. Davis

LTL.T. came to Harbor House on December 28th, 2009.  He works as a program supervisor and truly loves working with our participants.  He has 3 daughters and 1 son and enjoys feeling like he is giving back to his community and working at Harbor House allows him to feel he is making a difference.  One of his favorite Harbor House moments was with our participant Lynn M.  One day Lynn came in and was very grumpy with L.T., but the following week, she came up to him and grabbed his hair and pulled him down to her and said "I'm sorry."   L.T. has became very close with several participants in the short time he has been at Harbor House and already is excited to bring lots of ideas to his department. 

Chad Parrish

chadChad came to Harbor House on October 12th, 2009.  He works in the mail department along with Heather Cross and really enjoys his job.  Chad is happily married to his wife Jennifer and will celebrate his 5 year wedding anniversary on June 6th, 2010.  Chad says that his primary work duties are to maintain the accuracy of the mail work that is processed and to make sure the mail work in out in a timely manner.  One of his favorite moments at Harbor House was one day our participant Josh F. came up to him and laid his head on his shoulder and just looked up to him.  No words were spoken, but Josh just stood by him and looked up as if to let him know that he made a new friend and Josh approved. 

Felecia Lee

feliciaFelecia came to Harbor House on May 6th, 2009.  Felecia has two children, one daughter and one son.  She is a program supervisor and truly enjoys her job.  Her job responsibilities at Harbor House are overseeing the participants on their daily routines whether she is working in the community room working on various activities or the mail room overseeing the mail work from their jobs performed.   It was hard for Felecia to decide on one favorite story at Harbor House but she did decide that there was one participant she felt a special bond with and it is Misty M.  Felecia enjoys talking with Misty and has grown very close with her.  She loves that she feels that she is making a difference in all the participant's lives and feels that working at Harbor House with our population is her calling.   

Mike Ruth

MARIA SAFECOMike came to Harbor House on July 24th, 2009.  He is a case manager and explained that his primary responsibilities for his job are to coordinate services for the client he has on his case load and to promote individual goals and achievements to ensure their health, safety and well being.  Mike has been married 12 years to his wife Tracy and has one daughter and one son.  Mike felt one of his fondest memories was with Cathy H.  She was the first participant he got to know in depth and worked with at Harbor House.  He enjoys watching Cathy when we have tours at Harbor House and listening to her talk with the guests about herself. 
Thank you so much for your continued support of Harbor House.  Please share this newsletter and encourage folks to sign up for our mailing list!!
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Harbor House says
goodbye and good luck to long-time employee
rosie's last day

Rosie Pike retired from Harbor House on December 31, 2009. Throughout her time with Harbor House, everyone who came into contact with her and her husband Ray has been touched in a special way. They have both been great ambassadors for Harbor House whenever they volunteered, whether it was to be in parades or to sell duck adoptions at various festivals around town.


Rosie and Ray are relishing the opportunity to relax and do whatever they feel like doing during the day. They have mentioned possibly taking a vacation to see a friend who has a condo in Florida, and they also are interested in volunteering more time at other agencies where they are currently involved.


Harbor House intends to recognize Rosie at our Appreciation Dinner on March 23, 2010. Prior to the Appreciation Dinner, Harbor House will hold a small luncheon in Rosie's honor on-site to share stories with these two beloved members of the Harbor House family.


Harbor House wishes Rosie and Ray the best for their retirement days and hope that they will visit often.



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In Remembrance of a
Dear Volunteer

Beverly "Jane" Bruce was a wonderful volunteer for Harbor House of Louisville since September 2006.  Jane was invaluable to our Harbor House family and she truly became a part of our family.  Staff and participants became very close to Jane during the time she was here volunteering.  She volunteered mostly at the front desk and was a delightful person to greet each person as they came in. 


Jane was a self employed day care worker that touched many children's lives for many years.  She had a heart of gold and loved to help others.  She spent time with our participants at Harbor House giving them her undivided attention always.  She said that the participants at Harbor House were "the kids" that she loved spending time with.  She would say that she knew that you were not supposed to call our participants "kids" but that is how she felt about them, her children.


Jane was born October 24, 1928 and joined our heavenly father on November 24, 2009.  She was preceded in death by her husband, Dick Bruce.


I am sure we now have one more guardian angel to look over all of us here at Harbor House.  Her smile will always be remembered by all of us. 

Dee Pinkerton, Volunteer Coordinator


you know

Interacting with people who have disabilities may be an unfamiliar and sometimes intimidating experience for some people. It is important to remember that it's all about perspective.


1. Think of the person first and the disability second.

2. Be service oriented! Consider the person's abilities rather than focusing on the disability.

3. Accept people with disabilities as individuals.

4. Listen to what people say. People with disabilities are no less capable of thinking for themselves than anyone else.

5. A disability is not necessarily an illness. Treat them as healthy individuals.

6. Treat people in a manner appropriate to their age.

7. Speak directly to the person, not to a caregiver or third party.

8. Be yourself and don't force enthusiasm.


In short, it is important to stereotyping and using phrases that demean people with disabilities. Recognize that people with disabilities are just as multidimensional as anyone else.