December 21, 2010Issue No. 25
december 2010
Happy Holidays!  Annual Report, Appeals and Giving Stories.
Dear Abundant People,

Happy Holidays whatever you are celebrating and once again, we thank you for an incredible year.  We are excited about all the possibilities coming up for 2011 and we are looking back on 2010 with gratitude.  If you have a moment, we'd love for you to make a donation, however big or small and take a look at the Annual Report.  Wishing everyone health and happiness.
First Appeal Letter!
Board photo
The Abundance Foundation Board sent it's first appeal letter out to some of you folks.  This is what "grown up" non-profits do to help cover operational costs and we are growing up!  So thank you and if we didn't have your address or you don't believe in getting paper mail, you can also give online:  Donate via google checkout before the end of the year!!  We don't typically send paper mail out, but this is a necessary step as we grow!  (and the envelopes are 100% post consumer recycyled paper with cute snowmen stamps!) 

2010 Annual Report
annual report
The Annual Report 2010 is an overview of our year with lots of photos, numbers and thanks to all our supporters.  A Huge thank you to Susan Harris for her beautiful fabric art which has inspired us to use on the cover and also on parts of our new website coming soon.  Huge thanks to Trace Ramsey for his photography.  Take a look and if anyone has questions or ideas, please shoot us an email!!

Our Santa Baby, Linus

Mistletoe and sappy music,

Tamela Schwerin
The Abundance Foundation
Owen and Grandparents in Egypt!
Youngest Abundance Donor and Farthest Away Donor

The Fitzgerald Family teaches giving at an early age.  Mary Owens Fitzgerald started out her children and then her grandchildren with a focus on saving and giving.  Throughout the year, her grandchildren save their money and a percentage goes to a non-profit of their choice and she then matches it.  We are thankful for her education and for Owen who has chosen The Abundance Foundation as his non-profit. 

Laura Estill,
a professor at the Université de Moncton, Edmundston, New brunswick, Canada has chosen to give to The Abundance Foundation in honour of her grandparents Ann & Don Estill, who live in Guelph, Ontario, Canada this year instead of buying more stuff.

We thank the many generations!

Dr. Laura Estill

Coming in 2011:

 We have so many things planned for 2011, you are going to jump up and down!  Our new website is about the most exciting thing you have ever seen...look for that early January.  Susan Strozier with Bantam Designs is a fantastic web designer!
Larry's Beans has donated a SWEET 300 SD Mercedes with all the bells and whistles...we'll be auctioning off!
Fun workshops,
Mardi Gras 2011 (click here for tickets at a discount) and many more things.

See you in the New Year!!

Buy Stuff for the Holidays
Hannah's Goat Milk Soap
Not that we condone consumerism, but if you must buy a gift, we've got some lovely soaps, educational books and some other sustainability items.  Check out our online shop, click here.

Building our local foodshed, modeling renewable energy and inspiring community.