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Issue #11: Arden dishes on pet nutrition, Betty White on SNL, Crazy Cat Poses and more!

 MARCH 2010
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No Gulping Allowed!
To slow down your speedy chowhound or super slurper, the makers of the EatBetter® Bowl and DrinkBetter® Bowl offer unique design solutions. Their water bowl features a float configuration that encourages slower drinking and reduces water spills and choking. Their food bowl's wishbone center slows down eating to enhance digestion and reduce bloat. Be the 5th person to email Arden with the code words: "healthy bowls" and win a set. Learn more by visiting

Did Someone Say Treats?
Yummy, delicious and nutritious - these words describe Stella & Chewy's® all-natural Carnivore Kisses™ and Carnivore Crunch™ treats. Treat your dog right by being the 3rd person to email Arden with the code words: "Stella and Chewy" and win these lip-smacking products. Learn more by visiting

Stella and Chewys
Your Best Teacher: Your Dog
Congrats, Trish Penick of San Diego! You won an autographed copy of Leashes and Lovers, the sensational new book by Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Expert® and founder of Leashes and Lovers, the online social and business community for dog lovers.

Check back to Leashes and Lovers on March 31 for the virtual book launch and have a chance to win a gift package: Best Books by Arden Moore!

Leashes and Lovers: What your dog can teach you about love, life and happiness
 HSUS and Trimline:
Take a Bow
To counter pet overpopulation, the Humane Society of the United States sponsors Spay Day USA and works with shelter and rescue groups to provide low-cost spay and neuters for dogs and cats. Paws up to Vicki Stevens, HSUS Spay Day Coordinator! This year, Trimline Veterinary Recovery Collar partnered with the HSUS and provided free samples and special discounts to event organizers of its soft, blue collar that helps pets recover easily from surgeries. Learn more by visiting
Watch this four-minute Trimline Recovery Collar video on YouTube! Click here to learn more.

Trimline Veterinary Recovery Collar
Give Your Pet the Brush Off
Doing the impossible, the makers of FURminator® just got better. Be the first person to email a photo of your hairy pet to Arden and win a new FURminator® deLuxe deShedding tool. It comes in three sizes and features a FURejector button to clean and remove loose hair from the tool with ease and a sleek, ergonomic handle that is easy to grip. Be sure to indicate the "make, model and year" of your pet so the right sized grooming tool can be delivered to you. Learn more by visiting

FURminator® deLuxe deShedding.

Garfield's Zip Code Revealed
Twila Aksamit, of Noblesville, IN correctly answered that Arden Moore and Garfield the Cat creator, Jim Davis are both from Indiana to win an autographed copy of  Planet Cat, a book co-authored with Sandra and Harry Choron.

Planet Cat
Pet Airways Winner
Congrats to Susan Baker and her miniature poodle, Cubby, of Atlantis, FL for winning a free round-trip ticket on Pet Airways! Susan and Cubby (named for her beloved Chicago Cubs), make frequent trips from their Florida home to Chicago and look forward to Cubby riding in style aboard Pet Airways. Learn more by visiting

Pet Airways

Bravo! Best in Show
Nora Parker of Madison, NJ aced my Best in Show quiz that saluted David Frei, lifetime dog lover, breeder and beloved co-host of annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Nora's correct answers: 1B - Best in Show is the 2000 movie that spoofed the real Westminster KC show; 2C - This dog show features 7 classes; 3B - This dog show ranks second to the Kentucky Derby as the country's oldest, continuous sporting event. Nora wins an autographed copy of Arden Moore's book, Dog Parties. Find out who the top dogs were from this year's show by visiting

Dog Parties

Mine, Mine, Mine
Patti Roseman of Pensacola, FL is the lucky winner of the award-winning documentary called Mine. This mutt-see movie chronicles the impact Hurricane Katrina had on people, animal rescuers and adopters of Katrina dogs and cats. Learn more about Mine here:

Mine Film Movement

Praise from Patti Moran
Patti Moran, founder of Pet Sitters International and the creator of this industry, unleashed praise to Arden Moore after she delivered the keynote address at the recent PSI conference in San Diego. Take a look at this quick video testimonial from Patti on YouTube! Learn more about PSI.

Patti Moran and Arden Moore
Dog Thoughts
Download this iPhone app on iTunes, take a photo of your dog, shake your phone and watch your dog's thoughts appear! 

Dog Thoughts App

Let Arden 'edu-tain' you!
Looking for a professional speaker, MC or workshop leader for your next event - one guaranteed to "edu-tain" your audience? Arden is America's Pet Edu-Tainer™ She informs and delights audiences all over North America. Click HERE to learn more.

Like what you see? Email Arden about creating an email marketing and social media campaign for your business or non-profit group!

Coming up next month... Arden is ready to unleash something exciting, and it all revolves around your four-legged friend!

