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Volume 4, Issue 7

July 2012 


What's your see? squeegie

I was reading a short article recently about the Dunning-Kruger effect, which explains why people who are incompetent don't know that they're incompetent. In the workplace, these are the people who are the least aware of their shortcomings. In other words, when it comes to these folks, there's simply not enough "GET". In the see-do-get model, how we SEE the world determines what we DO in the world which determines what we GET. If we're not receiving the results we want, we need to change what we DO. And we can effectively make that change by altering our SEE.


But what if there's a lack of GET? What if there's little or no feedback about what we do? The reason a guided missile succeeds is that its computer receives constant feedback as it makes its way towards the target. This feedback allows the missile to make adjustments so that it hits its target. As human beings, we need that same kind of consistent feedback. But all too often, we don't get it, especially in the workplace. And without this feedback - our GET - we continue habitual patterns of behavior that keep us from improving. In other words, unlike the missile, we miss our target.


So...what can we do? We can proactively ask for more GET - better known as feedback. This can be as simple as going to someone you trust and asking the question, "How am I doing?"

And then be open to receiving the gift of feedback.


Your "SEE" might change.


Boldly yours,


Jennie Ayers

Senior Partner

June 2012

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You're Creative! Yes....You!
Beat Procrastination!
Meditation - A Bench Press for Your Brain

You're Creative!Yes...You!
(925 words: time to read - less than 4 minutes)
Curated by Rebecca Ripley
creative apple
We've often said in workshops that the only difference between creative people and people who are not is that creative people believe they are creative. Nurture that belief with passion and determination and there is no limit to what you can create. Because you give your brain a workout every time you generate new ideas, you get stronger and more creative every day. Learn why experts often preach gloom and doom for new ideas. Check out Michael Michalko's list of twelve for more insights that are sure to inspire bold action.
Reframe Your Delays --beat procrastination!
(10,500 words: time to read - 42 minutes) Curated by Kris Campbell


"Humans, unlike just about all other animals on earth, are able to think about their feelings, their actions, and the results they get from doing and not doing certain things, but they also are able to think about their thinking and even think about thinking about their thinking."     Albert Ellis


Albert Ellis I was first introduced to Albert Ellis and the field of psychology he dominated, Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, in 1984 while doing graduate work. I soon knew I'd found my Grail. Great philosphers throughout history, from Epicetetus to James, have pointed out the connections between our "thinking" and an authentic, productive life. But what made me fall for Ellis was his in-your-face, provocative command that we must not only be conscius and aware of our thinking, but also actively dispute the veracity of our thought process. Ellis was contrarian throughout his career and was often harshly criticized by more traditional academics. Think of Ellis as the Christopher Hitchens of psychology. Ellis was known for his cranky, take-no-prisoners, imperious personality, which I always felt was in alignment with the tough, straightforward, rational-behvaior techniques he taught and affirmed. We lost Ellis in 2007 - he was voted the second most important psychologist in history - just behind Carl Rogers and ahead of Freud.


Of all the tools you can use to change your "SEE" of the world, I believe Ellis' Cognitive Training is the most effective. In this in-depth article, "Beat Procrastination Now", Dr. Bill Knaus lays out exactly how to do this. Knaus wrote with Ellis and was an original Director of Training at Ellis' New York Institute. Put reframing techniques into your own life-learning tool kit, then take 'em out and use them whenever they're the right tool for the situation. You'll find that reframing your thoughts often is.


A Bench Press for Your Brain
(1158 words: time to read - less than 5 minutes)
Curated by Jennie Ayers

colorful meditationAlthough roughly 10,000 post-World War II boomers hit retirment age daily, they're not all retiring. That may be because the typical boomer believes that "old age" doesn't begin until age 72 and most feel nine years younger than their chronological age.


Boomers are now staying in the workplace longer or embarking on second careers. And as we age, we need to find ways to help our brains stay nimble and continue to grow. What role can meditation play in helping our brain continue its peak performance? Check out John Hanc's recent article in the NY Times to find out. 
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"When It Comes to Hiring - Will You Get Dr. Jekyl or Ms. Hyde?"  

Have you ever interviewed the perfect applicant, your dream come true, your ideal new hire - only to discover that this highly anticipated employee is all but unrecognizeable a mere month or two later? We call this the Dr. Jekyl, Ms. Hyde syndrome. What went wrong? The reality is that some people are simply skillful interviewers. Sadly, that doesn't make them capable employees.


Join us for this month's Continuing Conversations on TalkShoe - "When It Comes to Hiring - Will You Get Dr. Jekyl or Ms. Hyde?" - on Tuesday, July 30th, at noon CST. This is a follow-up conversation to a recent Behavioral Interviewing workshop facilitated by BoldWork Principal Beck Ripley. Beck will help us explore how to minimize hiring mistakes and increase the likelihood that the person you select is the right fit for the job and your organization.


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