November 2, 2010Issue No. 23
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Non-Violent Communication Workshop, Solar Air Heating, Mercedes, Lots of Sustainability Education and more!
Dear Abundant People,

I love this time of year when walking through the woods is like being in an Ansel Adams photograph.  We are ending our 2010 DIY Sustainability Workshop Series with two fantastic topics:  Communicating in Community and Solar Air Heating.  More information below.  We have lots to be thankful for and one of those things is we get to VOTE!  Don't forget to VOTE!  It's important. 
Communication for Sustainable Community
We are honoured to have the internationally renowned Catherine Cadden (author of Peaceable Revolution through Education) and Jesse Wiens here November 13th to lead the Communication for Sustainable Community.  What the heck does that mean?  Well, if you are familiar with Nonviolent Communications, these two are certified trainers.  If you are not familiar with this, and you interact with human beings, then this workshop is for YOU!  This is appropriate for individuals, people in a relationship, folks that are working on strengthening communication at work or people living in community.  It is ALWAYS about communication if you think about it.  Our biggest day to day headaches often involve miscommunication.  This hands on workshop offers practical tools to transform the old Me vs. You game into How to Make Our Life Together More Wonderful!  Please take advantage of their last workshop of the year in this country! 
For more information or to register, click here.

Pizza Oven in Action with Workshop Participants
ramseypizza party
We want to thank the Pizza and Bread Oven Workshop participants.  They learned from Joe Kenlan how to build a masonry pizza oven and we got everyone back together on Halloween and made the most amazing pizza.  A good time was had by all and across the yard, the Sweet Sorghum Syrup Project was going on...for photos click here.

politics and pumpkins,

Tamela Schwerin
The Abundance Foundation
solar air heat
Learn all about Solar Air Heating with
Rock Star,
Stephen Hren
November 14th

Author and solar expert, Stephen Hren will give you an overview of the theory and mechanics of solar air heating and then go outside and build one using common building materials.  We use the solar air heater as supplemental heat in our is divine!  For more information or to register: click here.

Thank you to Tony Mayer and Samantha 

We are in some pretty crazy economic times, we must admit.  I want to thank Tony Mayer for his beautiful blue mercedes wagon donation.  He didn't know at the time, but he is funding our soon to be new website.  We auctioned off the auto to Samantha who is learning about biodiesel down at CCCC and is also a sustainable ag student.  It couldn't have gone to a better home.

Tony Mayer is a member of our community and loves teaching folks about wild edibles and medicinal plants and we thank Tony for an outside the box donation!!  
People Highlight: 
Gary Phillips


What can we say about Gary?  He's been with us from the beginning and has ushered us through good times and bad (mostly good!).  He's a saint and he's passionate about the environment, about social justice and also about having fun.  That's why he is perfect for our Board of Directors.  Gary comes up with some great ideas and he always has sage advice. 

Gary has put together a wonderful real estate company that thrives in this bizarre economy and he's married to another rock star, Ilana.  We so appreciate them both and they are part of the strength of Abundance!

Children's Sustainability Tours

We've so enjoyed the kids of all ages this year and we will be having a few more kids tours as well as going out to talk to the Girl Scouts and Smith Middle School on the subject of Conservation, Local Food and Renewable Energy.  If you are interested in scheduling a Children's Tour, click here  Special thanks to everyone who has made the Tours a Reality!!

Building our local foodshed, modeling renewable energy and inspiring community.