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Issue 17: Sit, Stay, Smile. Embrace paw power.
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Got Dog Park Envy?
Beneful Dream Dog Park Celebration
Talk about bow-WOW! Come next spring, the town of Johns Creek, Georgia will own bragging rights to a $500,000 Dream Dog Park, thanks to resident Pat McNeely who submitted the winning entry in a national contest sponsored by BenefulŪ and Wag World. Construction is being supervised by TV personality and design expert Jason Cameron (of DIY Network's Man Caves show fame) and Arden Moore will ensure the place truly caters to the dogs.

The park will sport a paw-shaped splash pad, bone-shaped ramps, tunnels, rubber mulch paths, synthetic grass, canopy tents, drinking fountains and much more. Learn more by visiting www.benefuldreamdogpark.comand catch Arden's short videos on her YouTube Channel. 

The first, fifth and 10th person to email Arden with the code word, "Beneful," will receive a coupon good for up to $30 in BenefulŪ chow for their dogs.
Go Green, Jan!
Greener Pup Bed
Jan Raissian of Williamson County, Tennessee was the 10th person to email Arden with the code word, "green" and wins a Greener Pup Cuddle Bug Bed. The Greener Pup beds are made from 100-percent recycled plastic, feature washable covers and are overstuffed to be extra cozy. 100 percent of profits from each sale of these eco-friendly dog beds benefits Ace of Hearts Non-Profit Foundation, a group dedicated to placing dogs in loving homes. Click HERE to learn more.
Connecticut Goes to Dogs or Cats - You Decide
Meet The Breeds
The small, proud state of Connecticut has an official insect (the European mantis) and a state troubadour (Pierce Campbell), but alas, needs to boost its dog and cat ratings. So, the American Kennel Club and Cat Fanciers Association teamed up to sponsor a fun "meet the breeds" voting contest that ends Sept. 20.

Playing on Connecticut's stereotypes, this group asks you to vote for dog or cat breed in such categories as  Old money: the Pointer or the Persian? Both rank among the first registered breeds. State size (third smallest): Norfolk terrier or Singapura? Both are small, but confident breeds. Check out the other categories by visiting where you can also learn more about the 160 dog breeds and 41 cat breeds being showcased Oct. 16-17 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

Sleep in Style
Wool and Kashmir

Kelly Bailey of San Diego was the eighth person to email Arden with the code word, "Kashmir" and wins a custom -knitted sleeping bag made of machine washable wool by Wool and Kashmir Couture These sleeping bags are made in the USA and are delivered inside organizational storage bags. Congrats, Kelly!

Play It Safe with Trimline
Will in his Trimline
No pet wants to be called a cone head. Say goodbye to those rigid, hard-to-maneuver Elizabethan collars and hello to a pet's best surgical recovery aid: the Trimline Veterinary Recovery Collar. This soft, blue collar is easy to put on and keep on and lets your dog or cat eat, sleep, drink and play without a fuss. Professional pet sitters, veterinarians and professional pet groomers are starting to ask for Trimline by name. Watch this 4-minute Trimline Recovery Collar on YouTube! Click here to learn more.
Let Arden 'Edu-tain' You!
Looking for a professional speaker, MC or workshop leader for your next event - one guaranteed to "edu-tain" your audience? Arden is America's Pet Edu-Tainer™ She informs and delights audiences all over North America. Click HERE to learn more.


Like what you see? Email Arden about creating an email marketing and social media campaign for your business or non-profit group!
Dog Thoughts
Download this iPhone app on iTunes, take a photo of your dog, shake your phone and watch your Dog's Thoughts appear! 

Dog Thoughts App

Sit, Stay, Smile
Group Dog Cat Photo

In honor of Pet Smile Month, yes, you read that correctly, let's acknowledge some ways that our dogs and cats put the grin back on our faces, joy in our hearts and the pep in our step.

