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Volume 4, Issue 8

August  2012 


What's your see? squeegie


I went to a political rally this past weekend for a candidate that I do not support. My intent was to go and listen without commenting...and to carry a small sign indicating my support of the candidtate's opponent. Fifteen other like-mined people joined me to stand among the 75 or so supporters of the candidate who would be speaking. Now, I didn't think our presence would be welcomed with open arms, but I admit I was stunned at the level of vitriol that came my way. More than one person challenged me to have a "dialogue" - which I declined. It's not that I don't appreciate a lively discussion, especially with people who hold a different perspective than I do, but it was clear to me that the people challenging me to this dialogue were entrenched in their "see". And this kind of entrenchment happens across the board, no matter which party one might support.


Now, the downside to becoming entrenched in our "see" is that we also become entrenched in our "do". Even if we want to change our behavior, it's almost impossible if we first don't change the way we see the world. We simply can't continue to hold on to our habitual "see" if we want to move forward. Just witness the current stalemate in Congress. The latest Pugh poll reflects that 69% of voters give a thumbs down to Congress. Members can't effectively collaborate and reach consensus because they're unwilling to challege their habitual way of seeing the other side.


The same thing can happen in our businesses and in our personal lives if we fail to challenge our "see". Are you ready to say no to your habitual "see"?


Boldly yours,


Jennie Ayers

Senior Partner

August 2012

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-- Get an Idea When You Need One

BrainWhat Driving a Car Has to Do with Moment of Brilliance 
Curated by Kris Campbell


The experts call it "incubation". I call it driving the car. Or I might call it vacuuming, or the time I take every day to walk with my two best dogs. I learned many years ago that it's going to be in these quiet, free-floating, day-dreaming kinds of moments when suddenly I solve problems in my world that have been intractable. There's nothing like the drone of a boring vacuum to help me create links for that new breakthrough idea that had escaped me for days.



My favorite Blog guy, Jeremy Dean, points out that this incubation phase still remains mysterious to researchers. It seems to have something to do with the unconscious 'working away' in the background. I couldn't agree more. Just put me in a car and give me some boring highway and I'll eventually solve for world peace.


Incubation? My dogs have witnessed it a million times. 


Read the rest of Jeremy Dean's blog here.

Curated by Janice Criddle


Sometimes, you just need information. Whether you are a seasoned coach, a leader developing subordinates, or working on your own development needs, I highly recommend this book.


For Your Improvement: A Guide for Development and Coaching, is a wonderful reference book intended to provide immediate guidance for specific needs. The authors, Michael M. Lombardo and Robert W. Eichinger, have organized thousands of tips for people who want to "get started quickly and see results as soon as they begin executing...."


These tips have been categorized to address 67 Leadership Competencies (such as Delegation or Interpersonal Savvy), 10 Performance Dimensions (such as Use of Resources or Customer Impact), 19 Career Stallers and Stoppers (such as Poor Administrator or Arrogant), and 7 International Focus Areas (such as Global Business Knowledge or Cross-Cultural Agility).


I love this book for its straightforward approach, ease of use, depth of research and breadth of subjects. This 2-minute video provides a quick overview of the convenient chapter formatting.



Video Book Club: FYI - For Your Improvement
Video Book Club: FYI - For Your Improvement


In addition, I think the book is worth buying because of its diverse functionality. You can use it for diagnosis, coaching, providing feedback, developing job descriptions, setting performance standards, delivering performance appraisals, preparing for interviews...and the list goes on.


FYI is available at Amazon and from the Center for Creative Leadership's Bookstore. CCL has the best price for a new 5th Edition. Amazon has great prices for used 4th Editions.

FailingHow to Get an Idea When You Need One
Article & Curation by Rebecca Ripley

Last month, I linked you to a simple six-step creative problem solving process. This month, I offer a link to brainstorming tools.


brainstorming We're all familiar with the term "brainstorming," a concept popularized by advertising guru Alex Osborn in the 50's. Brainstorming can provide a powerful antidote to conventional group problem solving; everyone is encouraged to participate and quirky ideas are welcome. And studies show that individuals who brainstorm on their own are also more effective in generating ideas than conventional group problem solving techniques.


There are so many clever ways to excite the imagination and engage people in fun ways. I've experimented with these techniques in workshops - as well as with teams desperate to find innovative solutions to painful problems. We hope our handout inspires you to expand your point of view. Now...go brainstorm! 

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