Issue #7: November to Remember   NOVEMBER 2009
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Hotel Indigo Giveaway

Our friends at pet-welcoming Hotel Indigo in San Diego are celebrating the howl-i-days by giving away another free night's stay for you and your pet. Ready? Name the 1989 dog-cop movie and its star that took place in San Diego. Send your answers to Arden at And check out Hotel Indigo.
Let the Fur Fly Quiz Results
Marcia Smith, of San Diego, who shares her home with a cute Cavalier named Sophie and a cool cat named Remington Steele, was the first to correctly answer the "Let the Fur Fly" quiz in the October e-newsletter. She wins a Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum. Thanks, Bissell!
Click HERE for the answers to last month's quiz.

Pssst - Dog Whisperer Quiz Winner!
Beth Stultz, of King, North Carolina correctly answered that Cesar Milan, aka The Dog Whisperer, shares the same birthday and birth year as Scooby Doo. Both recently turned 40 - woof! Congrats, Beth! You win a signed copy of Arden's award-winning book, The Dog Behavior Answer Book.
 Treats! No Tricks
Lucky dogs belonging to Julie Evans, of Cleveland Heights, Ohio; Brooke Jacobs of Brooklyn, New York; Catherine Lenox of Duvall, Washington; and Jocelyn Shannon, of Oceanside, California  won delicious bags of Free Range Dog Chews - Baa Lungs. Congrats to all and thanks, Matrix!
Arden Gets Catty
Arden will be a featured speaker at the annual Cat Writers Conference on Nov. 20 in White Plains, New York. Her topic: "The Art of Interviewing: Next Question." As a radio show host, author and magazine editor, Arden has interviewed A-list celebrities, famous authors, sports stars and yes, even a serial killer. Learn more by visiting
Need a Canine Chuckle or Wise 'Dogma' Advice?
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Arden's Santa Paws Gift Guide Issue is coming up...
We are looking to feature the "Best in Show" dog and cat products on the market. Got a product you'd like to showcase? Contact us for details.
Submissions due by Dec. 1st.
Santa Paws Gift Guide
Small dog, BIG Appetite - Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Be Thankful - And Play It Safe
We are doggone lucky to have a dog or cat or other loving critter in our lives. While Thanksgiving yields good eats and great football, my wish for each and every one of you is that you take the time to express gratitude for three things that make you a better person. And, play it safe with your pets during the holiday festivities. Our friends from Fetch Pet Care offer these wise tips:
  • Treat you and your dog to a walk or play time before company arrives for the big Thanksgiving feast.
  • Never feed bones (raw or cooked) to your pet because they can splinter and cause choking.
  • Skip the table scraps for your pet. Seasoned turkey skin can cause upset tummies and onions are downright deadly to dogs and cats.
Learn more by visiting
November to Remember


Say the name, Dean Koontz and it is understandable if you shudder involuntarily. After all, it is strongly advised to read many of his books with the lights on - unless you like being spooked. But Koontz has added a new genre to his best-selling talents: fiction, non-fiction and children books inspired by Trixie, his beloved golden retriever, who passed away in 2007 but is far from forgotten.

In a recent interview with Arden on her Oh Behave! show on Pet Life Radio, Dean describes dogs as "beauty without vanity" and shares how Trixie helped him become a better writer - and a better person.

Says Dean: "I write books for a living, but it took a dog to teach me what living was all about.Trixie changed me in many ways, not only brightened my life and brought so much humor and beauty into each day, but made me a better person."

Happily, Dean is offering signed copies of his three latest books that include dogs as central characters:

  • A Big Little Life: Memoir of a Joyful Dog - Dean describes the many joys and gifts bestowed upon him by a dog named Trixie.
  • Breathless - The book centers around the lives of strangers converge around a mystery unfolding high in the Colorado mountains and an Irish wolfhound named Merlin.
  • I, Trixie, Who is Dog - A delightful children's book about Trixie that features charming illustrations by Janet Cleland.

To get your paws on one of these books signed by Dean Koontz, be the first to correctly answer this QUIZ.

Learn more by visiting and Trixie's page: And tune into Episode #92 on Arden's Oh Behave Show to hear Dean Koontz share his thoughts on dogs, writing and life

Snoozing dogs make terrible navigators. That's the only explanation for why they insist on sleeping east-west across your bed and not north-south. No wonder you wake up tired!

November marks the third month in 2009 to have a Friday the 13th. That's great news for black cats who live in Japan and Great Britain. If a black cat crosses your path in those countries, it is viewed as a good luck sign.

Never challenge your small dog to a game of poker. They are masters at bluffing - getting lots of practice delivering tough barks to any goofy big dog who dares to approach them. Right, Cleo?

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Nora the Piano Playing Cat

Each newsletter, Arden shines the spotlight on a "top dog" or "cool cat" in the pet world. This month, we salute Nora, the famed "Meow-zart" of the feline world, and her proud pet parents, Betsy Alexander and Burnell Yow. This gray tabby is drawn to the keyboard like most cats are to catnip. Her piano playing has been viewed by more than 17 million on YouTube and millions more on many national TV programs, including NBC-TV's The Today Show, Larry King Live and the Oprah Winfrey Show. Her fans include Mr. Piano Man himself, Billy Joel. Recently, Nora, a former shelter cat, was honored by the ASPCA as Cat of the Year in New York City. That's meow-va-lous news! Be the first to email Arden at and win an "autographed" copy of Nora's book, Nora the Piano Cat's Guide to Becoming A Good Musician (Or How to Get Good at Anything Hard).

Watch Nora in action on YouTube:
Learn more about Nora by visiting her website.

Hear more about Nora by tuning into Arden's Oh Behave Show by clicking HERE.  Nora is Episode #91.
Focus, Click - AdoptClifford - Jennifer Petit 2009 -
A picture not only worth a thousand words, but it also can be a lifesaver for a dog or cat at a shelter. Arden salutes two talented photographers: Seth Casteel of Los Angeles and Jen Petit of San Diego. Both work closely with local animal shelters and rescue groups in capturing the best images of pets in need of permanent homes. And, both are available to do holiday photos for you and your pet. Learn more by visiting their websites. Seth is at and Jen is at

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The Pet Protector Tag works with your pet's microchip to provide the best protection. Think of how seatbelts and airbags work together to keep you safe in your car.  The tag, like the seatbelt, is the first line of defense.  The microchip is there as a back-up.

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