Here are some ways to bring out the healthy best in you and your pet pal from Arden's best-selling books, Happy Dog, Happy You and Happy Cat, Happy You:
  • Speak in a happy, upbeat tone and let out a few hearty "hee hee's' and "ha ha's" in front of your pet. Studies confirm that happy talk and laughter release feel-good hormones called endorphins and reduce stress.
  • Call your pet over and read the newspaper or book chapter out loud. Your pet may not understand the words, but feels your energy. Scientists say neurobics - or reading out loud - gives your brain a healthy workout.
  • Greet each morning with a purposeful s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Enroll in a pet yoga class. Stretching reduces muscle tension and stiffness plus improves blood circulation for the both of you.
  • Take a power nap with your pet. Thomas Edison, a famous cat lover, advocated taking 20-minute names to revive, recharge and renew. Our feline friends have purr-fected this art.
Arden will giveaway autographed copies of her "Happy" books to the 10th and 15th person to email her Please indicate if you want a cat or dog version.
Raise the Woof!
Padres Photo

A generation ago, for far too many dogs, their world rarely extended beyond the backyard. Not today. Our canine pals are out and about with us. They take road trips, join us at outdoor cafes and on occasion, join us to "woof" for our favorite baseball team, giving new meaning to the term, 'hot dogs."
Recently, Cleo and Arden paw-ticipated in the annual Dog Days of Summer event sponsored by the San Diego Padres at Petco Park. In attendance: 500 dogs - big and little, some dressed in baseball caps and shirts (and a few dresses) and all grinning and wagging tails as they strutted along the field during the pre-game pet parade. You can catch the action on Arden's Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio (Episode #120) that includes an interview with Hall of Famer and avid dog lover, Steve Garvey.
Here are some tips to make sure your next outing goes without a grrr-owl:
  • Enroll your newly adopted puppy or shelter rescue in a positive reinforcement-based dog training class.
  • Keep your dog on a six-foot leash or shorter for better control. Leave those retractable leashes at home.
  • Make sure your dog is up-to-date on all vaccinations, including Bordetella every six months.
  • Bring water and portable, collapsible dog water bowl.
  • Pay attention so you can stave off a doggy bark exchange before it escalates into a fight.
In the Spotlight: Dawn Celapino
Dawn Celapino

Each month, Arden salutes people and groups doing grr-eat work to benefits pets. This month's pick: Dawn Celapino, founder of Leash Your Fitness, a workout class for you and your dog. With her equally fit Cairn terrier, Jack, Dawn puts the fun in fitness for people and dogs of all ages and sizes.

An ACE-certified personal trainer for 18 years, Dawn began LYF a couple years ago after adopting Jack.
"I hated having to leave Jack at home while I went to a gym to teach or workout," she says. "He's my best workout partner."

Starting with one class and a handful of attendees, Dawn has expanded the number and type of classes all over San Diego County. Class themes include drill, walking, boot camp and doga yoga. She hosts fun get-aways like people-dog kayaking and weekend camping that give new meaning to the term, "pup tent." She also strives to raise money and awareness for non-profit pet groups.

Dawn has been featured in national magazines like Fido Friendly and TV, including Animal Planet. Personally, she has helped me get back in shape and shed more than 20 pounds. Jokingly, I am considering changing my name from Arden Moore to Arden Less. Learn more about Dawn and Jack by visiting Check out the short video and "I Love Dogs" theme song. Get fit - and have fun - the Leash Your Fitness way!
Paws Up to Guide Dogs for the Blind!
Black Dog Guide Dog

September is designated at National Guide Dog Month. Since 1942, Guide Dogs for the Blind has given more than 11,000 blind and visually impaired people a new leash on life by pairing them up with specially trained service dogs. This non-profit group, based in San Rafael, California, spotlights the powerful connection between people and dogs in many ways. Their slogan: "Using our power of partnering to improve quality of life."

 Laugh, love and learn by checking out the Guide Dogs' blog, e-newsletter, videos and more by visiting You'll be in grr-eat company. Actress Betty White, a long time animal advocate, has co-authored a couple books with Tom Sullivan that celebrates guide dogs. Check out Leading Lady: Dinah's Story and Together: A Novel of Shared Vision.


Paw Print
Dogs spend a lot of time sniffing each other's rear ends to download info. We complain when people stink and have "BO" (body odor), but do dogs view "DO" (doggy odor) as a welcomed scent?
Paw Print
I have yet to meet a single cat suffering from a midlife crisis - or lamenting about having a bad hair day.

Paw Print Time to question the validity of the term, "work like a dog." In this age of pampered pets, I'd gladly swap one of my work weeks with the "mutts-do" that Chipper and Cleo accomplish in a week.
Arden is Unleashed on America! For "Mutts" More on Moore:
                                                                                                       Paws Up!
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