November 3, 2011
Issue No. 41
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Solar Double Cropping (what's that?), Cheesemaking + more!
 Dear Abundant People,

One more event for this year!  We love to celebrate all the great things happening out there.  And there is a lot to the local rice that was just harvested @ Edible Earthscapes or the folks that are taking their money out of Wall Street and investing right here in food projects with Slow Money NC and one of our biodiesel guys is going to Ghana, West Africa to turn human poop into, that is sexy!
Solar Double Cropping Ribbon Cutting-Friday!
Piedmont Biofuels Solar Time Lapse
Piedmont Biofuels Solar Time Lapse
4pm this Friday, we'll cut the ribbon and flip the switch!
This project is in response to solar installations being banned in some areas where they are taking prime farmland.  We can have our cake and eat it too!  Experimentation will take place to see which crops actually benefit from having some shade and rain protection over them. 

It's the first of it's kind I think in the world, possibly the universe!!!  So, come on down and celebrate with us!
Local food by Slow Money NC members!
Local beer by Top of the Hill!
Local Music by Tim Stambaugh and special guest Liz Moudy!
More info:  click here.

**This photo below is what we thought it would look like a couple of years ago....disclaimer, it's been photoshopped.    
early solar double crop
Groupon campaign raises money for Field Trips!
Groupon Thank you to our supporters and to G-team for helping to raise money to teach students about local food and renewable energy!  We are accepting registrations for classrooms to come visit the Eco-Industrial Park from now until Dec. 20th!  If you are an educator or in a public school, we have funding to help pay for the fuel, driver and the tour! Abundance's Children's Sustainability Education.  We have new areas of interest:  Solar Double Cropping, Aquaponics, and our Herbal Healing Garden!  Email us or give us a call 919-533-5181 and we'll schedule your classroom!

Thank YOU and thank you G-Team!! 
Our goal is to bring sustainability to central North Carolina quickly, innovatively and while enjoying the journey.

wild turkeys and fall leaves,

Tamela Schwerin
The Abundance Foundation
In This Issue
Solar Double Cropping Ribbon Cutting!
Did your school budget get cut? Never fear...
Woohoo!  We rocked it on Workshops this year!
If you have an idea or are thinking of teaching a workshop, now is the time to let us know!  We are putting together the 2012 Supreme DIY Workshop Schedule!

Special thanks to Camille and our Instructors and Volunteers for the outstanding year of DIY Workshops!!    

November 13th 1-4pm, Back really quickly by Popular Demand! Cheesemaking with Laurel Shulman. 
Laurel will begin with a broad introduction to cheese, discussing its chemistry as well as the culture and history that surrounds it.
For more info or to register: click here.


Raleigh City Farm
 We are very excited to fiscally sponsor
Raleigh City Farm.  These folks are on their way to getting their 501c3 and are doing great things in Raleigh.
  Check out their video:
Raleigh City Farm
Raleigh City Farm
To read more or make a donation or get involved: 

We'll be sending out appeal letters soon!  Think about your philanthropic goals for the year and if Abundance is in them, you can donate online or mail in a check!  It's really easy!
We appreciate your support!

Coming Up!!
26th Annual Sustainable Ag Conference here in Durham November 11-13
For all of the exciting workshops, speakers and events, click here

sustainable ag conference