June 2, 2011
Issue No. 34
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Easy Bread Baking, Seed Saving, Summer Camp, Save the date for Pepper Festival! 

Dear Abundant People,

I'm so excited to announce our new Program Manager, Jenny Schnaak.  She'll be another fantastic addition to Abundance and is bringing with her new energy, fresh eyes and new ideas!
We have a busy summer with our first pilot day camp, Children's Sustainability Tours, community gardening, planning the fall workshops and of course getting ready for 2011 Pepper Festival. 

We'd love to hear ideas from you about workshop topics or any thoughts you have regarding local food and renewable energy!

Stay cool!

Summer Camp! June 27th
kim calhoun

In preparation for the Marvelous, Incredible Renewable Energy and Local Food camp....

 Kim Calhoun is bringing back the healing herbal garden just in time for summer camp!  With her work, Camille, myself, Jared and a handful of Guilford students, we've gotten it under control. 

 Luke Barrow of Rustic Garden Structures is putting in an awning and benches and we will be teaching the kids how to heal themselves with plants!


7 spots left for camp!   **For draft schedule & more info, click here. 


June 27-July 1st, Ages 8-16:

5 days of learning and hands on activities with biodiesel, solar, rainwater, worm composting, green building, sustainable agriculture and cooking!  Kids will learn about conservation and will raise the campers awareness of energy and resources.

Kids will plan over the week a local food meal created for themselves and others. Each day will focus on renewable energy and local food and culminate in a local food celebration on the last day.  There will be time for water play, big chess and exploration.  For more information or to register:  click here .  In partnership with Woods Charter, Piedmont Biofuels and Piedmont Biofarm. 



New Face at Abundance!
At Abundance, we do a lot with a little and that also means we do a lot with very little staff.  So, when someone new joins us, it is BIG news.  Camille keeps the workshops running like a swiss train, I do the executive director stuff, Tracy makes sure our taxes are beautiful, Jaime works on Pecha Kucha and now we have Jenny Schnaak who will be organizing, learning about the non-profit business, and managing programs.  She comes to us from Elon University and has amazing writing skills along with great people skills....Please welcome Jenny!!
Our goal is to bring sustainability to central North Carolina quickly, innovatively and while enjoying the journey.

cicadas and daylilies,

Tamela Schwerin
The Abundance Foundation
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Summer Day Camp
A New Face!

June 12th, Seed Saving with Farmer Doug Jones:

Register here. 

Join farmer Doug Jones for a primer on seed saving and learn how to use the gift that keeps on giving!
Hands-On Demonstration of Simple Seed Saving Techniques-salad greens, cilantro, tomatoes, peppers & more!  Basic Botany useful for success in seed production and how to improve and adapt varieties to local conditions.  Variety recommendations from our trials and
go home with a few seeds to plant in your own garden.    


June 18th, EASY Bread Baking with Andrea Williams:   

Register here.  

Ninety-nine out of 100 scientists agree: There's nothing like the smell of fresh bread! Let Andrea help you overcome that irrational fear of baking with a fun-packed, hands-on lesson in making dough, proofing and creating always-beautiful breads.
This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to learn to bake bread, for those who haven't baked for a long time and want a refresher and for those who already bake but want to learn a few new tricks.
French Boule
Whole-Wheat Brown Bread
Country White Bread
Foccacia Flat Bread with Fresh Herbs


Books are Here! 
and there is a chapter on Abundance!!!  + cool photos!!



For many people, the word "industry" brings to mind images of sprawling factories belching toxic emissions in a blighted natural landscape. "Industrial" has become synonymous with pollution, human rights abuse, and corporate greed. In Industrial Evolution, Lyle Estill seeks to reclaim the term, with its original connotations of hard work, diligence and productivity, and to show how community-scale enterprise can create a vibrant, sustainable local economy. Industrial Evolution is a story of survival. It is about how the small group of committed entrepreneurs introduced in Small is Possible managed to keep their dream alive and thriving through the economic recession, emerging with a model of what a sustainable local economy might look like in a post carbon future. Compulsively readable and seasoned with light humor, this grassroots account demonstrates that ecological stewardship and enterprise at an appropriate scale can lay the foundation for abundance. 

To order a copy 

click here. 

Get Ready for the 2011 Pepper Festival, more fun things planned for this year!!


October 2, 2011


**Chefs, we will be contacting you!


**Sponsors, we will be contacting you too!


Music, Restaurants, Vendors and Activities to be announced....


pepper fest 2011