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Issue #12: Four Legged Life, scuba cats & water fun!

APRIL 2010
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Gifts That Make Tails Wag!
What percentage of people gives gifts to their pets on holidays or special occasions?
Be the third person to e-mail Arden with the correct answer and win a grrr-eat Spring Basket ($29.95 value) by My Paws.
The Spring Fun Basket includes: two stainless steel bowls, a Frisbee, a bandana, squeaky toy and all natural treats. Use coupon code "FIVEOFF" and enjoy $5 off any basket purchased through April. Learn more by visiting

My Paws Spring Basket
Victors of "Super" Bowls
Wow! A lot of you must dig the EatBetter® Bowls and DrinkBetter® Bowls for your chowhound as we got avalanched by submissions. Grrr-eat news! The makers of these uniquely designed bowls that curb gulping and reduced water spills are happy to give bowls to these 10 lucky entrants: Anita Campbell, Marcy Piasecki, Renee Lewis, Barbie Klapp, Yvette Gonzales, Kelly Kearny, Kristen Burton, Dorell Sackett, Jacqueline Pino and Tammy Folino. Learn more by visiting

Pet Cartoons by Buck Jones
Tina Taucher tuned into Arden's Oh Behave show featuring cartoonist Buck Jones and was the first to e-mail the code word, Blaze, to win a personalized pet cartoon from this award-winning cartoonist. Congrats, Tina! Learn how you can get your paws on a Buck Jones original - click here.
Thundershirt Winners
Have no fear, doggie - Thundershirt is here! This revolutionary, snug-fitting dog shirt helps dogs coping with separation anxiety, fear, thunderstorm phobia and more. Winning Thundershirts for correctly identifying Florida as the Lightning Capital and Fleetwood Mac as the musical group are Jan Brown and Diane Murowany. Learn more about the Thundershirt by clicking here:

Listen to an interview with Thundershirt spokesperson Phil Blizzard and TTouch creator Linda Tellington on

Yummy for the Tummy
Scoring homemade Fresh Fetch Pet Foods meals customized for their dogs are Maura Warnecke and Kippy Greicar. Bone appétit! Learn more by visiting

Help for Hairy Hounds!
Goodbye, dust bunnies! Elissa Wolfson and Patti Roseman won new FURminator® deLuxe deShedding tools that feature FURejector buttons to clean and remove loose hair from the tool with ease. Learn more by visiting
deLuxe deShedding tools
T-r-e-a-t-s Spell Delicious!
Becky Hough and Kelly Kearny won delicious Stella & Chewy's® all-natural Carnivore Kisses™ and Carnivore Crunch™ treats. Learn more by visiting

Play it Safe with Trimline
No pet wants to be called a cone-head. Say good-bye to those rigid, hard-to-maneuver Elizabethan collars and hello to a pet's best surgical-recovery aid: the Trimline Veterinary Recovery Collar. This soft, blue collar is easy to put on and keep on and lets your pet eat, sleep, drink and play without a fuss. Watch this 4-minute Trimline Recovery Collar video on YouTube! Click here to learn more.

Make It a Clean Sweep This Spring
Arm & Hammer
For your spring-cleaning projects, having the right tools makes all the difference in saving time and making your place shine. So, even if you do have a lovable shedder or a tail-wagging drooler, our friends from Arm & Hammer are here to help you clear the air of any unwanted pet odors. Just heed these tips:

  • Throw out any pet toys that show too much love, and donate any items your pet is less fond of to a neighborhood pup or local shelter.
  • Avoid using ammonia based products to clean up pet stains. The smell can trigger your pet to have more accidents.
  • Use 2-in-1 odor-eliminating tools to combat pesky pet odors, like ARM & Hammer's combo pack of Pet Fresh premium vacuum bags with Pet Fresh Fresh-ins.  Fresh-ins are small white pouches packed with the natural power of ARM & HAMMER® baking soda that are emptied into a vacuum bag or dust cup, to safely and naturally neutralize odors inside and outside the vacuum.
Life with our pets can be hairy at times. Here's your chance to win an Electrolux Versatility vacuum (a $299 value) or one of five spring-cleaning Arm & Hammer bucket prizes. Be the first to e-mail Arden with the correct answers to this quiz:
  1. Name three dog breeds notorious for shedding.
  2. Name three drool-prone dog breeds.

