Issue # 5: 'Mew'sings, Muttisms & Moore... SEPTEMBER 2009
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Play Ball - and Win!
Hotel Indigo in San Diego loves pets!
Win a free night's stay by being the first to answer this trivia question:
* Name the Major League Baseball team who plays at a pet-themed stadium and the year the stadium opened.
Submit your answer HERE

Poop Poll Results
Of the four choices of witnessing someone in the act of not picking up their dog's deposit at a dog park, the majority voted for:
  C) Call attention to the dog's bodily act to his owner.
(A far wiser choice than D: Rub the dog's owner's nose in it). Thanks for paw-ticipating in this poll!

August Quiz Winner
Leslie Galliker was the first to correctly answer that a 50-pound dog needs to drink 10.5 cups of water per day to stay hydrated. She wins a Critter Cooler ($110 value). Treat your pet to a "lap" of luxury, too, by visiting Congrats, Leslie!

Sit and Speak!
Arden speaks at the 3rd annual Darcy FUNDay Sept. 26 in Laguna Niguel, CA. This event honors Darcy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who died from an inherited heart disease. Donate to the Darcy Fund by clicking HERE.
Arden Aids Martha Stewart
Arden happily served as guest pet host for the Martha Stewart Living Radio Show twice in August! Click HERE to hear the show and scroll down to the first audio listing.
  It's Time to Get Catty!
And Practice Proper 'Pet'iquette!


Sit and stay, doggies.
Cats outnumber dogs by more than 10 million, making them America's most popular pet!

Test your feline trivia talents and win a "meow-va-lous" autographed copy of Planet Cat! This book, touted as "the ultimate bathroom reading book for cat lovers," was written by Sandra and Harry Choron and Arden Moore.
1. What famous feline once declared: Show me a good mouser, and I'll show you a cat with bad breath!
A. Felix
B. Garfield
C. Morris
D. Puss n Boots
2. Which actress did NOT play Catwoman:
A. Halle Berry
B. Julie Newmar
C. Michelle Pfeiffer
D. Julia Roberts

Click HERE for the rest of the quiz.

  Dogs must sport invisible watches. That's the only explanation for their uncanny ability to appear in the kitchen five minutes before dinner or be stationed at the door moments before you arrive home.

  Cats are the only animals who purr to perfection. Try purring when inhaling - it's easier to say "toy boat" 10 times fast.

  You know you're life has gone to the dogs when your "mutts-have" accessories include spare poop bags and a hair-removal roller.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Baxter - Ageless Therapy Dog 
Baxter Therapy Dog
Each newsletter, Arden shines the spotlight on a "top dog" or "cool cat" in the pet world. This month, we salute Baxter, aka Dr. Love, and his proud pet parent, Melissa Joseph. At 19 (you read right - 19), this ageless Golden retriever/Chow mix provides comfort and love to hundreds of hospice care people. His favorite mode of transport: a red wagon. View this special Baxter moment as he helps fulfill a 75-year-old woman's dying wish to see the latest Harry Potter movie. Click HERE.

Proceeds from his book, Moments With Baxter: Comfort and Love from the World's Best Therapy Dog, are donated to a hospice care center and animal rescue groups. Learn more by visiting And tune in to Arden's Oh Behave Show with guest Melissa Joseph and Baxter (Episode #80) by clicking HERE.

Paws up, Baxter and Melissa!

Canine Cocktails, Anyone?
Arden and her dogs, Chipper and Cleo, enjoyed the first Canine Cocktails event at the new pet-friendly Hotel Indigo in San Diego

Yappy Hour Hotel Indigo
Meet some party 'animals' having fun at Hotel Indigo in San Diego.

Play Chipper You Tube Video
Watch the Video!
Pardon Chipper's "manners" at Canine Cocktails, but she felt quite at home!

Play Boxer You Tube Video
Watch the Video!
Marvel at Spike, a Boxer who is a real social butterfly!

Yappy Hours are THE happening invites these days! Ensure you and your dog land on the guest list by practicing these petiquette manners:
  • Test your dog's obedience-heeding commands at home and on walks. Your dog should be able to ace the "sit," "stay," and "leave it" commands.
  • Exercise your dog before heading to a Yappy Hour. A tired dog is less apt to be rambunctious.
  • Practice canine hygiene. Bathe and groom your dog to look his best and make sure he is flea free!
  • Bring extra poop disposable bags so your dog doesn't create a "stink" at the event.
  • Dish out a big tip - of 20 percent or more - to show your appreciation for allowing four-leggers in their outdoor areas. Bone appĂ©tit!

Stanley & Stella

Small dogs like Stanley and big dogs like Stella gave the Trimline Veterinary Recovery Collar paws' up approval in a recent product test. Both rescue dogs belong to Jocelyn Shannon, of Oceanside, CA.

With the help of a team of test dogs, Arden evaluated several surgical collars in a product review for a recent issue of Your Dog newsletter. The Trimline Veterinary Recovery Collar earned Best Value honors for being lightweight but durable, effective, inexpensive, easy to fit (thanks to drawstrings) and available in five sizes to fit all sized dogs and cats. The company, based in Boca Raton, Fla., has sold more than 2 million collars in the past decade. Learn more by visiting: or call 1-800-371-0216
  • Great for CATS & DOGS!
  • Over 2 Million Sold
  • Available at all Veterinary Product Distributors
  • Call 1-800-371-0216
Arden 'collars' her cat & dog with the Trimline Veterinary Collar

Murphy, Fantastic Feline
Murphy Trimline Video
watch the video

Cleo, Down-to-Earth Doggie

Cleo  Trimline Video
watch the video
Arden wants to keep your pets SAFE with the Pet Protector Tag!

Enjoy One Year FREE when you call 1-800-Help-4-Pets
Mention CODE:  Arden Moore

newheaderIt's a simple concept.  An easy-to-spot, foolproof I.D. tag -- the first thing anyone looks for.  But behind this tag is a whole network of specialists and services, ready to help you and your pet in any emergency, anywhere, anytime: Lost Pet / Home Fire / Car Accident / Natural Disaster / Travel. 

The Pet Protector Tag works with your pet's microchip to provide the best protection. Think of how seatbelts and airbags work together to keep you safe in your car.  The tag, like the seatbelt, is the first line of defense.  The microchip is there as a back-up.

Saving Lives Since 1996
Pets Go Hi Tech!
Fetch this new phone app from i-tunes
....for only $0.9
Arden is Unleashed on America! For "Mutts" More on Moore:
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