Issue # 4: 'Mew'sings, Muttisms & Moore... AUGUST 2009
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Pet Peeve Poll
You just witnessed someone not picking up their dog's "deposit" at a dog park.

What would you do?
Take the poll now.

Watch the "Poop Detective"
in action:

Phew! Stinky Quiz Results
  • Breed most likely to have ears that smell like dirty socks: Cocker Spaniel
  • Culprit behind doggy breath: kidney failure, diabetes and/or infected gums.
  • Best way to clear the air on doggy farts: select grain-free diet.
  • Breed apt to harbor sneaky, stinky odors in coat: Shar Pei.
  • Average number of dog poops per week: 23
July's Quiz Winner: Jill James, who received an autographed copy of Arden's fun book, Dog Parties: How to Party with Your Pup.
Sit and Speak!  
  Arden will present a teleconference to members of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters on Sept. 21. NAPPS is also seeking nominations for 2010 Pet Sitting Business of the Year Award. For details, visit
Have Pet, Will Travel


Road trip! Pets can make grrr-eat travel mates. In fact, millions of pets (mostly dogs) travel with their people every year. Most cats 'purr-fer' to be homebodies, but some do like sniffing out new places.
Ensure your next trip is fun - and safe - by heeding these tips:
  • Pack portable water and food bowls plus bottled water, ample supply of your pet's food, first-aid kit, bedding, cleaning products and current pet photo.
  • Bring a spare leash and collar with ID tag that contains your cell phone number.
  • Make sure your pet is not only microchipped, but sports a visible ID tag, such as The Pet Protector Tag from 1-800-Help-4-Pets.
  • Keep your pet in a ventilated carrier or in the back end with a gate.
  • During stops always leash your dog before you open your vehicle's door.
  • Never leave pets inside cars during hot weather. They can die from heat exhaustion far too quickly.
  • Select pet-welcoming hotels and never try to sneak in your pet.
When dogs gather for a fun get-together, there is always the chance of one becoming a real party pooper.

Beware of feline hypnotic powers. Cats are masters at staring at us and without making a single mew, "will" us to feed them tasty treats.

Definition of a Napoleonic complex in a multi-dog household: little dog "defeats" big dog for cozy doggy bed. Big dog retreats to nap on the floor.

Each newsletter, Arden shines the spotlight on a "top dog" or "cool cat" in the pet world. This month, we give paws up to Alysa Binder and Dan Wiesel, co-founders of Pet Airways - the first airline that caters strictly to "pawsengers." Credit their love for their golden-aged dog, Zoe, for wanting dogs (and cats) of all sizes to be able to fly in climate-comfy cabins, not cargo areas.
Their fleet of turbo-prop planes can accommodate up to 50 pets per flight. The airline operates five hubs with 20 more planned. The only two-leggers aboard are the pilot and a pet care-trained flight attendant.

Paws up, Alysa and Dan for truly making the skies fur friendly! Learn more about Pet Airways by visiting and tune in to Arden's Oh Behave! Show with guest Alysa Binder (Episode #79) by clicking HERE.

Arden videoed Pet Airways' first flight from Republic Airport in New York on July 14, 2009 with her FlipVideo.

Catch these three short videos:
Meet Zuma, the first "pawsenger" to check in.
Pet Airways co-founder Dan Wiesel boards the first flight.

Pet Airways plane takes off from Republic Airport.

Glug! Glug! Drink up!
Quick - how many ounces of water does a 50-pound dog need a day to stay hydrated? Submit the correct answer HERE and win a 5-gallon Critter Cooler from Critter Concepts valued at $110! Now that's way cool!
Please visit to learn more about a 'mutts-have' watering station that provides cool, clean water without the need for any high-tech gizmos. James Mushen, the creative genius, delivered one of his top sellers to keep Arden's Furry Fab Four happy and hydrated.
Check out this photo series:

Critter Cooler

Arden wants to keep your pets SAFE with the Pet Protector Tag!

Enjoy SIX MONTHS FREE when you call 1-800-HELP-4-PETS
Mention CODE: Arden Moore

newheaderIt's a simple concept.  An easy-to-spot, foolproof I.D. tag -- the first thing anyone looks for. 
But behind this tag is a whole network of specialists and services, ready to help you and your pet in any emergency, anywhere, anytime: Lost Pet / Home Fire / Car Accident / Natural Disaster / Travel. 
The Pet Protector Tag works with your pet's microchip to provide the best protection. Think of how seatbelts and airbags work together to keep you safe in your car.  The tag, like the seatbelt, is the first line of defense.  The microchip is there as a back-up.

Saving Lives Since 1996
Pets Go Hi Tech!
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Arden is Unleashed on America! For "Mutts" More on Moore:
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