Dog Thoughts
Download this iPhone app on iTunes, take a photo of your dog, shake your phone and watch your Dog's Thoughts appear! 

Dog Thoughts App

Sniff out
Four Legged
Four Legged Life

Laugh, love and learn about all things pets at Four Legged Life™, the new, online pet community created by Arden Moore and launched on April 1 - no fooling!

"Each day, dogs and cats teach us many life lessons - if we pay attention," says Arden. "Dogs bring out the grins in us. Cats teach us the importance of power naps. They help us become better people."
Four Legged Life™ showcases engaging pet videos, top pet radio shows, buzz-generating blog, surprising tips about cats and dogs, quality pet products and much more.
So, what are you waiting for? Click here and share something a funny photo, story or video about your pet on the Four Legged Life blog and Arden will reward the best entry with a $50 gift card to Petco. Bo-WOW! 

What? A Scuba-Diving Cat?!
Scuba Cat Photo by Gene Alba
Scuba Cat
Who says cats hate to swim? Meet Hawkeye, a calico who not only paddles in the family pool, but who also - gulg! gulg! - wars a customized scuba suit and enjoys underwater adventures with her best canine pal, Mutley.

Scuba Dog Photo by Gene Alba
Scuba Dog
The pair belongs to scuba diving enthusiast Gene Alba, of Redding, Calif. The scuba pet duo makes quite a splash on YouTube. Check out this video here.
Splish, Splash - And Be Safe
Water Dog

Whether the body of water is an ocean, lake or pool, water therapy is a good aerobic exercise for dogs. In fact, water's natural buoyancy can be far kinder on dogs than long walks on concrete sidewalks or arduous hikes on rocky terrain.

Marty Becker, DVM, known as "America's Family Vet," shares these six safety tips for your water-loving dog:
  • Avoid rivers with strong currents or keep your dog on a long line.
  • Avoid water that is stagnant or that has algae on it.
  • Never let your dogs swim in small ponds constructed to drain water from housing developments or ponds at golf courses. Lots of parasites live in those ponds.
  • After each swim, rinse you dog off in clean water.
  • Give your dog time to play around in shallow areas and bring floatable toys and treats that float.
  • End the water workout before your dog becomes overtired.
Be the fifth and 10th person to e-mail Arden with the code word, water, and win a WaterDog automatic outdoor drinking fountain. Contact to learn more about WaterDog. Harness more pet advice from Dr. Becker at or


paw print Good thing rude comments roll off our dogs and cats like, well, water off a duck. Otherwise, they might take offense to such inappropriate comments as, "He's such a dog!" or "She's being so catty!"

Paw print Extra! Extra! The definition of recycling - canine-style: re-using those plastic sleeves from daily newspaper deliveries as poop pickup bags.

paw print Performing yoga at home can be challenging, especially when you are trying to hold a "downward facing dog" pose and your canine pal takes that opportunity to deliver sloppy kisses to your face - right, Chipper?
All My Children's Julia Barr
Julia Barr

Each newsletter, Arden shines the spotlight on a "top dog" or "cool cat" in the pet world. This month, we salute actress and animal advocate Julia Barr. You know her best as the intriguing - and savvy - Brooke English on ABC-TV's popular "All My Children" daytime drama. But Julia Barr has been steadily benefiting the lives of dogs and cats all over America without a lot of drama. She has served as lead celebrity spokesperson for The Fund for Animals and is now reaching out to the Save the Animal Rescue Team. And she loves her dog, Lucy and cats, Ned and Margaret.
Tune into the Oh Behave! show (Episode #105) on Pet Life Radio and listen at Julia dishes on what life is like on a soap opera and discusses the latest "cat fight" between her character and Erika Kane (aptly played by Susan Lucci). Learn more about Julia by visiting
Arden Speaks! Woof!

Cal Pet Expo
Bring out the true party animal inside you and learn how to sneak in good doggy manners in a fun way. Arden Moore will be a featured speaker at the Southern California Pet Expo in Ontario on April 11. Her topic: dog parties. This event, will feature more than 10 vendors and more than two dozen pet-related shows and exhibitions, including demonstrations by splash dogs, Frisbee-catching dogs and stunt dogs. Don't miss it! Learn more at
Arden is Unleashed on America! For "Mutts" More on Moore:
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