America's Pet Edu-Tainer

Dogs Drool for Real Food!
Fresh Fetch

The way to win a dog's heart is through his belly. In celebration of National Pet Nutrition Month, Arden serves up some meaty advice to keep your dogs and cats at their healthy best:
  • Avoid these no-no foods: grapes, onions, real bones and definitely, chocolate.
  • Make sure the first ingredient is a real protein source, such as chicken or salmon, not a meat byproduct or even worse, wheat or corn.
  • Base your pet's nutritional needs on his age, breed, activity level and health. Work with your veterinarian to tweak your pet's diet.
  • Take the guesswork out of portion sizes by using measuring cups.
  • Resist those begging eyes during your meals and treat your dog to hugs instead - they're calorie free!
Since the 2007 pet food recalls, many people turned to making meals for their pets. But providing the right nutrients can be tricky - and time consuming. That's why Arden salutes Fresh Fetch Pet Foods, makers of a new generation of customized homemade meals truly fit for dogs of all ages and breeds.
Co-founders Jay and Mike host the educational Fresh Fetch Village blog that addresses cutting-edge food issues, including the hidden dangers of high fructose corn syrup in commercial dog foods. 
Be the 4th person to email Arden and score a week's worth of Fresh Fetch Pet Food for your dog - and watch him drool with delight. Learn more by visiting

Campaign for Betty White on SNL

Betty White Snickers

One of Arden's all-time favorite guests on her Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio (Episode #56) is the ageless and amazing Betty White. At 88, this lifetime pet advocate shows no signs of slowing down. Case in point: the Snickers ad that aired during the Super Bowl that featured her being tackled in a flag football game.

Saturday Night Live is just thinking about inviting Betty to host the show. Think? What's to think? Betty told People magazine she is willing. Learn more by clicking here:

Tell Arden your favorite Betty White moment/story and we will share it next month. Missed the Snicker ad? Click HERE to watch.
Taming Thunderstorms with Thundershirt
Far too many dogs suffer from thunderstorm phobias, separation anxiety and other fears. They pant. They pace. They howl. And, they can become destructive.
Phil Blizzard, of Durham, NC, knows this only too well - his dog, Dosi suffered from noise anxiety for far too many years. Medications didn't work, so Blizzard, an engineer, designed a snug-fitting creation called the Thundershirt. Today, Dosi is happy and calm.
His creation has earned paws up from Linda Tellington Jones, the founder of the Tellington Touch method - and hundreds of pet sitters and dog trainers. My dog, Chipper, panics whenever she sees or hears a skateboard during walks. I put a Thundershirt on her and now she walks with more confidence.
Phil wants to help your fearful dog, too. He is offering two Thundershirts to the first two who can answer this mini-quiz:
1. Name the state known as Lightning Capital.
2. Name the group and song for the lyrics, "Thunder only happens when it rains."
Zip off your answers to Arden and click here to learn more about the Thundershirt and Linda Tellington Jones and TTouch.  Both were guests on my Oh Behave show on Pet Life Radio - tune in to Episode #104 set to "air" next week.
Cartoonist Buck Jones
Buck Jones

Each newsletter, Arden shines the spotlight on a "top dog" or "cool cat" in the pet world. This month, we salute Buck Jones, a nationally-recognized top cartoonist and illustrator who always adds a dash of humor and delight. Home is Iowa for Buck, but his talents go global. This prolific artist's work has appeared in dozens of books and countless magazines, including Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy.
His latest creation: One-of-a-kind pet cartoon artwork that brings your pet's personality to life. Check out some cool examples at Pet Cartoon Gifts. To win, tune into his guest appearance on Arden's Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio (Episode #103) and be the first to send Arden the special code word from the show. Don't delay - tune in now!

Buck Jones Cartoon
Learn more about Buck and check out his always-insightful blog by visiting and
Hey Kitty - Strike a Pose with DuckyWorld
Ducky World Litter Box Prize
Calling all feline fans! DuckyWorld invites you grab your digital camera and capture your cat doing his litter box thing. Kathy DeVan, of Sumter, S.C. sent us this hilarious photo of her cool cat, Purrdee and wins a Ducky World gift baskets that include 3 YEOWWW! Hearrrt Attack toys, 3 YEOWWW! cigars, 1 YEOWWW! Desmond the signature cat toy, and a 3handled "Get a Grip" coffee cup! Two more gift baskets are available this month.
Ducky World Litter Box Winning Photo
To enter, send a high-resolution photo, 300 dpi 5x7 photo of your cat on or in the litter box to Arden - pronto! DuckyWorld toys are made in the USA. They proudly stand by their motto: "If your cat toys don't say YEOWWW!, what makes you think your cat will?"

Hop on the 'Make Mine Chocolate' Crusade

Easter Bunny

If Megan Chaney has her wish, people would heed the motto, "Make mine chocolate" - as in bunny-shaped candy - instead of adopting baby bunnies this Easter season. Far too often, people adopt baby bunnies on impulse during Easter and don't know what it takes to really bring out the best in that bunny as a pet.
Chaney is founder of Luv-A-Bun Rabbit Rescue, a nonprofit group that rescues abandoned and neglected rabbits in Palm Beach County, Florida. Arden recently interviewed her for her Paws Up for Pets column in The Coastal Star. Chaney shared these rabbit facts:
  • Timothy hay ranks as the favorite food for pet rabbits, followed by romaine lettuce.
  • Females are capable of becoming pregnant again within an hour of giving birth, so definitely spay and neuter your bunny pets.
  • Bunnies can learn to hop on a leash and harness and use a litter box.
If you want to adopt a bunny or volunteer in rabbit rescue, visit Luv-A-Bun Rabbit Rescue and check out its rabbit videos on YouTube at
Read Arden's full column in The Coastal Star here:
Arden is Unleashed on America! For "Mutts" More on Moore:
                                                                                                       Paws Up!
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