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Volume 4, Issue 5
May 2012

What's your see? squeegie

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information coming at you every day?  


You can blame Johannes Gutenberg, the guy who invented the printing press. It brought down the price of printed materials so much that they were available to the common man (and woman). Gutenberg's press was the first piece of technology that enabled information to be passed quickly to the world's population. Think of it as the 15th century equivalent of the internet.


Today, we have access to hundreds of years of info, only a simple click away. Literally, we have billions of web pages we can consult...if only we had the time! Ah, necessity is indeed the mother of invention. Enter the practice of read more   

In This Issue
5 Ways Energizing Work Benefits You
Time Management: A Wicked Illusion
Grit - Your Biggest Payoff!
5 Ways Energizing Work Benefits You...and the World
(925 words: time to read - less than 4 minutes)
Curated by Janice Criddle

hand of love - orangeAs curators, we look for articles and books that speak to us in many ways. This article spoke to me. I was raised by wonderful, traditional parents who taught us to be grateful to have a job. My dad toiled away his entire life in a job he hated, out of a sense of duty and obligation. I often wonder how different his life might have been if he had been able to pursue his dreams. He was always coming up with entrepreneurial ideas that captured his imagination (and mine) and seemed to bring him joy. Life, responsibilities, peer pressure, "keeping that stable government job with great benefits" always got in the way.

I learned later in life that it is okay to like, my work. Curt Rosengren's article, "Why Loving Your Work Matters", speaks to the idea that we all deserve to feel passionate about what we do and how the alignment of who we are and what we do makes us better for it. Click here to read Curt's article.
Time Management: A Wicked Illusion
(1680 words: time to read - less than 7 minutes)
Curated by Kris Campbell 
  colorful melting watch
Time. We strap it to our wrists, we park it on our nightstands. If you have a fireplace, there's a good chance you've got a timepiece there as well. Saudi Arabia is currently spending millions to build the world's largest clock - each of four faces being 150 feet across and illuminated with over 2 million LEDs. It can be seen from 19 miles away. For 126 years, global transportation, world economies and even space travel have been standardized by something called GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Oh, and if you check here, you'll be taken to the World Clock - and you will know the exact time just about anywhere on our planet.

So, you'd think with all this effort, we'd have a pretty good handle on this complex, illusive thing we call TIME. We don't. I'm pretty sure we never will. When I think about the concept of "time", I think first of Albert Einstein. He seemed closer to getting the whole "time thing" right. "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." Albert could be very sardonic.

This engaging, research-based article by Jeremy Dean delivers cold-hard truths that have been revealed regarding the tricks and illusions time plays on us. Time is a major player in our daily efforts to Do BoldWork - but what should we pay attention to and what should we accept as wicked illusion? Go to article.  
Grit - It's Your Biggest Payoff
(3834 words:  time to read - 15 minutes)
Curated by Rebecca Ripley 

lance armstrong on bike 
If you believe that diligence pays off, you'll love this article, "The Winning Edge" by Peter Doskoch.

Intelligence matte
rs, but it's the ability to persevere that is critical. And it's passion that appears to be the cornerstone of grit, which constantly renews itself through ambition, self-discipline and optimism. The research here proves that we all have the potential to do BoldWork; we just need to tap into our passion. Granted, this is no small task...but once we find that thing we love to do, we've got the fuel for perseverance.

For others among us, the very act of persistence fosters passion. Either way, we can learn t
o read and work boldly at whatever we choose.
Click here to read "The Winning Edge."
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